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The “It’s Behind You, Richard!” Game

After trying to analyse what charming object is growing out of Richard’s shoulder, I thought we might have a round of:

It’s behind you, Richard!!!!

Ah, but what is it?

You will find the answers at the bottom.

Revenge is Oh so sweet!

When admitting he was a dog lover, maybe it isn’t the owner’s wrath that Richard should fear?

What's behind Richard Armitage empty_edytowany-1

Halloween is right around the corner and no abandoned house could do without one of these…

What's behind Richard Armitage empty_edytowany-2

Friend or foe?

Or maybe kin, a distant cousin?

What's behind Richard Armitage empty_edytowany-3

Personally, I stopped seeing the appeal when I was 6, but apparently these are still huge…

What's behind Richard Armitage empty_edytowany-6

We know Richard is reading about cadavers, but has he been reading up about that other part…

What's behind Richard Armitage empty_edytowany-3b

Last, but not least, no celebrity heart-throb is ever really free from one of these…

What's behind Richard Armitage empty_edytowany-5

Here are the answers:

What's behing Richard game answers

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Richard, The Bearded Boy Wonder

I don’t usually post on very current RA news.

I think I’m too busy hopping to other blogs to see their reactions and thoughts.

I also like to schedule posts, just in case life and other cataclysms pop up, so by the time I go over a new topic, it’s not that new anymore.

The latest proof that Richard Armitage is actually out there somewhere coincided with a post I had been planning to write anyway, so what better incentive than these pictures:

The quality isn’t the best.

 I cropped the images to protect the lovely person who was kind enough to post them.

 If you’d like to learn more, you can find all the info on RANet.

There’s no two ways about it!

The beard seems to be here to stay!

It makes me wonder, though, if they attach a fake beard, wouldn’t it be better to have a clean-shaven face, so the glue sticks better?

I have to admit, I have yet to experience a faux beard situation, so I just don’t know.

Maybe it’s a weave 😉

So, every time he has to go in the water, he says: You better not mess up my weave and get it wet!

Just days before these pictures emerged, the topic of RA’s baby face had been making the rounds.

I can’t lie, I was hoping to see the back of it (do not confuse this with me wishing he’d have a hairy back…).


My comment to this confession from RAConfessions was:

I’m glad we’ve had the chance to see him in his bearded glory, it cuts down all the ‘I wonder what he’d look like with a beard’ chit-chat. We’ve seen him. Now it needs to go!

It’s not that it hasn’t been fun!

Check out these images from RichardArmitagesBeard (no joke!).

We’ve had different versions the beard / stubble:

My favorite look? Lucas stubble.

That’s the look I hope to see at ComicCon 😉

I hope you have a wonderful morning!

Here’s a nice cup of Bearded RA to start you off right 🙂

Getting your Armitage kicks, day after day…


Like any relationship, fangirling requires a new boost of energy every now and again.

You know, when all the pictures have been looked at and gushed over.

When you’ve given most RA related videos on YT the thumbs up.

When you’ve watched  and re-watched all the DVD’s and clips.

There comes a moment when a little boost is required.

I found that the Tumblr community has provided that for me.

It’s a little like running like a 6-year old, in the rain, with no shoes, screaming at the top of your lungs.

New images and Vlogs are great at creating a buzz, but I usually don’t automatically craze over them. I need some time to let everyone else go over them, post about them, analyze them.

I liked the new N&S pics that have been unearthed and I adore finding ones I’ve never seen before.

They may not be new, but they are to me 🙂

Let me hear from you!

What provides your kick of new admiration energy?

What keeps your RA luv fresh?

You can pick multiple answers, poll closes in 7 days 🙂

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