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Don’t you dare turn that frown upside down, Richard!

I was meaning to start having a look at the more… errr… challenging Richard photoshoots, the *uughs* to balance out the *ooof* images, but then of course life is what happens when you’re making Armitage plans as I had to be hit right in the gut with a new arrival courtesy of the Old Vic.


Bloody hell, what are you trying to do to me?!?


Not since RA image accompanying the release of The Hobbit have I been hit so square in the gut and makes me feel tingly in certain parts that should remain covered…

I’ve been searching for familiarity in the image.

My immediate though was that there’s a strong resemblance to Macbeth’s Angus which Richard played in a stage production on tour in Japan (all of 7 lines).


Sure, the new promo pic shows Richard as more weathered, beat up by life, angrier…

It’s not the first time we’ve seen at least a passing resemblance of that look, as Mr Thornton would attest:


Close, but that’s not it…

The frown, the scorn on his face brings to mind Thorin, a character that he’s inhabited for so long, I guess Mr Majestic will inevitably be popping up here and there.

If we stripped Oakenshield *breathes heavily like a dirty old wizard at the very thought* from all the goo and prosthetics, is this what we’d end up with?

Take Peter Jackson’s nod to the Star Trek franchise (ok, might not actually be true…)- Klingon Thorin:


Sure, the degree of anger and scorn is much smaller, but who knows, maybe Richard’s been working on his Crucible face in front of a mirror since the Hobbit production wrapped up, eager to throw even the most ardent RA pic starer off.

Although I think most of us perceive Richard as a kind gentlemanly figure with thighs that just won’t quit, we’ve seen pics of him unleashing his inner lion and letting out a nice ROAR!, like the following:


that’s right babe, you let it all out…

Out of all of the RA images that pop into my head, THIS Richard most resembles The Crucible image.

It took a while to get used to the cropped-hair bearded  Armitage, but now that we know what John (another John…) will look like, I feel as if it’s the return of a long lost friend (and welcome back Beardy…).

And as I continue staring at The Crucible image with a passion that would most certainly have me committed so don’t tell anyone, ok?, trying to find familiarities in the look, the expression, the eyes, I am also battling the impulse to grab a tissue and to rub off the grime from his face, but then that may just be my twisted need to apply saliva on Richard’s mug.

Anyway, I can’t/won’t stop being excited about this new path Richard has embarked on, if the Old Vic continues to tease, taunt and light fires in lady bits, it’s going to be a looong wait for July.

On doing some Crucibling* with Armitage in July! (*not a real word)

Armitage The Crucible

Wow! Is this a hot time to be an Armitage Admirer or what!

I must admit I’ve been keeping a lukewarm finger on the RA pulse as I focus my attention on RL stuff, but good friends have kept me in the loop and made sure I knew the basic comings and goings, for which I am grateful.

After a period of “what the hell’s up Armitage?” and me moaning constantly that I demand good news,  it seems Richard has got his funky booty into gear and is spoiling us rotten!

Talk about watching a kettle boil, if only I had known it’d start raining Armitage projects the moment I step away for a while, I would have taken my sabbatical sooner 😉

What a time to be an Armitage Admirer and what a wonderful surprise at the Old Vic!

I hardly dared to dream Richard would sign up for a play in London (would have bet all my money on New York… and lost…).


The fact that it’s at the Old Vic makes it extra special.

When I flew in to London in December 2012 to see The Hobbit: AUJ we stayed at a hotel just down the street from the theatre.

Each time we passed I’d have the sudden impulse to drop on all fours and search the ground for imprints left by Armitage footsteps walk around the entrance breathing in the air, knowing it was where Richard had taken part in The 24 Hours Play.

Here I am, over a year later with my very own Willy Wonka winning tickets 🙂

The fact that it’s a Arthur Miller play is just icing on the AgzyM cake.

I have a thing for both Miller and the McCarthy period, so I plan on researching the heck out of the material, especially seeing as I probably won’t be coherent enough to actually go beyond the “OMG, that’s Richard Armitage standing there!” mode during the performance.

Although the announcement that Armitage had signed up for the project couldn’t have come at a more inconvenient time (seriously, a heads-up, Richard!) and technically, I couldn’t afford to go, the fangirl inside of me was screaming that I could afford not to go!

So, after calculating, deliberating, concocting cunning plans that would make  Wile. E Coyote green with envy, and trying to explain to my nearest and dearest that missing out was not an option for this fangirl, here I am with tickets for the 7th and 8th of July.


BTW, if you’re going to the play on the same dates and would like to go for a celebratory drink or even just a Hello fellow Richardette! and a quick “our boy did good!” hug , please let me know, either in comments or via email at iwanttobeapinup [at ] 🙂

I know of at least one RA fellow admirer *waves at H* who shall be there and I bet that anyone you ask seated in the first 2 rows will either be a fellow “well-wisher” or is accompanying someone who is!

I presume I’ll be boring the heck out of everyone here till July on the topic of The Crucible, but I’ve also been thinking much about fans who see their favorite actor in a theatre (a first for me) and the less than stellar behavior exhibited by die-hard fans during both Hiddleston and Cumberbatch’s performances which apparently ruined it for others.

Let’s leave all that for another day.

Today, I shall bask in the glory of Richard at the Old Vic 😉

PS. Hands up who needed to google what “crucible” meant… yup, me too!

See, we’re getting an education while admiring Richard!

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