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A few of my favorite RA things: Big Hands+Firm Grasp=Good Pic!

A quicky today!

Just an observation based on *cough* a few pictures I may have seen:


I think Richard Armitage is a really good companion to take a picture with.

Check out how he firmly hold his lucky photo-op partner when he poses:


That’s a man with a firm grip on reality!

His hand is placed in the nook of the subject’s waist, no soggy fish fingers! (not an actually expression…), with his fingertips gently brushing the hip giving the probably mistaken  impression of a man who appreciates curves.

Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it…

sbpremiere04 cropped

But then you know what they say about men with large hands…

Mind out of gutter, they need big gloves…

But they also spread their fingers and grab a good handful.

richard and julie graham

Just so you don’t think Richard’s magic hands only extend to the ladies, here’s a “shoulder grasp” variations for the guys:richard-armitage-and-george

Richard, I have a waist AND a shoulder and I’m willing to subject myself to firm holding, for pictures or otherwise…

This is definitely one of my favorite RA things!

A Community of Friends


Hello Dear Friends!

Thank You so very much for taking the time to do my survey.

The response was so overwhelming that it reached it’s limit in no time.

The finding are very interesting (Oh you twisted sisters, I’m in good company) and will no doubt inspire me to make the final chapter a good one.

I will also be contacting some of the fanfic writers I know in order to pick their brain, so it’s time to start phasing me out if I’m bugging you 😉


I’ve been reading a lot about online communities and about how we have switched from neighbourhood ones, where ties are stronger, but limited in their amount and to geographic locations.

They usually involve common interests between members who share the same background.

Online communities are characterised by weaker ties, but then we tend to connect with more people, location is irrelevant as long as you have an internet connection and access to information.

Another characteristic of online communities is the lack of obligation.

This mean that, say, if I certain Polish blogger feels she needs to step away for a while to deal with other matters, the community still thrives.

This also means that if you encounter someone who is not to your liking it’s easier to just step away than in a RL situation.


The aspect of common interests is fascinating.

Take our group as a perfect example.

You join our little RArmy because you find like-minded people with the same crush as you (hello Mr A, thought you’d gotten rid of me? No such luck).

I’m however venturing a guess that many stay because they have created ties to other member and feel a part of a network.

RA may be the glue that binds us (very very sexy sticky… firm… muscular glue…), but there’s a sense of belonging that develops over time that accounts for the feeling of community.

You make friends with people you would have never met otherwise and learn about new thing that wouldn’t be accessible to you (and you know how much I love to learn!).

Have you ever wondered what role you play in this little community of ours?

Ever wondered where the appeal lies?

And no, I haven’t gotten all serious in the time I’ve been away 😉

Regular foolery shall commence (as soon as I get my rusty admiration apparatus known as my brain working again, not to mention my already dubious PS skills).

Tomorrow I feel I shall have to tackle Thorin and that air guitar 😉

I will leave you with this charming animation of T.S. Eliot’s “The Love Song of Alfred Prufrock”.

I’ve fallen in love with this poem and I think it strikes a cord with those over thirty, especially when you’ve let go of your teenage dreams and start wondering if indeed you “dare to disturb the universe…”.

Who the heck do you think you are, Armitage Army???

FanstRA4 Banner big

Happy FanstRAvaganza 4!

Welcome to one of the best weeks of the year to be an Armitage Admirer (and let’s be honest, it’s not too shabby on any ol’ day…).

This year is extra special over here at IWantToBeAPinUp as there’ll be a post each and every day during FanstRA4 and to help me out I am so happy to announce that I shall be sharing this space with a special guest blogger LittleSallyBoots, who you may recognize from the Armitage community over at Twitter (@Sally_Boots).

Ms Boots will be posting on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

This is how she describes herself:

So I’m a borrower/dwarf-sized English lass who likes to doodle and drink lots of
tea (it is the answer to life’s problems). I have lots of
obsessions *ahem* passions and aspirations, including, one fine
day, to stroke Richard Armitage (I am aiming high – quite literally for
I am muchly excited and a wee bit nervous to be blogging as a first time
blogger on Agzy’s wonderful blog this week ^^
Happy FanstRA4 everybody!

How adorable is she?!?

Please make sure you give her plenty of wonderful energy and support as she’s popping her blogging cherry this week and she’s doing it in style.

She’s whipping her blogging hair back and forth!

She’ll be spinning posts right round baby, right round!

Without your positive vibes, she can’t get no bloggin’ satisfaction!

Anyway, you get the idea…

Armitage Army small

Armitage Army, I’ve often wondered who the hell you are!

I mean, seriously, who do YOU think you are?

Armitage Army, RArmy, Armitage Admirers- a rose by any other name would smell as sweet!

You are my most favorite aspect of Richarding, and one that keeps me coming back, keeps me interested, keeps me connected.

I’m a big fat fangirling cheater, but I’m loyal to my RA peeps!

No offence to Richard and his breathtaking attributes, but the quality of fans (admirers, stalkers, craycray’s, whatever name works for you…) is one of his absolute best features.

If the fandom was represented by an Armitage body part, I swear it would be Lucas North’s bum in tight wet denim jeans!

Or Porter’s abs… or maybe that royal hooter stuck conveniently right in the middle of his face…or those runner’s thighs…

Oh, nevermind…

nosey fangirl

Knowing more about the absolute best part of Richard (as far as I can tell and eliminating the cardigans he’s been wearing and I’ve been drooling over) has always been on my mind since I met you, and I’ve decided to compile a bunch of polls to basically satisfy my, and perhaps your, curiosity.

Just so we’re clear, I think the RA fandom is better than the RA cardigans… just not by much…

Anyway, the thing is, the poll results will be hidden until the last day of FanstRA4 when I shall reveal them in my final post on Sunday, because I’m evil like that and believe in delayed gratification (yours that is. Mine? Not so much…)..

I had grand plans for this project, seeing it as a fandom equivalent of Alfred Kinsey’s report on sex, but reality has taken me down a peg or two, so let’s water it right down like a jug of Sangria on a hot July evening, and be happy with the little things in life, like a jug of watered down Sangria *hiccup* on a hot July evening.

The questions (with multi-choice answers, even when more than one makes no sense at all) are very run-of-the-mill, so bear your soul and help this nosey parker 🙂

So, without further ado, I’ll take geography for 200, Richard (works only in a reality where RA is the host of Jeopardy!).

Ok, that was easy (enough), so let’s move on to the ‘nails on the chalkboard’ one.

Reminds me, I need to unscrew the lightbulbs in my house and start hosting guests by candlelight…

How about your Armitage experience?

How many hot British cucumber sandwiches are you buttering (and cutting the crusts off) in that naughty brain of yours?

Richard had me at Hello!… well, at punching Hot Pipe Stevens while managing not to damage his pocket watch (a talent I greatly admire in a man…), but what about you?

I bet Richard is a marathon man (you can understand it whichever way you like, I certainly won’t be explaining myself…), but what about your admiration?

It’s not only who you admire, it’s where you do it, and I don’t mean in the shower or on the bus coming home from work, so mind. out. of. gutter please!

It’s also important how you do it.

After all, there’s the right way, the wrong way, and the Armitage way (or Norway, which also works…).

No, but REALLY, how do you do it?

Are there any other questions regarding the RArmy that you’d like answered?

Is there some kind of fandom question tickling the back of your brain or any other part of you?

If so, please leave your ideas in comments and I’ll do my best to include your ideas into the post 🙂

Let’s get the Armitage Army to spill the cotton!

Let’s get our secrets off John Porter’s chest!

Results will be revealed on Sunday.

Ps1. I still need more of your face/body parts for my FanstRA4 project, so please send them my way!

Ps2. This post was, in part, inspired by a wonderful BBC series Who Do You Think You Are? which I really enjoy watching and can only regret Richard never took part in as I’d love to peek at the ancestors who produced such a  fine specimen.

My favorite episode? Probably the Alan Cumming one.

Hello Ladies, meet Gary!

I hope you are preparing for the collective reading of Sharon Kay Penman’s The Sunne in Splendour.

I’m taking a rest from RIII today, which doesn’t mean I’m not ripping through the book !

Because I mean to write about the story in more detail, I’m actually trying to take my time, underlining things to mention in my Richard III for Dummies posts  (Part 1 and Part 2) , which is something new, as I love reading super fast.

A Book a day keeps the Brain Rot away!

But I have another saying:

An Armitage Goodie makes the whole day Yummy! 

While I was busy with life and other silliness, @Todd_Garner gave us a RA boost with a pic and a name reveal for Richard’s character in Black Sky!

The man is teasing us, and it feels Oh! so good 😉

Wet has never looked this good, I think you’ll all agree!

It’s nice to see Armitage not being tortured, suicidal, drowning or on the verge of a mental breakdown.

I think Richard should take of that shirt and suit before he catches a chill 😉

Now that Richard is comfy relaxing in bubbles, it’s time to focus on the character name:

It’s an interesting choice.

According to Wiki the popularity of Gary as a given name in the United States has been on a very slow, but steady decline.

In the 1990s, this name was the 170th most popular, given to around 0.1% of newborn males.

Here’s a chart:

The short form for Gary is either Gar or Gaz.

Am I the only one that’s a tad disappointed that he’s not John?

Nevertheless, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet 🙂

The Perfect Hobbit première Companion for Richard

KRA Week is in full swing!

I hope you’ve given the Scavenger Hunt 2012 a try.

Day 3 questions were a killer, and I’ve been moaning about them ever since they broke this ignorant’s back 😉

I’ve answered the questions from the other days (correctly, so Yahoooo!), and decided to go back to Day 3 later.

The deadline is 3rd of September.

In other news, if you’ve enjoyed the wonderful work TORn has been doing, it’s your chance to give back.

RAFrenzy explains.

With the première of The Hobbit moving closer, and our excitement levels rising to disturbing levels, I was thinking about finding a date for Richard for the big red carpet event.

As far as I know, RA’s never taken a girlfriend or female companion to an event promoting the projects he’s been in, so I though it would be fun to pair him off.

Before some of you start huffing and puffing, and blowing this post down, let me explain.

Let’s stick this in the ‘Silly Sunday’ category.

Take one tuxedo-clad Richard, like so.

Take a few of the more interesting female characters who have appeared opposite an RA character.

I’ve decided to go for the less obvious choice for The Hobbit date for Richard.

So, let’s break all the rules, and transplant them into a reality where going to a première with Mr Armitage is actually an option.

You know, like you transplant yourself into a reality where Richard Armitage does his best Harry Kennedy impression, decides you’re the love of his life, and insists you marry him 😉

Here are a few of my suggestions:

Ros Myers


A very beautiful and intelligent woman

Richard could need the extra security at the première


Could beat RA to a pulp

Would probably be on a secret mission, therefore placing Richard in danger

Fanny Thornton


A good catch

The ultimate Milton party girl to rival Pris Hilton


The ultimate Milton party girl, probably mimicking Paris Hilton in her behaviour

Would draw attention to herself with her flashy clothes, nervous giggle, and superior manner

Would test the patience of a saint

Katie Dartmouth


Very intelligent, would have plenty of interesting stories to tell

Political and passionate


Political and passionate

The daughter of a very famous father, which could draw unwanted attention

Alice Tinker


She’d be ever so thankful for the chance to get out of Dibley and rub shoulders with celebs

She’s a good laugh, and once a tall handsome man explains a joke, she actually gets it

Good to have the descendent of Christ at an event like that


Richard would actually have to stand there while Alice annoys all the celebs

The pink anorak would clash with the red carpet



I’d be ever so grateful


Too many to mention 😉

These are a few of my suggestions.

Who do you think should be Richard’s date for the Hobbit première?

Just remember we are sticking with characters, and not actresses who play them 😉

Whip my butt into shape, Lee

Recently my BFF Max told me of a success story about a guy spending 80 days to get in shape. That included regular gym sessions with a personal trainer.

I cannot lie, I think I would benefit from a stint like that.

Perhaps one day, when I’m lucky enough to win the lottery and have enough money to pay someone to yell and cuss at me, torture and traumatize me.

I think I have the perfect candidate.


Lee Preston from “Cold Feet”

I guess he would start with a round of aqua aerobic, just to get the blood pumping. 


 I feel like I’ve burned a few calories already…


It’s time to hit the gym

Make sure you work on all the muscle groups. Your personal trainer will keep an eye on you, so you are not injured and do not pull a ligament


After a round of extensive exercise, it is important to relax with a massage, to rub those sore muscles.


You can also alleviate muscle pain by spending some time in the sauna.


Take plenty of rest and make sure you catch up on your sleep to give your body a chance to recuperate

 Images: RACentral


 By the way, it seems like quite a strenuous job though…


What do these have in common?

What do the following have in common:


If you answered that the above get better with age, you’d be right  ♥

I am sure there are other connections (I add with  certain apprehension, but I would love to hear your theories).

It was this picture below, and many, many others from back in the day, that made me wonder just how ridiculously hot this man will be in another 10 years time.

Image: Confessions of a Watcher


I wonder if he looks back on those days and cringes. I’m sure us bringing those pics up doesn’t help. Having said that who doesn’t have disturbing pics from the 80s and 90s, shoulder pads and puffy hair, questionable make-up choices and bushy brows.

Here are some more cuties who have just got better with age.

Images Celebuzz

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