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A few of my favorite RA things: Big Hands+Firm Grasp=Good Pic!

A quicky today!

Just an observation based on *cough* a few pictures I may have seen:


I think Richard Armitage is a really good companion to take a picture with.

Check out how he firmly hold his lucky photo-op partner when he poses:


That’s a man with a firm grip on reality!

His hand is placed in the nook of the subject’s waist, no soggy fish fingers! (not an actually expression…), with his fingertips gently brushing the hip giving the probably mistaken  impression of a man who appreciates curves.

Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it…

sbpremiere04 cropped

But then you know what they say about men with large hands…

Mind out of gutter, they need big gloves…

But they also spread their fingers and grab a good handful.

richard and julie graham

Just so you don’t think Richard’s magic hands only extend to the ladies, here’s a “shoulder grasp” variations for the guys:richard-armitage-and-george

Richard, I have a waist AND a shoulder and I’m willing to subject myself to firm holding, for pictures or otherwise…

This is definitely one of my favorite RA things!

How can I possibly improve on Armitage perfection?

You may have noticed that I haven’t touched upon the subject of the Esquire Magazine Richard Armitage shoot.

I haven’t mentioned the pictures, nor have I tortured them with my limited PS skills or disembowelled them for my own amusement.


The truth is all the first immediate ideas I had (once I came round after passing out at the sheer beauty) had already been realised by others: Bond? Check! Cary Grant? Yup! Sit there and lick the screen? You bet!

Richard Armitage perfection small

I usually like to add, subtract, filter or crop an image to scratch a need, to test an idea, to push the boundaries of the original, annoy photography purists, but with this set there was nothing, no impulses I wanted to act upon.

Apart from a slight crop, what else could I do to heighten the senses and boost emotional response?

What could Photoshop and my imagination come up with that could perfect the perfect?

That is why today I shall stick with simplicity, at least until these photos relinquish control over my sensibilities, or another RA photoshoot pops up and I can take these picture down from the plinth their beauty has placed them on.

Richard Armitage Esquire

Ok, maybe just a quick silly one for the road…

Armitage Daddy long legs

Still bloggin’ MIA…

I’m still spending (or do I mean wasting???) my free time on tumblr, so here’s an interesting bunch of links between LOTR and The Hobbit which you may have missed (too busy drooling and such at the hsheer dwarf hotness on your screen).

Yup, I’ve seen the whole LOTR trilogy close to 20 times and I missed most of them too 🙂

Links between The Hobbit and LOTR

Source: I waste so much time

And here are some funny cards from SomeCards

My standards for men have been set by Hobbits, dwarves, elves, and wizards.

I've given up on remembering all the Dwarves names in

Damnit Bilbo, this is the 5th time you've been late for work this month. Let's not make a Hobbit of it, ok?

Today I told my students I am a hobbit and that I am102.  Seemed easier than telling  them my real age.

I'm sorry I took your son's Halloween mask and accused him of being a hobbit in disguise.

Thorin Oakenshield is causing me to have inappropriate thoughts about Dwarves.

Sometime's It's hard to know when a policeman  isn't really two dwarves stacked on top of each other.

Have a wonderful hobbity day 🙂

New Marilyn Monroe Photos from the set of “Niagra” 1953

Intimate: Trusted make-up artists Allan 'Whitey' Snyder took these charming shots of a 27-year-old Marilyn Monroe relaxing between takes

The previously unreleased photos of Marilyn Monroe were taken by Allan “Whitey” Snyder, who was her make-up artist.

 Apparently MM would ask him to take pictures of her to calm her nerves before filming.

Trusted: Allan Snyder's photos are remarkable for the obvious warmth of his relationship with Monroe and show none of the stage fright which she struggled with throughout her career

The following pictures, never before seen by the public, were taken on location while she filmed her first leading role for Niagara in 1953.

At ease: The remarkable pictures, taken by make-up artist Allan

Playful: Snyder spent hours coaxing and comforting Monroe as she prepared to film her scenes and managed to snap the intimate pictures

Stunning: The unseen photographs show a carefree Marilyn Monroe soaking up the sun on a beach between film takes


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