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Thorin and Thranduil, The Sassy Kings of Middle Earth (and their hair is pretty too!)

This post contains recommendations of fanfiction that are of a mature nature and may contain explicit slash writing.

There’s shipping, OTPing, slashing and so forth, so be warned, if that’s not your cup of tea, that’s fine by me, I note your objections ūüėČ

As always with regards to comments, keep it clean, don’t be mean!


Ever since I watched The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug I’m fascinated with Thranduil, played by Lee Pace.

The Elven King is the perfect and most worthy adversary for Thorin, the King under the mountain.

I love the¬†scene when Oakenshield and his company are captured and he stands at the foot of a freaky moose-horn throne (they sell those in IKEA BTW, if you’re interested), and Thranduil is giving the pint-sized dwarf a nice pat on the head and trying to strike a bargain to get his hands in the crowned jewels he had long desired ¬†(and when I say the crowned jewels I’m being literal, for smut scroll down)¬†.

By the way,¬†I found¬†the object of Thranduil’s fascination a¬†tad confusing: are they shiny¬†like stars or made out of stars, what’s that all about?

Looked like costume¬†jewellery to me…

Anyway, the scene was electric and the sass was flying left and right.


¬†All that’s missing is RuPaul sitting there shouting “Reading is Elementary*” while the¬†two¬†whip their hair back and forth throwing shade*…


* I realised that maybe not all of you have seen RuPaul’s Drag Race and aren’t familiar with drag queen terminology so here it goes:

to read someone means to¬†point out¬†someone’s negative traits, usually in a form of a funny one-liner.

throwing shade is a derivative from reading and means to point out someone’s flaws.

Thorin Thranduil

Back to sass and shade, I have to ask:

Anyway, I’m not the only one that’s digging these two (although I may be the only one who insists on waving my hand and snapping my fingers going: Oh no he di int! every time their scene comes up… at least I hope I’m the only one…).


Here are some fanfiction goodies I’ve come up with to quench¬†a Thorin/Thranduil thirst, scratch that Thorinduil/Thradrin itch (does this ship have a name? it should because it’s already sailed…).

In The Mirkwood’s Dungeons – Thorin x Thranduil¬†at Silvery Night (non-NS)
When Thorin is captured by elves guards, Thranduil discovers that he is irresistibly drawn to this arrogant and proud king. However, the king of the elves are not used to not getting what he wants, so he try to seduce Thorin without thinking of the consequences it may bring him.
The Last Alone by pherede
For good Hobbit slash/mature writing check out pherede’s other fics.
Thorin is victorious, and the terms of Mirkwood’s surrender are unbearable. There might be, however, another way. And Thranduil is not above sacrificing for the good of his people.
The Healing¬†~ Thorinduil Fanfic by |√®‚Ćh√•l √į¬≥¬ßir¬≥s
Thorin stood in awe, forgetting to breathe, as he admired the divine being that approached Thror‚Äôs throne. The ElvenKing had come to pay respect to his grandfather. Never had he laid eyes on beauty so surreal…
Power Play by Destielixer
Thorin doesn’t really know how it turned out like this, him on his knees kneeling before Thrandiul on the throne…
Mortal Offence by Ludovica
When the King under the Mountain, frustrated by the Elvenking’s demands, insults him and his kin with equally insolent demands of his own, it becomes apparent that Dwarven culture and Elven culture are far more different than he thought…
Turmoil by malum_animi
While imprisoned in Mirkwood, Thorin and Company get caught up in a rebellion to overthrow Thranduil and kill his young son Legolas. When Thranduil is seriously injured protecting Legolas, Thorin realizes that his pride and hatred will lead nowhere but pain and suffering.
Honored Guest by pherede
Thranduil will do anything to protect his own. Even submit to Thorin’s punishment for his misdeeds.

I hope you enjoyed the recs and happy Thorinduiling ūüôā

Arty Farty Friday: Fabulous Fashionistas


I know last week’s Arty Farty Friday was about fashion but I came across a wonderful and uplifting documentary Fabulous Fashionistas and wanted to share it with you.

It’s a story of six women, average age¬†of 80, who have redefined what old age is.

Bridget, Sue and Daphne from Fabuous Fashionistas

No frumpy frocks and orthopaedic shoes for this lot!

No botox, facelifts and beige.

These women love life, colour and fashion and are wonderful role models, not only for pensioners.

This is feel-good viewing and a lesson on how to make the most out of the time we have left!

Summer Heights High… say what now?!?


You know how I always say I appreciate The Hobbit for introducing me to new stuff and gorgeous men like Aidan Turner and Dean O’Gorman.

I wrote a post on The Almighty Johnsons and let me tell you, we’ve caught up on all the episodes aired to date in NZ (season 3 episode 11) and we are raptured by it.

I can’t freakin’ wait for more and I’m already mourning¬†the fact that it’ll be almost a year before season 4 airs.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, all of the episodes are conveniently available on YT

That’s another reason why I love NZ, they don’t go all huffy and puffy about protecting their shows. Hear that USA?


While we were chin-wagging on the issue of the Johnson boys, I asked KatharineD, my specialist on all things Down Under, to recommend more goodies from this previously untapped but apparently delicious source.

One of the recs was Summer Heights High.

Here’s what Katherine had to say:

“For off beat comedy, there‚Äôs a very clever one called Summer Heights High-¬†I read somewhere that Dawn French got hold of it and thought it was brilliant- well written satire”.

I’m always up for a good recommendation, so I decided to give it a try.

One hardly knows where to begin ūüėČ


Firstly, if you’re a fan of the British The Office, The Catherine Tate Show or Little Britain, this is a MUST!

Fair warning, it’s cheeky, edgy, definitely off-beat, there are naughty words and controversial topics raised.

The above description ticks all my boxes for a comedy series but then my sense of humour is a required taste…

Summer Heights High is an Australian television mockumentary (where fictional stories are presented as documentaries) series, written by and starring Chris Lilley.


It follows the lives of pupils at an Australian public school, especially three characters, all played by Lilley, and a supporting cast, many of whom are non-actors.

There’s the megalomaniacal¬†“Director of Performing Arts” Mr G, a self-absorbed, privileged “it girl”¬† Ja’mie King, and disobedient, vulgar Tongan student Jonah.


The series manages to be wickedly funny, while at the same time it explores what life as a teenager in an Australian public school is like, raising issues such as social cliques, bullying, teenage slang, stereotyping, profanity, racism, and homophobia.

It’s not for everybody, but for me it’s a gem ūüôā

All 8 episodes are available on YT:

The Almighty O’Gorman

Thorin Fili Kili Misty Mountain

The thing I like about epic films like The Hobbit is that, apart from your favourite actor (will the sexy Richard Armitage please stand up…), you become acquainted, and interested in,¬†new faces.

Although we’re all about Thorin Thorin Thorin!, I think we’ve fallen for the¬†other dwarves and it’s interesting to learn about their past and future projects.

I’ve mentioned Aidan Turner before, and how much I enjoyed watching Being Human¬†and Desperate Romantics¬†and how Aidan is the sexiest thing to come out of Ireland. Full stop.

Let me just pop a refresher pic here.

I would Kili¬†to run my fingers through those beautiful curls and since he’s chopped them off I may actually be able to buy them on ebay ūüėČ

Today I’m writing about another dwarf, one that is attached to the hip (and other parts if you’re a fan of Durincest…) to Kili and Thorin.

I had no idea I’d enjoy spending my evenings with Dean O’Gorman!

Here’s how it all went down.

In spring I start accumulating things to watch during my free summer months.

It’s usually an ad hoc process getting my hands on¬†things either¬†recommended, chosen because of a specific actor, anything with the BBC¬†stamp on it or featuring people in frilly costumes¬†etc.

When Magzy and I watch stuff during this time I have to be careful with what I suggest.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t share my passion for costume dramas and such, so I have to maintain a healthy balance between what my heart desires and what she’ll put up with.

After two great choices- The IT Crowd and Homeland, and two we stopped watching after an episode or two- Black Books and Miranda, I knew I had to serve up something good or pay the consequences and bear her wrath!

After much deliberating (seriously, it was close to 78 seconds!) I finally popped on The Almighty Johnsons.

It was a bold choice as I had only seen 3 episodes a while back when I was home sick (not homesick…), it’s a Kiwi production and the main¬†plot seems a bit dodgy.

I needn’t have worries because we’re loving it ūüôā

A NZ fantasy comedy/drama television series, it follows the Johnson family which consists of four brothers and a hippy cousin (ah, but is he?).

This isn’t an ordinary bunch of amusing misfits-¬†they are actually reincarnations of Norse gods who have lost most of their powers and need to venture on a quest to restore their position in the pantheon.

Matters are complicated by the existence of goddesses who are bent of maintaining the present order and will stop at nothing to keep the brothers from reclaiming their powers.

Gods are fickle creatures and the appearance of Thor and Loki does not make matters any better.

The series is very funny, the producers rely on witty dialogue and good acting/plots to keep viewers entertained, so don’t expect any fancy CG to move things along.

Although the quest to reclaim their powers is at the heart of the story, we also follow the characters as they try to deal with very human issues.

We’ve just started season two (the third is now airing in NZ) and it’s a breath of fresh air.

The accent needs some getting used to.

We marvel at how words are pronounced, like in the¬†one scene where¬†O’Goman¬†calls his brother an eeg!

The heck is an eeg, we thought.

He goes on to say: Like an eeg¬†you need to get layed ūüėČ

Guess he meant egg!

The brothers are lovable, and O’Gorman’s playboy character provides comic relief.

Anders is the reincarnation of the god Bragi, the poet who uses his voice to manipulate people.

By people I mean leggy blonds and by manipulate I mean get them in the sack.

Although you’ll catch yourself thinking: He’s so little, what I like is they don’t try to disguise the fact that Dean resembles a dwarf in stature, and it certainly doesn’t take away from his alluring persona.

No Tom Cruise shoe lifts here!

He is one lean mean (clad in expensive suits) seductive machine.

What can I say? Bragi’s got game and doesn’t mind bragging about it!

This is one series to watch and it’s available on YT, so do yourself a favour and go play with the gods!

On a side note, I just got news that I was¬†the winner of the Breanna¬†Hayse¬†Giveaway¬†over at Daddy’s Little Lobster!

I’m very excited as I never actually win anything and last week I won the lottery- just¬†a couple of euros, but it covered¬†some of my competition costs, and now I won a Hayse book!

Yay and thank you!

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