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Banged Up Porter in Iraq Part 2

Let me continue my thoughts on Strike Back episode 1

I have a confession to make.

Usually, I’m not that impressed with the ladies who are lucky enough to appear opposite RA.

 I admit, I can hardly be objective and everything else seems to disappear once he’s on screen.

 However, I feel like the ladies haven’t been up to par.

There, I’ve said it!

There are exceptions, of course,  like Ros Meyer from Spooks or Geraldine for The Vicar of Dibley.

I can add one more lady to the list.

I absolutely adore the chemistry between John Porter and Kate Dartmouth, played by Orla Brady.

Dartmouth is a British journalist who is kidnapped outside Basra, Iraq by the “Sword of Islam”.

In the Iraq episode Porter is sent to rescue her.

And boy, does he ever…

I adore the tenderness that Porter expresses towards her.

 He really does give her comfort and a bit of security in an extreme situation.

Katie seems to break down and cry for the first time, only when she is in the safety of Porter’s arms.

 I can relate to that.

When times are tough you feel strong, the moment someone takes control and shows you tenderness, you end up cracking and breaking down.

It’s like you don’t have the sole responsibility to keep things together anymore.

Whatever happens, you must trust metrust me!”

 ” Just so you know, I’m gonna kill every single one of these bastards…”

 On being rescued, after relying so much on Porter, trusting him and owing her life to him, she finds it hard to part with him.

Can’t blame her one bit…

And when all is said and done, lives saved, justice served (OK, not so much…), I adore the fact that he came to visit her in hospital with a bunch of flowers.

All images: RACentral 

Banged up Porter in Iraq Part 1

It’s just one of those days when going back to Strike Back makes me feel very happy.

It is also a good opportunity to introduce John Porter to my sister 😉

We started with the Iraq episode and from the get-go one thought came to my mind:

I think, from all the other characters played by RA, John Porter is the one who is most abused.

Yes, I am including Grizzly Gizzy and Lucas / John, Spooks series 9…

He suffers physically (can I please ask people to stop hitting him in the face…).

He suffers mentally (what is the story with his wife leaving him when he’s so down?).

And below is the most horrific proof that  Porter just can’t catch a break.

Check out that abysmal wig.

There should be some law against that!

Here are some other reasons I HEART Strike Back:

We have the weirdest sex scene (I’m pretty sure there’s a name for women who do what Danni did…).

In case you’re wondering: No, I don’t blame her either…

John Porter rocks a scarf like it’s nobodies business…

I’m surprised this look didn’t watch on in the UK.

 No one honks a horn quite like Porter…

The Iraq episode also has the absolute best chemistry between an RA character and a female.

I shall be writing about that tommorow 😉

So, honk if you LOVE Porter!!!

All images, as usual, from RACentral
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