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Richard, International Man of Mystery

Richard has had quite a year.

From Britain he flew to New Zealand for the shooting of The Hobbit.

After that he travelled all the way to San Diego for Comic-Con, only to fly off to Michigan to fiddle about with tornadoes.

Just when I though New York couldn’t possibly get any more awesome, we find out Mr Armitage graced the Big Apple with his hotness.

It’s only fair that our fandom (whether you call it the RArmy, Armitage Army, Community of Armitage Admirers…) reflects the jet-set lifestyle our favorite actor leads.

OK, so we don’t actually travel first-class from film set to film set, from photo shoot to première, however we do inhabit most of the globe.

One might say Richard Armitage fangurling is spreading like a virus 😉

Worst still, there is no known cure!

Some of you not be aware that wordpress has a snazzy function that shows where the readers who visit the blog come from.

Before you freak out, I don’t know who you are, where you live, what your favorite colour is etc.

It doesn’t tell me your phone number or bank account details.

It lists the countries inhabited by visitors to the blog, in order from the most popular.

My blog isn’t the best example of where RA admirers come from, as I get quite a lot of clicks on non-Richard Armitage related posts.

Still, it’s exciting to see:

I particularly like the bottom of the list:

No matter where you are from dear reader, you are very welcome here!

We truly are an International group of online friends!

By the way, it was the reader from China that made my day!

Another fan encounter + Write me maybe, Richard!

I adore waking up to wonderful Armitage news.

Yet another fan got the chance to meet Richard.

Suzi describes her encounter at RAC (see pic below).

A huge Thank You to Suzi for sharing!

She says Mr Armitage is nothing special to look at, quite grumpy, refused autographs and pictures, and was a thoroughly unpleasant man.

OK, not really, but I think this encounter may break the back of some RA fans who long to meet him 😉


I live vicariously through other lucky RA admirers!

I’m still waiting on a message from Richard, although it seems that it’s the last days of shooting in one location, so things have been busy for our precious on the set of Black Sky.

My sister has another theory about why we haven’t received a post-Armitage Day message yet (apart from one simply never coming…).

Our fandom consists mostly of fab females.

In order to write a message to his female fans, Richard would require a set of:

Yes, ladies, our dreams have come true!

In many countries females were given the right to vote in the 1920s, but it wasn’t until the good people at BIC finally realised we simply can’t use those ordinary masculine pens, that we are now able to exercise our rights.

The pens as slim (we are women after all, and that word should be our mantra), pastel coloured, and some swear that in the place of a dot, it draws little glittering hearts!

And no, they don’t vibrate…

I can hardy contain my joy, and I’m not the only one who’s bursting with pride and emotions!

Don’t take my word for it.

Read about the revolutionary aspect of *gulp* giving women a pens of their own, but be warned.

We ended up spending hours yesterday evening, crying with laughter.

After all, who thought it was a good idea to give a woman a tool that is mightier than a sword?

What’s next?

We leave the kitchen?

Get a job?

The mind boggles!

Thanks BIC for identifying my needs.

Now get Richard Armitage a set, pronto!

A nice set of pastel-coloured, super slim pens, to write a message that any average Mary, Jane and Sally can understand!

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