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My Tumblr Secret Valentine from Switzerland

I think this will be my last post pertaining to Valentine’s Week, but then I don’t know what the rules are, maybe it’ll turn into a month…

Apart from getting all luvie with RAworld Secret Valentine, I also took part in the Tumblr event.


Mid week I got a snazzy box from Switzerland¬† that sounded like there were jigsaw puzzles inside (perhaps a “stick a tail on Richard?).

Going down the stereotype route I opted for either Swiss chocolate or a cuckoo clock with Richard popping out on the hour.


I opened it up and it revealed a plethora of goodies, most of them hand-made, and you know how I feel about that!

Check out the lovely necklace that will enrich my Little Thorin collection:


Not to mention the knitted pouch (in my favorite colour!) and Thorin/Hobbit notebook:


And then there were dozens of chocolate hearts that will soon end up in my belly ūüôā

Thank you Kiwitage!

And to all my blogging friends (readers, writers and lurkers), wouldn’t it be fun if we did something like this within our group for another occasion?


This week too shall pass… (is it Saturday yet?)

This week… just no… seriously… no…

I mighty be ungrateful for feeling such bad juju in the past few days, especially seeing that the heavy frost has passed, snow is melting, no daily hospital trips needed and life is generally on the OK end of the scale .

But yesterday I seriously thought: Hump Day?

More like Dump Day…

I printed and framed this image and it’s the first thing I see in the morning, so I hope that boosts the good vibes in these here parts.


Anyway, I’m trying to perk myself up with positives like the Tumblr Valentine’s Day event (I already have my secret Valentine and wonder how to fill that envelope to put a smile on someone’s face) and I’m waiting for Guylty to assign my blogging Valentine for RAworld Secret Valentine.


Are you taking part in either?

Do you know what you’ll be doing or do you have any ideas?

Anyway, I for one am excited about Valentine’s Day and I refuse to let someone else dictate whether it’s going to be a great or crap day.

Other ways to lighten the mood?

Here is an image by euclasse that always puts a smile on my face!


I loved Fraggle Rock as a child, so this warms the cockles of my frozen heart.

See, I’m trying to turn this particular frown upside down and I’m not the only one that has reason to smile.

Trudy Brasure has chosen the winner of her book giveaway!


Congrats and I’m sure you will enjoy reading Trudy’s In Consequence!

I’d just like to take the opportunity and thank Trudy for the two posts she wrote (they were so interesting!) and thanks to my readers for giving her such a warm welcome!

When I Woof! You Woof! (just like that…)

Richard Armitage Lucas running dogs

It’s bad enough when the most exciting things in¬†RAWorld¬†happen when you’re asleep.

It’s bloody awful when you are at work when you learn about it and can do nothing but long to get home and switch on the laptop, bloody nuisance job…

Thorin wolf new Hobbit trailer_edytowany-1

I’m chuckling that this is probably the only time when Servetus was wrong and my instincts proved spot on.

I’m basking as¬†there won’t be a¬†repeat of this emotion, but I’ve been pretty luckily recently, so remind me to get a lottery ticket…

Armitage dog Yorkie


I‚Äôm a dog person. I don‚Äôt have a dog but if I were to have an animal it certainly wouldn‚Äôt be a bloody cat! They’re just temperamental and dogs are just cute and faithful”


*starts salivating*



(translation: Hey Girl, how YOU doin’!)


*tail wags uncontrollably, involuntary flips onto back hoping for a belly rub*



(translation: Cats? You’ve got to be joking! If I wanted to constantly be judged I’d live with my mother in law)


*involuntarily wees on carpet as the joy is just. too. much*

Cat lovers, don’t be sad!

I hear that Vladimir Lenin was a big cat admirer, so you can have him and us dog lovers will keep Richard!

As a consolation prize (although you should quit your complaining because Lenin could be seen as attractive if you like that type) I suggest you visit My Cat is a Dick¬†¬†that contains pictures of cats being… well…dicks…

Armitage dog_edytowany-1

On a side note, I was just wondering if Richard ever sees comments to what he says like here and wonders why he even bothers…

It’s was a humoristic answer to a silly question, let’s take it all with a grain of salt.

My Magzy has a cat phobia and believe me,  if she was ever asked that question, THAT would be one heck of a bitchy answer.

Lighten up peeps, it’s all just for fun!

Armitage question mark

GaGa for Reblogs

Richard Armitage tumblr

I came across this wonderful parody of GaGa’s “Applause” and it somewhat ties into last weeks discussion ūüôā

Chescaleigh¬†performes “Reblogs”, because you know, she lives for it!

For those not on tumblr, it’s an endless stream of images, gifs, videos, fanfics¬†that make your head spin.

It’s not really a place where you comment on stuff, but you “like” (by pressing¬†on the little heart in the corner)¬†or, even better, reblog¬†the post onto your blog.

Although I’m rather a lurker on tumblr¬†and I post only on special days like Armitage Day, I can nevertheless see the appeal of watching those numbers climb.

I’m usually I’m like a fan possessed, going down the posts and liking every one ūüėČ

You can check out the Richard Armitage tumblr feed here.

One thing’s for sure:¬†there’s always something new whizzing across your screen and it’s a lurker’s dream ūüôā


BTW, one of my favourite bloggers, Jen from Cake Wrecks also has a steampunky blog called Epbot.

A few months ago she took a blogging and internet sabbatical and now that she’s back, she wrote about the 6 lessons she learned in her time away.

The post is very thought-provoking, so check it out along with the other awesomeness she has¬†on her blog¬†ūüôā

Happy Sherlock Day! Now give me some smutty M/M fanfics to make it all better…

The post title refers to it being 02/21/13 (as written in the US) today, meaning 221 13 (B) meaning the house number of Sherlock’s residence on Baker St.

Most people don’t know that I’m actually quite¬†a¬†potty mouth¬†in RL, but¬†I don’t really feel like going back and deleting.

Not today anyway…


It never ceases to amaze me, at the same time freaking me the fuck out, how life, and the way you look at it, can change in a matter of minutes.

Things are definitely pants right now¬†and I’m still figuring out how to cope with certain situations.

I know some of my fellow RA blogger find comfort in writing posts, either as a way of escaping RL crap, or as a means of actually understanding the whirlwind events in life.

I’m not sure I’m able to do that (or maybe not just right now…), not because I don’t believe that I would find comfort in my online friends or doubt the sincerity of their words and wishes.

It’s just that I have a very hands-on approach to any crises situation, not allowing myself a moment of¬†weakness.

OK, I did totally lose my shit when I called my BFF¬†to tell him what was going on, probably freaking him out as I doubt he’d ever witnessed me crying during our 12+ year friendship…

When you insist on being strong for everyone else, there comes a moment when you have to react, and passivity is my way out.

Tumblr is perfect for that, impersonal, somewhat smutty, not too challenging.

Escapism at it’s best.

It’s not so much the need to run away, at least for some time, but what I find most soothing, that has raised my internal eyebrows (whatever the fuck internal eyebrows are…).

You’d think I would retreat to RA, his characters, The Hobbit, Aidan Turner, or something down those lines.

I really can’t explain my sudden interest BBC’s Sherlock.

I think it was spurred on by a Hobbit/Sherlock crossover fanfic I had encountered, but not bothered to read.

I’d seen the series a while ago and absolutely adored the modern¬†take on my beloved Doyle stories, not to mention how lovable I found¬†Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock and Martin Freeman’s Watson.

It’s not the series¬†itself, however,¬†that seems to capture my interest.

I’m so much more interested in Johnlock¬†(a combination of John and Sherlock).

Now, I blame Durincest¬†and Bagginshield¬†for my sudden interest in: fanfiction in general, ¬†M/M character pairing specifically, usually of explicit nature, but I’ll go for some angst every so often.

Damn you: Peter Jackson, Hot Dwarf Armitage and Hot Dwarf nephews, and especially talented smutty fanfic authors who know no boundaries!

What can I say?

There’s nothing like a character played by Martin Freeman finding himself utterly wrecked by another male character to brighten up an altogether grim day.

For the record, as much as I like¬†Freeman as an actor with¬†his wicked sense of humour, and he’s appeared in some of my favorite TV series (UK The Office) or films (The Hobbit), I’ve never really found him attractive as a man.

So how does he end up popping up in my favorite fanfics, usually in some compromising position (and I¬†AM smiling and smirking as I¬†type this…)?

Anyway, the first Johnlock¬†fanfic I’d read, and one that I’m afraid has ultimately spoilt me for all others,¬†¬†is A Cure For Boredom written by emmagrant01.

Just so we’re clear, this is definitely explicit and covers a range of topics of a sexual nature that some may find disturbing, but I found wonderfully distracting.

Just when the author deserved an online hug from me for perfectly capturing the characters of Sherlock and John while still managing to place them in the smuttiest¬†(and sluttiest) of circumstances, it turned out¬†she’d also written¬†Alternate and Missing Scenes from “A Cure for Boredom”.

These extra chapters are mostly written from Sherlock’s¬†perspective and it was just what I needed to find¬†today.

Oh, it was like finding a banknote stuffed in the pocket of an old jacket when you thought you were skint.

‚ÄúI was Wats-off, but then you turned me Wats-on.‚ÄĚ

My delightfully weird escape, which I can’t explain, even if I tried.

BTW, the way I’m feeling now, I’d sacrifice¬†Martin flying all the way to New Zealand to continue filming¬†The Hobbit just to have him stay in London to¬†film season 3 of Sherlock¬†and provide a new fix.

That should tell you something about where I’m at at the moment.

I’d still love for Richard Armitage¬†to make an appearance in the BBC series though, so maybe I’m not a hopeless cause…

On growing a pair and listing some smutty fanfic just cos…

As you know, I’ve been spending too much lots of time on Tumblr.

One of my favorite things to do is go through the fanfic published there, and I know I’m not the only one (high-five to my smutty friends…).

I had been meaning¬†to write a post on different variations of The Hobbit fanfic, but truth be told, it’s not for the fainthearted and I couldn’t be bothered to deal with stuff.

I’m very happy that Jas decided to post her favorite Aidean, Bagginshield, and Durincest¬†stories, risking getting an earful from one or two¬† high and mighty readers expressing their dissatisfaction, who will inevitably stop by.

I cowered¬†away from posting my own list, feeling like I really didn’t want¬†to rock the proverbial boat.

So, in essence, I’ve tried to support any fellow blogger whose freedom of expression was questioned, but I shied away from posting what I really wanted out of fear of having to deal with some people.

Time to right this wrong and grow a pair!

Here’s the place where I give you fair warning.

The themes of the stories may be disturbing to some.

These are erotic stories, real people fics, slash and general NSFW and smut galore!

If any of these things don’t appeal to you, please go on your merry way and I hope to see you back here some other time ūüôā

Please PLEASE don’t leave comments about how you disapprove of these sorts of things as you got plenty of warning beforehand!

Firstly, remember that you can track the different tags on Tumblr:




Here’s a list of different fanfics that have caught my eye.

I don’t really have the habit of saving things on my computer, so it’s hard to say if these are the best of the bunch.

I have added a link to the authors, so you can check out other stories of authors who have caught your eye.

Please feel free to add links to other fanfics that you’d like to share ūüôā

My choices are a bit heavy on Kili + Fili for obvious reasons, so I tried to get a bit of Thorin in there too, just to balance things out.

I’m not going to categorise the fanfic¬†and pass judgment as to how smutty they may be, some are PG-13 fluff, others are right down dirty, so just assume you’re clicking on filth most of the time¬†ūüôā


Durincest fic:

 To Love Only Once

Author: shinigami714

Dwarves only love once, and Fili¬†and Kili¬†discover they are meant for each other. But still they are brothers, and struggle with that knowledge. Getting intimate is…difficult to say the least. Fili/Kili, incest, sex.

Even in Death

Author: shinigami714

Fili and Kili survive the final battle and look forward to spending their lives together. However Thorin and Dis have other plans for the two brothers, and they do not take the news well. Fili/Kili, angst, incest, character deaths.


Author: sospes

It’s Fili’s¬†birthday and thanks to Radagast’s tricks¬†he gets double of what he wants most.

Spun Gold


Part 1 of The Bath Time Tales, Kili + Fili

Carved Ebony


Part 2 of The Bath Time Tales, Kili + Fili

Kisses for Braids


Fili messes his hair up on purpose so he can have Kili fix it for him.

A Really Unexpected Journey


Kili¬†+ Fili + Thorin. Nuff said…

Marked by Fate


Kíli comes of age, and is difficult about the whole thing.

Brothers Be

Author: shinigami714

Fili and Kili hate each other with a passion and fight constantly as a result. Thorin, annoyed at their stupidity sends the brothers on a task with the hope that they will solve their issues.



Kili + Fili  and how do you miss a group of trolls stroll on by and take a couple of horses?

Chocolate (aka BOOM Threesome)


The Rivendell elves, either because they are dicks or because they don’t know any better, give the dwarves provisions for their trip which include chocolate. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac to dwarves, but since it’s so scarce not many dwarves are aware of this fact. Fili and Kili, the two youngest and most inexperienced dwarves, think nothing of eating the chocolate and Thorin is the one who gets to deal with the repercussions.

The World is Ahead (But Tonight We Rest)


The Dwarves settle in for the night at Bag End. In which Thorin is long suffering, Kili¬†is a devious brat and Fili isn’t quite sure why he puts up with him.


Author: Theresa

Fili¬†and Kili wash themselves as Thorin walks in¬† on them…

When Three is Company


Bilbo settles into a strange new routine with Fili¬†and Kili, but finds himself dwelling on the younger’s comments at the springs…


A Princely Reward Part 1: Thorin/Dwarf who found the Arkenstone

Author: wicked_thorin

King Thror, as in gratitude, let’s the dwarf who found the Arkenstone name his price.
He choses a night in bed with the dwarven prince.



Your Name Like Ink on my Skin


While Thorin has a tea cup and a tiny, beautiful B on his wrist (that he keeps covered at all times), Bilbo’s wrist is completely unmarked. This causes tension and misunderstanding until Thorin catches Bilbo with his back unclothed.

Punishment (aka BILBO GETS KINKY)


Bilbo lips off, and Thorin has to punish him…

A Hobbit’s Business


In Rivendell, Bilbo Baggins¬†receives a golden necklace from a certain dwarf, thus causing him to learn much more about dwarven courtship than he’s ever bargained for. And as they soon realize, curiosity and worse has taken both sides, thus changing the very fabrics of their journey.

Recovery, Redemption and Romance


When Thorin is injured in the Battle of the Five Armies, Bilbo surprises everyone with his healing abilities.
Then as Erebor starts to rebuild he continues to surprise people with his knowledge and skills. On top of everything else that is occurring there is a dwarf king and a hobbit who might be trying to court one another without the other knowing – while their companions are either helpful or confusingly gleeful.

RPF (Real life fiction):

Smart in a Stupid Way

A PG-13 Richard Armitage + Lee Pace fic.

Please add links to other fanfics you enjoyed in comments ūüôā

Click on images to be directed to the source.

Still bloggin’ MIA…

I’m still spending (or do I mean wasting???) my free¬†time on tumblr, so here’s an interesting bunch of links between LOTR and The Hobbit which you may have missed (too busy drooling and such at the hsheer dwarf hotness on your screen).

Yup, I’ve seen the whole¬†LOTR trilogy close to 20 times and I missed most of them too ūüôā

Links between The Hobbit and LOTR

Source: I waste so much time

And here are some funny cards from SomeCards

My standards for men have been set by Hobbits, dwarves, elves, and wizards.

I've given up on remembering all the Dwarves names in

Damnit Bilbo, this is the 5th time you've been late for work this month. Let's not make a Hobbit of it, ok?

Today I told my students I am a hobbit and that I am102.  Seemed easier than telling  them my real age.

I'm sorry I took your son's Halloween mask and accused him of being a hobbit in disguise.

Thorin Oakenshield is causing me to have inappropriate thoughts about Dwarves.

Sometime's It's hard to know when a policeman  isn't really two dwarves stacked on top of each other.

Have a wonderful hobbity day ūüôā

On the need of lurking and why tumblr is perfect…

All images are taking from tumblr. Please click on them to be directed to the source!

I’ve been spending a lot of my free time of tumblr recently, and I’m¬† not the only one.

Jas is making it all Richard Armitage pretty with her amazing backgrounds, and Seba has been hiding out there too.

You may ask why a group of bloggers who usually invest their time in posts end up going over to the dark side to do their fangurling (and it does feel like a very dark place at times…).

I can compare it to the feeling of¬†running like crazy in the rain, laughing your head off and I enjoy that freedom, but I’ve written about this before.

It’s fastpace¬†and very energetic, with posts that include either images, grafics¬†or fanfic¬†coming fast amd steady.

There’s a constant stream of new information, literally 24h¬†a day. Think twitter but with pictures, gifs etc.

Another interesting aspect¬†was¬†I’ve found fascinating to watch is the process of ‘discovering’ both Richard and Aidan.

It’s a strange sort of pleasure to witness new¬†Hobbit fans¬†get excited over North and South or Being Human, not to mention when younger¬†viewers realize that Armitage played Kruger in Captain America.

Tumblr is naughty at times, and it fulfills my need to swear, scream, get down and dirty.

We’re sometimes like a bunch of unruly kids who feel the need to break social norms and taboos (hey, I bet some of us ARE teemage kids…).

In other words I allow myself the type of behaiour that I’d feel was crossing the line here.

For me¬†tumblr is¬†a very passive involvement, with pressing the little heart in the corner to show my ‘like’¬†being the most I feel obligated to do.

In other words tumblr brings me back to the good old lurker days when no one knew me from Adam, and that feels good sometimes¬†ūüėČ

I¬†track Richard Armitage, ¬†Aidan Turner, and¬†Thorin, but I’ve also crossed over (waaaaay over) to the dark side.

I’ve ¬†tracked Aidean,¬†meaning stories about the actors playing Kili¬†and Fili (tread carefully, it gets very graphic), Bagginshield (stories about Bilbo and Thorin, especially in a romantic light), and I’ve checked out Durincest, which is pretty self-explanitory and not really my cup of tea.


I was going to write a post about Hobbit/dwarf fanfic¬†you can encounter, but decided that it’s an individual¬†choice of each and every reader to acknowledge or ignore it.

I was determined not to venture into that territory, although deep down inside I knew that sooner or later I’d break, and of course I did.

When I went to see The Hobbit for the third time I realized that the fanfic¬†had influenced the way I viewed ceratin¬†relationships in the movie, but perhaps the less said about that right now, the better…

If you’re also following the¬†Hobbit¬†fanfic and would like to share your thoughts or a link to a favorite one, please do¬†¬† ūüôā

There’s no easy way to say this. I’m a Cheater!

Dear WordPress,

I have to make a confession.

I have been a bad BAD girl!

I haven’t been totally honest with you and that’s the foundation of any relationship.

There’s no easy way to say this, best just say it honestly.

There’s someone else!

All the times that I didn’t spend time with you?

I wasn’t busy with work, or college, or with…. well… having a life.

I was with HIM.

He makes me feel young and full of life.

He’s made me giggle, laugh out loud, jump for joy.

He’s brough out my creativity and I feel like I want to explore different ways of expressing myself.

I stay up late just spending as much time as I can with him.

I feel a rush of pleasure when he has something new for me and I blush when he approves of my actions.

He’s artsy, bold, creative and very funny!

People turn their nose at him, saying he lacks the airs and graces.

But they don’t know him like I do.

He’s kind, sweet and supportive.

He may be a bit too frank and direct for some, but what he possesses is an honest heart and child-like enthusiasm.

He speaks his mind and holds nothing back!

He let’s ¬†me show a more a more daring side of my character, and he doesn’t mind if I swear (which, as you know, I do a lot in RL).

I hope this doesn’t mean we’re through.

I am willing to try having an open relationship and fitting both of you into my life.

You both fulfill different needs, and I wouldn’t want to let go of either one of you.

I hope you understand and are willing to make things work.

With love,

A new Tumblr Addict, IWantToBeAPinUpToo

Here are some things from my new life that I’ve been holding back, worried you wouldn’t approve:

Cross-species love for Armitage ūüėČ

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