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Richard, let’s hear you say: Ich bin ein Berliner!

Dear Richard,

We haven’t had a note from you I quite some time, so I decided to open up this line of communication again.

I’m very pleased that you’re a little further East and closer to me, even though that means that I won’t be stalking checking you out on the red carpet in London this week.

Richard Armitage tux snowing

I really do hope that you have a great time this evening and I will definitely be following the festivities HERE at 6.20 pm (GMT+1 which is my kind of time zone).

It’s been quite cold in this part of the world and we’ve had heavy snowfall, so here are some items that I think will make your red carpet event more enjoyable.

Firstly, make sure you pull out your long johns from the bottom of your suitcase:

long johns

I know often your suits are *cough* form-fitting, but let’s make sure everything is nice and snug.

If it’s good enough for woodcutters and crab fishermen, it’s good enough for adorable British actors…

It’s also important to stay warm from the inside, so how about this:


Now, a hip flask may disturb the silhouette of your suit and you just know we’ll be obsessing over each and every bump, so how about a fun alternative:


How many people you know who take a St. Bernard to a red carpet event?

You’d be a hit and people will be asking: Benedict who?

Chicks dig a hot man with an adorable dog, so maybe you’ll actually score manage to find other ways to stay warm.

I will be watching, cheering for you, experiencing my own RA¬†heating effect ūüôā

All the best and good luck for tonight,


While I was sleeping…

I had the best of intentions:

I took my laptop to bed with me, set my alarm clock for 3.30am and was all set to join my RA peeps to enjoy the DOS festivities.

The alarm clock rang, I rolled over, switched it off and went back to catching Zzzzz’s.

Sure, probably reading North & South fanfiction¬†till past midnight didn’t help, neither did the realisation that I had to be up at 6am.

While I was catching up on my beauty sleep, Richard was painting the town… black?

The styling was perfection, check out the length of the cuffs!


The thing is Richard, when I go left, you go right.

When I go to London, you go to Berlin.

When I go to sleep, you go out to party.

When I live in NY, you are in London, when I live in Europe, you move to the States.

This just won’t do!

When I want to get excited about new projects, you go mute.

When I fall for Porter or Lucas, you plan your exit strategy and they get killed off.

When I fall for the nape curls, you lop them off.

When I am enthralled with you, you have no idea I exist!

I guess that’ll have to do!

Final nitpicking through the BAFTA LA TV Tea Party pics


I’m still not done with going through the new RA pictures¬†from¬†¬†BAFTA LA TV¬†Tea Party¬†(note to organisers: TOO MANY CAPITAL LETTERS in event name…).

There are a few things that caught my attention:

Richard is keeping his chest warm in this cool autumn weather with a small furry beast hidden under his shirt.

What else have you got hidden there?

It’s clearly¬†less¬†Wax on and more Wax off here!

BAFTA-LA- rmitage Hairy chest

I’ve already commented on my likes/dislikes on the topic, but as always, he makes it look sexy.

(insert your own curtain matching the drapes joke…)

Secondly, why are people I don’t know/don’t care enough about being interviewed while that dude who plays Thorin in The Hobbit just waltzes by?


Priorities people!

(and I hate to say it but¬†the girl was sooooo freaking annoying…)

Thirdly, RA boots are a Servetus speciality (I’m more of a bum and thigh¬†connoisseur, as you may have noticed), but I just had to highlight these:

Ra boots

I know some peeps weren’t too impressed with these boot-ilicious¬†things, but AgzyM¬†is giving them 2 fangirling thumbs up.

Maybe it would be better if they ended¬†below the ankles, but I think they’re arty and show that RA has a great sense of humour when it comes to fashion (tux + boots from a few years back¬†anyone?).

My judgement may also be influenced by the fact that I got a pair of black shoes with the same pattern, they are so shiny and make my feet look pretty ūüėČ

Last but not least, while we’re on the subject of RA¬†in¬†the background here’s a peek at Phantom Richard.

phantom Richard Armitage

It’s not so much that we only¬†catch a glimpse of him, 95% of his fans would correctly identify¬†RA in a line-up simply by¬†looking at a row of backs (and bums…).

¬†The thing is, he’s wearing sunglasses!

I’ll just tell you right now, if he’s wearing Aviator’s¬†I am checking out because the man is clearly on a mission to destroy me with all his hotness.

It’s all a blur, yet the hair still looks unbelievably hot!

Armitage small

Put me out of my misery of uncertainty Mr Thornton Richard!

Look Back, Look Back at me…

I’m intentionally leaving out criticising the knee-pad pants as I think they’d come in handy when he’s on his knees proposing (I was going to take that somewhere else, but I guess this just isn’t THAT type of crowd!).


Is there anything else about the BAFTA LA TV Tea Party pics that I need to fuss over?

Because I’m¬†preparing for¬†new things to¬†crop up and¬†I want to¬†lay these to fangirling¬†rest!

Apart from that profile pic, that one¬†isn’t going anywhere ūüėČ

BAFTA-LA-07 cropped Armitage

BTW, See Richard checking out the Thorin pic? Even he’s thinking that is one sexy dwarf…


Here’s the cropped pic for Helen ūüôā


Richard Armitage Coiffure Take 2


Two Richard Armitage Hair posts in a row is just sloppy blogging, but what’s a fangirl to do?

This could’ve been avoided had Richard emailed me and shared his intentions of walking the red carpet sporting a beyond sexy do!

Next time I hope you’ll be more considerate Richard!


I can’t fixate¬†on the Poldark news until it has been fully confirmed, but maybe we’ll get another round of Armitage as a romantic hero in a BBC costume series, hence the style!

Be still my heart and try to take in the Armitage coiffure beauty without bursting into flames!

BAFTA LA TV Tea 2013 Presented By BBC America And Audi - Red Carpet

No hard feeling though Mr Armitage, your look tickles my lady bits and I most certainly give it my two trembling thumbs up.

It’s a bit of a Brazilian blowout and I refuse to believe you can just step out of the shower, run you’re fingers through it and be off.

There’s no wash and go here!

Visually the do is stunning but I’m withholding passing ultimate judgement until I am able to run my fingers through it!

Is is soft and smooth or more crunchy from hair products?

As much as I approve of Richard’s hair, here are some other styling ideas he may want to consider:

He may want to channel the lovely Dawn French and get himself a Dibley vicar haircut


If that’s a little too conservative, how about a little Justin Beiber (minus the baggy pants and brat behaviour)?


Oh Baby, baby, baby Yeah!

Billy Idol anyone?


It feels like a good day for a white wedding, let me just go grab my veil and I’ll meet you at the altar…

If punk is less your thing and metal is where your tastes lie, how about some rock classic


And my favourite, the artsy take on a Warhol…


and if I want to be a Pin Up, I¬†wouldn’t mind¬†Richard being one too ūüôā


My favourite still remains this…

BAFTA LA TV Tea 2013 Presented By BBC America And Audi - Red Carpet

Richard, you still manage to astonish and amaze me each time you appear on any red, green, or aquamarine carpet!

You keep it up and I’ll be more than happy to change the name of the blog to “Richard Hair Watch”!

Ps. Not that I was looking but the hairy chest is back too…

Red carpet images from RANet.

Thorin Oakenshield Fashion Inspiration for The Hobbit Premi√®re

There’s another wonderful wallpaper maker available from The Hobbit.

You can download the whole image here.

Sir PJ is spoiling us!

He seems to be killing us softly with dwarf love!

I took this cropped pic of¬† brooding Thorin from Jas, as I’m too lazy to do it myself ūüėČ

I love this Thorin Oakenshield image for more reasons than just the brooding obvious sexiness.

I like the detail of the costume and it’ll serve as an inspiration for my Hobbit premi√®re look!

I still don’t know if I’ll be able to get to London on the 12th of December just in time for the red carpet event.

We had scheduled to fly out the following day, and now I’m waiting to hear news that we can re-book the plane tickets.

Even if we’re not able to do so, I’ll still be there for the movie premiere on the 14th of December and I’m mega excited about that!

I’m so grateful I can’t even begin to express it, as the whole trip is a Birthday present from those who love me most ūüôā

My love don’t¬†cost a thing, but I sure like it when people spend some dosh loving me!

All I can go now is keep my fingers cross that the fangurling gods deem to bless us with cheap KLM tickets so I can stand (for hours) beside other Tolkien fans trying to catch a glimpse of the Hobbit cast.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, if you know you will be in London that between the 12th and 16th of December and would like to meet up with fellow Richard Armitage admirers, please let me know!

I think it’d be great to meet up and perhaps catch the movie together ūüôā

I’ve been mentioning¬†ways we can celebrate The Hobbit premi√®re¬†in previous posts like growing a pair of¬†bushy dwarf brows or braiding your hair.

I’d like to incorporate some Thorin elements in my look without ending up looking like a Klingon at a Star Trek convention.

Depending on the weather I’ll either borrow my sister’s faux fur vest which I’ll wear on top of a jumper, or I’ll have a large faux fur collar made to wear on top of my winter jacket.

Under that I’m planning on designing a few Hobbit/Thorin T-shirts.

If they are any good, I’ll post the images¬†here on the off-chance someone might like to have one too.

If any of my readers come up with designs that they’d like to share with others in our little community of friends, please send it my way!

It’ll be my pleasure to share them here on my blog!

How amazing would it be if we could have a variety of  T-shirt designs to choose from!

Remember that’s it’s very easy to transfer an image onto fabric at home, which I have proven here.

Another vital element in my Hobbit look are my TH jeans.

I first mentioned them in a post about losing weight, with the TH standing for Tommy Hilfiger.

Judit however asked if TH meant The Hobbit, and from that point on, that’s exactly what they are!

My The Hobbit skinny jeans ūüôā

I’m still a far¬†away from fitting in them, but I’m getting closer every day, and seeing that¬†I have 73 days before traveling to London, that’s a goal I’m willing to work towards!

Each time I’m tempted to eat something naughty or I decide that Jillian Michaels will never know I skipped my¬†exercise that day, I have my Hobbit jeans to remind me!

Apart from that I need to think of an over the shoulder bag that will fit all my fanguling essentials like a mobile phone to Tweet, a camera to snap pics, a bottle of water to prevent dehydration in all that excitement, and a purse full of GBP (we all know how expensive London can be!).

Please note there is no room for cigarettes in that bag!

A woven leather belt seems like a nice fashion nod towards Thorin.

I also want a snazzy pair of earrings, but I’ll have to research that a little more!

How about some sword earrings?

Here’s the warmer December weather look for The Hobbit premi√®re:

Here’s for when winter decides to show its frosty face in December in London:

Do you have any other ideas how we can celebrate The Hobbit by drawing fashion inspiration from Thorin Oakenshield?

The Perfect Hobbit premi√®re Companion for Richard

KRA Week is in full swing!

I hope you’ve given the Scavenger Hunt 2012¬†a try.

Day 3 questions were a killer, and I’ve been moaning about¬†them ever since they broke this ignorant’s back ūüėČ

I’ve answered the questions from the other days¬†(correctly, so¬†Yahoooo!), and decided to go back to Day 3 later.

The deadline is 3rd of September.

In other news, if you’ve enjoyed the wonderful work TORn¬†has been doing, it’s your chance to give back.

RAFrenzy explains.

With the première of The Hobbit moving closer, and our excitement levels rising to disturbing levels, I was thinking about finding a date for Richard for the big red carpet event.

As far as I know, RA’s never taken a girlfriend or female companion¬†to an event promoting the projects he’s been in, so I though it would be fun to pair him off.

Before some of you start huffing and puffing, and blowing this post down, let me explain.

Let’s stick this in the ‘Silly Sunday’ category.

Take one tuxedo-clad Richard, like so.

Take a few of the more interesting female characters who have appeared opposite an RA character.

I’ve decided to go for the less obvious choice¬†for¬†The Hobbit¬†date for Richard.

So, let’s break all the rules, and transplant them into a reality where going to a premi√®re with Mr Armitage is actually an option.

You know, like you transplant yourself into a reality where Richard Armitage¬†does his best Harry Kennedy impression, decides you’re the love of his life, and insists you marry him ūüėČ

Here are a few of my suggestions:

Ros Myers


A very beautiful and intelligent woman

Richard could need the extra security at the première


Could beat RA to a pulp

Would probably be on a secret mission, therefore placing Richard in danger

Fanny Thornton


A good catch

The ultimate Milton party girl to rival Pris Hilton


The ultimate Milton party girl, probably mimicking Paris Hilton in her behaviour

Would draw attention to herself with her flashy clothes, nervous giggle, and superior manner

Would test the patience of a saint

Katie Dartmouth


Very intelligent, would have plenty of interesting stories to tell

Political and passionate


Political and passionate

The daughter of a very famous father, which could draw unwanted attention

Alice Tinker


She’d be ever so thankful for the chance to get out of Dibley and rub shoulders with celebs

She’s a good laugh, and once a tall handsome man explains a joke, she actually gets it

Good to have the descendent of Christ at an event like that


Richard would actually have to stand there while Alice annoys all the celebs

The pink anorak would clash with the red carpet



I’d be ever so grateful


Too many to mention ūüėČ

These are a few of my suggestions.

Who do you think should be Richard’s date for the Hobbit premi√®re?

Just remember we are sticking with characters, and not actresses who play them ūüėČ

On leaving home, and traveling to London to see the Hobbit

Today’s post is about packing a suitcase, and braving the big world.

I really hope I don’t forget my f*cking passport when I travel to London the weekend of the Hobbit premi√®re!

OK, as a member of EU, I don’t need a passport to enter the UK, but I hope that’s not what you’re focusing on ūüėČ

Yep, the decision has been made!

We know the when and where, although the rest of the details are still a little fuzzy.

My GBF and I are heading to London to check out the Hobbit première at Leicester Square, and will try to catch a glimpse of Richard Armitage and Aidan Turner on the red carpet.

Time to start thinking about designing special T-shirts and signs ūüôā

Well, technically, I’ll be getting my RA crazy on, and Max will be pretending he’s never met me before, as he stands by,¬†embarrassed¬†by my fangurling¬†behaviour ūüėČ

I know¬†Judit is also planning on traveling there, although she has warned me she won’t be camping out for 4 days straight¬†at Leicester Square just to get a good spot.

Not to worry, that’s so¬†not me either.

I’d much rather¬†have a look, then go to a pub for a nice drink, some fish&chips, and a good old¬†chin-wag about Richard!

We could all meet up and see the film in the company of other Armitage admirers, which I think could prove to be an absolute hoot!

If you are also planning to travel to London that weekend, and would like to meet up and celebrate the success of Richard’s¬†biggest acting achievement to date, please let me know ūüôā

Sorry, but I had to vent…

I wasn’t going to write about this topic, but certain events have pushed me over the edge!

I have changed the name to protect the guilty and because I don’t want a gang of rabid fans descended on this peaceful blog

Dear Mr. Girlfriend Beater,

I would just like to congratulate you on your recent success.

 How unexpected!

One would have thought that after your antics no one in their right mind would give you the time of day.

Seems the world has received another dose of crazy pills also known as amnesia pills.

How wrong were we to doubt your return to glory?

There was one thing we didn’t take into account.

It seems in show business all can be easily swept under the red carpet…sorry, the rug.

Dear GB!

I have not forgotten.

I still remember seeing those photos for the first time and shuddering with disgust. It takes a specific type of man to beat on a woman almost half your size. A woman you claimed to have loved.

I have not forgotten and every time I hear you on the radio, I change the station.

Every time you are on telly, I change the channel.

 Dear GB!

Take your victory lap.

Who know, maybe history will remember you as a great entertainer and omit the”beating to the pulp” part.

Your fans have been out in droves stating that they would let you beat them up, as long as you kissed them after.

Perhaps they forget the generations of women who came before them, who¬†made sacrifices and struggled, so my generation wouldn’t have to go through the horror of abuse.

 I will not forget.

¬†That probably wouldn’t worry you, as I’m so insignificant.

 But I believe that many like me will not get amnesia, we will not forgive and forget.

And GB,

The next time you decide to beat someone up, find someone your own size, coward!

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