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Hunger Games Propaganda

Me obsessed with Hunger Games?

Not one bit… Ok, a little bit, but who can blame me?

I like propaganda posters from the 40s, so I adore this compilation:

All images: CollegeHumor

I’m off to see The Hunger Games!

Hello, Thanks for stopping by, but I’m off to watch the The Hunger Games!

Call me childish, but I’m super excited and have been waiting for this moment since I read the books last summer.

 In my defence I have to say I had spent all spring and a good part of summer preparing for my college exams, immersed in British and American history, literature, cultural aspects,  economy and politics.

I think I deserved to read Suzanne Collins’ trilogy about Katniss and the  post-apocalyptic world with its annual event, rampant teenagers on a murderous spree…

I have no idea what to expect and I can only hope it won’t be cr*p.

I’m really looking forward to the Flame Dress. The better WOW! me.


I just can’t wait!!! 😉

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