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The Armitage Tango. A tiny RA fantasy for Lady Anne

Armitage Tango 1c

This post is dedicated to Lady Anne with hopes that is will brighten up her day.

And to all my other online friends who are going through hard times and may need a Tango Richard.

The Connection
by Eran Braverman

I carefully escort you to the dance floor
And pause, hesitate, till you are ready.
Gently, gently, gently, I take your hand,
And put my other, o so softly, at your back.

Armitage Tango 5a

We begin to dance
And, momentarily
We connect.
We connect.

Armitage tango 3

We become inseparable, entangled.
We are enveloped in escaped sensuality, that
For the duration of this dance
Is perfectly balanced; how precious it is.

Armiatge tango 7

Let this dance never end because
The connection is sadly, purely, only, for the duration of this dance.
Let this dance never end because
When it ends the connection will shatter like perfect glass.

Armitage tango 6

Oneq Nao’s Pin Up Girls

Burlesque Pin up girl

I’ve decided to present a different style of Pin Up today.

There’s something eye-catching about the marriage of 40s and 50s sensuality with  an Art Nouveau feel and a modern twist.

Oneq Nao is a very interesting Japanese artist, and I can’t wait to see more.

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