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Vincent Van Gogh, in His Own Words

“To suffer without complaining is the only lesson to be learnt from this  life”: Vincent Van Gogh

Some of you may know how much I adore dramatized shows about the life and work of artists.

They may not always be accurate, but they give the viewer a chance to glimpse at life and times of a painter, as well as the back story of the creation of their most famous work.

We have “Desperate Romantics”, about the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, “The Impressionists”, “Frida”, and many more.

I’ve long wished for someone to make a film about Tamara Lempicka, but a few years ago Madonna showed interest, so maybe it’s best to leave well enough alone.

Another dramatization I can recommend is ” Van Gogh: Painted With Words”, a BBC production (who else?).

Benedict Cumberbatch portrays Vincent Van Gogh, and his performance is haunting.

It once again made me wonder what it was about the British actor’s craft that makes them such exquisite performers.

What is special about this program is that the dialogue is taken from authentic letters and documents.

Every word spoken by the actors in this film is sourced from the letters that Van Gogh sent to his younger brother Theo, and of those around him.

We see the journey of a complex man, tormented by his own mind, and by the world around him.

You can watch “Van Gogh: Painted With Words” on YT, sliced into 6 parts.

Here is the first:

The Simpsons as Spoofs of Art Work

 Continuing the theme of spoofs of famous paintings, I’ve come across some spoofs connected with the Simpsons.

Edward Hopper- Nighthawkes

The Simpsons Poster

Edvard Munch- The Scream

The Simpsons Poster

Leonardo Da Vinci- Vitruvian Man

The Simpsons - Da Vinci Poster

Leonardo Da Vinci- Mona Lisa

Rembrandt van Rijn- Self-Portrait

Johannes Vermeer van Delft- Girl with a Pearl Earring

Vincent Van Gogh- Portrait of the Artist

Michelangelo- The Creation of Adam, Sistine Chapel

Raphael- Cherubs in the Sistine Chapel

The Beauty of Art inspired Fashion

I’ve been thinking a lot about Art and Fashion.

The correlation between the two was the topic of my graduation thsesis paper.

Here are some amazing designs, some more literal than others.

Yves Saint-Laurent inspired by Piet Mondrian

Laurent inspired by Matisse

Laurent and Van Gogh

Albert Kriemler inspired by Monet

Laurent inspired by Monet

Laurent inspired by Stephen Poliakoff

Laurent inspired by Picasso

Laurent and Edgar Degas

Laurent inspired by Georges Braque

Laurent and Mark Rothko

Alexander McQueen and M. C. Escher

Jean-Charles Castelbajac inspired by Keith Haring

Lee Rudd Simpson and Roy Lichtenstein

Galliano inspired by Picasso

Elie Saab inspired by Chuck Close

                                                                     Miyake inspired by Matisse

Rodarte inspired by Van Gogh

Here is a collage of other inspirations from Uptowntwirl

espresso news 287b1 Fashion Inspired By Art

Images: Listal

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