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Shake, Rattle and Roll Hobbit Boys

Tomorrow I’ll be posting the rules and guideline regarding the RA Silent Auction.

I’m so excited as there are 20 items to date to bid on and they are really cool!

While I was creating the auction post my PS Elements 6 crashed and I had to upgrade to CS6 which seems awesome, but I’m having to learn many functions from scratch.

Shake rattle and roll1

I feel that while I’m busy organising the auction, Armitage admirers are continuing with their….well… admiration and I feel a tad out of the loop.

Never mind, I’ll be back, but till then here are The Hobbit boys showing us their moves!

And I will NOT be writing about the placement of Richard’s hands… let’s just assume it’s a line dancing move…

The Morning After, The Walk of Shame


This is the morning after The Hobbit live fan event and I’m experiencing a slight hangover.

First of all, I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I usually shy away from the frenzy, but this time I managed to embrace it and share it with others from our humble fandom.

I think I was a little too enthused as I feel a tad like I’ve been partying hard with a group of dwarves ūüėČ

The internet connection was exemplary (although I did have backup, just in case) and the feed was perfect.

My only complaint isn’t that there wasn’t enough Richard (duh! is there ever?) but that it ended so abruptly.

As I said on Twitter, it felt like my invite was revoked just as the party was in full swing.

Turns out, just as our feed broke, the actors also exited, which is a crying shame as I wished our RA friends would get more juicy RA details.

The highlights were Richard answering the only question he was asked.

Here’s an impromptu¬†pic I made before I forced myself to get some shut-eye:


I really like Evangeline Lily, who no doubt is aware that some Hobbit fans are giving her evils (No hatin! she said), Lee Pace strutting his elvish stuff and the juicy additional The Hobbit: DOS clips.

*puts Sherlock dear stalker hat on*I wanted to take this opportunity to try to deduce a little something about what Richard has been up to.


The long curls are still in tact, he also seems to be growing a beard.

The thing that struck me was how slender he looked.

Not quite Spooks Lucas North season 7, but I think it’s safe to say that Richard isn’t preparing to shoot an action movie.

The question is, does this slimmer frame mean he’s actually auditioning/preparing/shooting something or is it just the strain of shooting three films back to back, relocating to NY?

Does he perhaps miss English food and his mother’s cooking?

I wish he’d make it easier to deduce by, I don’t know, having a script sticking out from his (gorgeous) leather coat pocket or accidentally spilling the beans by using another character’s name instead of Thorin.

As always. Richard knows what’s going on, but he’s not telling!

We’ll get you next time though, Mr A!

Care to do some deducing of your own?

Single and Ready to Mingle? Head for Middle Earth!

Middle Earth Lonely hearts Thorin

Do you know what Empire’s list of Sexiest Movie Stars 2013¬†tells me?

If you are single and ready to mingle, Middle Earth is the way to go!


Don’t let the rocker look fool you, Aragorn is a man at one with nature.

He enjoys long strolls in the countryside and has basic Bear Grills/Boy Scout survival skills  that may come in handy when he takes you camping.

Aragorn has been in long-distance relationships before and is protective and loyal.



Here’s¬†confirmed bachelor Bilbo Baggins.

Bilbo likes to take long walks in the Shire, cook and he fancies himself as a bit of a writer.

He’s looking for a gal who’s a home-body, shares his passion for elevenses and won’t eat the last pie in the pantry!



If youthful energy is what you seek, Kili is your dwarf guy!

Kili enjoys going on adventures, extreme sports, and archery.

He’s a family man and likes nothing more than camping out, singing and telling stories around the fire.



If it’s an active man you seek, √Čomer is the one for you!

This horse whisperer with a heart of gold enjoys riding out into the country, hunting and sword wielding.

Ladies, the man has a mane to die for, which seems to run in the family, so keep an eye out for your hair conditioner…



Thranduil enjoys moose riding and realm domination.

He is looking for a woman who is not a dwarf.



Legolas may seem like a tranquil sort of elf bloke, but he’s always up for an adventure, an enjoys travelling.

He is loyal and handy with a bow and arrow if that’s your sort of thing.

He’s also pretty fit, looks great in a pair of tights,¬†and enjoys cross-country runs and dwarf tossing.

And ladies, Legolas can carry a tune, so prepare to be serenaded.



Despite having difficulties in reading maps, Thorin Oakenshield makes up for it in his majestic air.

He enjoys speleology, believes the sword is mightier than the pen, and likes bird watching (especially eagles).

He’s also into genealogy and tracing his family mountain tree.

Ladies, Thorin sure likes his bling¬†bling, so if you you’re looking for a playa’…



Smaug is not for the faint-hearted, but he may well set your heart on fire.

He enjoys long naps and antique items, especially jewels.


Ladies, the ratio of hot single men to women in Middle Earth is even better that in Alaska, so if you’re looking for a luv connection, maybe it’s time to grab your bow and arrow, pack up your¬†pony, and head out there!

On Richard Armitage and Lee Pace

I was going to write a post on Lee Pace, and how his friendship with Richard Armitage made me want to learn more about him as an actor.

He’s playing Thranduil the Elven King in the Hobbit, and I remember him from Pushing Daisies.

They seem to have become friends during the filming in NZ, and were even seen catching the movie Prometheus together (oh shock, oh horror! Actually seeing a movie WITH ANOTHER PERSON! Unheard of!).

In my na√Įvety, I ventured out to see what was the buzz online.

Big mistake!

I mean ‘gouge my eyes out so I don’t have to read your¬†nasty malice, but it’s etched on my brain’ mistake!

Apart from the obvious, and predictable, gay rumours, there are whole strings of bitchiness and inappropriate comments, both about Richard Armitage in relation to Lee Pace, and about the RArmy (rabid is the word used).

I found it quite ironic that, although RA fans were portrayed as hormonal loonies, I saw lines crossed that would NEVER have been in our fandom.

I’m not¬†linking the¬†forum, becasue I don’t want to give them a wider audience.

Before I go any further, let me make this point clear.

I don’t care either way if there’s something more going on.

That’s because:

1. It’s none of anyone’s business.

2. If they are together, they make an adorable couple, but see point 1.

3. Two men being friends doesn’t mean they are romantically linked, but see point 2 and point 1.

Seriously, what’s wrong with people?

Is it the anonymity of the internet that switches off the natural censor buffer between the brain and the gob?

I don’t want, or need Richard Armitage to have to explain or divulge his sexuality!

He doesn’t have to justify any friendship or relationship to me as a fan, or to anyone else.

If you feel the need to speculate, at least have the decency to conduct it in a polite and respectful manner!

I’m leaving comments open, although I ask that this doesn’t become a “is he gay?’ discussion.

I think we can all agree that it’s none of our beeswax!

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