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Richard: “I’m sorry, what was the question?”

The Hobbit Google+ Hangout was fun today, although I fantasise imagine that if I were to ever actually hang out and chill with Richard, there’d be less people around.

And if celeb sex tapes have taught me anything, it’s to keep that camera switched off at all time, so no steaming on YT, but I digress…

Only a few people got to ask questions and one or two were asked while the rest of us were watching the footage not really…

As you know, me and the RA posse are tight, so they shared with me a question that wasn’t shown.

Can you guess what question Richard is answering based on his gestures?

Richard Armitage big round

Richard Armitage Sweet and small

ichard Armitage mouth

Can you guess what question the interviewer asked?

Can you???


Here it goes:

Richard oranges

I bet ALL of you guessed this one!

Easy peasy, orange squeezy, one may say 😉

When I Woof! You Woof! (just like that…)

Richard Armitage Lucas running dogs

It’s bad enough when the most exciting things in RAWorld happen when you’re asleep.

It’s bloody awful when you are at work when you learn about it and can do nothing but long to get home and switch on the laptop, bloody nuisance job…

Thorin wolf new Hobbit trailer_edytowany-1

I’m chuckling that this is probably the only time when Servetus was wrong and my instincts proved spot on.

I’m basking as there won’t be a repeat of this emotion, but I’ve been pretty luckily recently, so remind me to get a lottery ticket…

Armitage dog Yorkie


I’m a dog person. I don’t have a dog but if I were to have an animal it certainly wouldn’t be a bloody cat! They’re just temperamental and dogs are just cute and faithful”


*starts salivating*



(translation: Hey Girl, how YOU doin’!)


*tail wags uncontrollably, involuntary flips onto back hoping for a belly rub*



(translation: Cats? You’ve got to be joking! If I wanted to constantly be judged I’d live with my mother in law)


*involuntarily wees on carpet as the joy is just. too. much*

Cat lovers, don’t be sad!

I hear that Vladimir Lenin was a big cat admirer, so you can have him and us dog lovers will keep Richard!

As a consolation prize (although you should quit your complaining because Lenin could be seen as attractive if you like that type) I suggest you visit My Cat is a Dick  that contains pictures of cats being… well…dicks…

Armitage dog_edytowany-1

On a side note, I was just wondering if Richard ever sees comments to what he says like here and wonders why he even bothers…

It’s was a humoristic answer to a silly question, let’s take it all with a grain of salt.

My Magzy has a cat phobia and believe me,  if she was ever asked that question, THAT would be one heck of a bitchy answer.

Lighten up peeps, it’s all just for fun!

Armitage question mark

Final nitpicking through the BAFTA LA TV Tea Party pics


I’m still not done with going through the new RA pictures from  BAFTA LA TV Tea Party (note to organisers: TOO MANY CAPITAL LETTERS in event name…).

There are a few things that caught my attention:

Richard is keeping his chest warm in this cool autumn weather with a small furry beast hidden under his shirt.

What else have you got hidden there?

It’s clearly less Wax on and more Wax off here!

BAFTA-LA- rmitage Hairy chest

I’ve already commented on my likes/dislikes on the topic, but as always, he makes it look sexy.

(insert your own curtain matching the drapes joke…)

Secondly, why are people I don’t know/don’t care enough about being interviewed while that dude who plays Thorin in The Hobbit just waltzes by?


Priorities people!

(and I hate to say it but the girl was sooooo freaking annoying…)

Thirdly, RA boots are a Servetus speciality (I’m more of a bum and thigh connoisseur, as you may have noticed), but I just had to highlight these:

Ra boots

I know some peeps weren’t too impressed with these boot-ilicious things, but AgzyM is giving them 2 fangirling thumbs up.

Maybe it would be better if they ended below the ankles, but I think they’re arty and show that RA has a great sense of humour when it comes to fashion (tux + boots from a few years back anyone?).

My judgement may also be influenced by the fact that I got a pair of black shoes with the same pattern, they are so shiny and make my feet look pretty 😉

Last but not least, while we’re on the subject of RA in the background here’s a peek at Phantom Richard.

phantom Richard Armitage

It’s not so much that we only catch a glimpse of him, 95% of his fans would correctly identify RA in a line-up simply by looking at a row of backs (and bums…).

 The thing is, he’s wearing sunglasses!

I’ll just tell you right now, if he’s wearing Aviator’s I am checking out because the man is clearly on a mission to destroy me with all his hotness.

It’s all a blur, yet the hair still looks unbelievably hot!

Armitage small

Put me out of my misery of uncertainty Mr Thornton Richard!

Look Back, Look Back at me…

I’m intentionally leaving out criticising the knee-pad pants as I think they’d come in handy when he’s on his knees proposing (I was going to take that somewhere else, but I guess this just isn’t THAT type of crowd!).


Is there anything else about the BAFTA LA TV Tea Party pics that I need to fuss over?

Because I’m preparing for new things to crop up and I want to lay these to fangirling rest!

Apart from that profile pic, that one isn’t going anywhere 😉

BAFTA-LA-07 cropped Armitage

BTW, See Richard checking out the Thorin pic? Even he’s thinking that is one sexy dwarf…


Here’s the cropped pic for Helen 🙂


So, this is what happens when you get too big…

I was doing my morning coffee and gossip trash round, when I came upon this article from The Daily Mail:

Sherlock, his crippling insecurities and the mystery of why Benedict Cumberbatch  can’t find a wife despite being Britain’s latest superstar

The title pretty much says it all and sums up the quality of the article.

There’s nothing quite like having all your alleged life problems analysed by a tabloid in one swift go.

Before you say anything, I know it’s The Mail, but even trashy tabloids are supposed to at least pretend they are upkeeping some level of journalism.

This is just painful to read.

Here’s just a little sample of what you get:

The writer (I struggle to call him a journalist) uses tidbits from different previous Cumberbatch interviews, sprinkles it with innuendoes, and dresses it all up in a sensationalist blanket.

It reads like a description of a cheap novel.

Don’t believe me?

“Last month, the pair were photographed snuggling  on a sun-lounger beside a pool at Ibiza’s Hotel Hacienda. She is wearing next to  nothing, and he strokes her arm as she nuzzles his face with her blonde  hair”


“His angered outpourings may have had  their  root in his tortured private life. After a dozen years, during  which they had  made a nest together in a flat in Hampstead, North  London, he and actress  Olivia Poulet had parted. In an instant, all his  hopes for a family had  vanished”

This article is just so bad it makes my teeth hurt.

It got me thinking that, even with the absence of any real news (which, quite frankly, is not true as there’s new Cumberbatch info every other day), recycling old quotes and making them sound thrilling fills newspaper columns, and gets people reading.

I find observing Benedict’s rise to fame thrilling, and I honestly believe that he deserves all the success and notoriety he’s getting, but it must be so uncomfortable to see such utter crap written about you.

Today’s “article” made me truly thankful that Richard Armitage does his upmost to keep his private life under wraps.

The less personal details he gives away, the less chance they will be taken out of context and twisted.

A part of me had always wished that RA would be more forthcoming, like he was early on in his career.

Now I realise that I would be shattered if I had to read such slosh about him, and can only imagine how disturbing our beloved actor would find it.

I’ve sometimes accused Richard of not fully taking advantage of the opportunities that The Hobbit has offered him of becoming a “household name”.

Now I think that instead of notoriety, Richard may well be content in letting his work speak for itself.

Benedict, you can drive my car anytime…

Benedict, you can drive my car anytime…

This put a huge smile on my face.

Benedict Cumberbatch sporting Sherlock curls punching Jeremy Clark.

Doesn’t get much better!

Here’s the show’s description:

“In this clip, we’re treated to seeing Benedict’s mother posing with quite a fanciful car, we learn what the BBC Sherlock star drove as his first vehicle, we see host Jeremy Clarkson learn how to take a punch, and determine how well Cumberbatch fared on his timed track laps versus other Star Trek greats.

We also get the secret behind exactly how Sherlock Holmes was able to survive the Reichenbach Fall.”

I think not, but it’s still a good giggle 🙂

Benedict, you can drive my car anytime…

Still on my wishlist: Richard Armitage on Top Gear!

I wonder if he’d be one of those tame sensible drivers, or if he’d release the driving beast within and it’d be pedal to the metal.

BTW, Benedict Cumberbatch has been the face of Jaguar, so I guess the reasonably priced car is a bit of a letdown for him.

By the way, I love how they add “actor” to his name.

Duh, I think we all gathered as much.

With a name like that he could hardly be an accountant!


If the answer to your question whether you want to see more of Ben on Top Gear is HELL YES! here’s a behind the scenes clip:

(click on image)

About that tiff between Richard and I…

Richard Armitage Canada The Hobbit

Yesterday I mentioned that Richard and I had a bit of a tiff, although, for obvious logistic reasons, only one of us really let the argument get to them 🙂

Here’s what happened:

I came across the clip from George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight where RA was a guest.

I hadn’t seen it before as I was in my pre-Hobbit blackout mode when it first aired.

I thought the interview went well, Armitage was delightful, and the fanvid twist was fun (not to mention the Guy Yum!).

And then that weird thing happened some time around the 10:00 minute mark.

The mention of fans=seats sold

Errrmmmm, I’m sorry, what?

At first I was taken aback by the quip that lasted merely a few seconds.

Then it started gnawing at me that Richard would think about his fans in terms of money and revenue.

It started out as a passing thought, but the upset just built up (I am a woman after all!).

I wasn’t sure if it was that Thorin Oakenshield cockiness that had rubbed off on our usually kind and humble Richard, or perhaps we were seeing the slick Hollywood version of Mr Armitage, meaning the one who was too cool to concern himself with the little people in any other way than what they could do for him.

 I felt compelled to remind him that, as loyal as the Armitage Army was, we had barely made a dent in the almost $1 billion worldwide box office takings, even if we did probably make butt cheek dents in the seats at our local cinemas.

In terms of power and money, let’s be honest, we’re quite powerless, even if we’re Oh so cute! and are a fun to mention during interviews.

What is more, many of us would have seen The Hobbit anyway, regardless of who played Thorin, although having Armitage there made a huge difference.

What we had been doing as Armitage Admirers for years is something that, although not as profitable, some may value much more.

I’m actually really proud each time I hear a fellow admirer representing us so well at events and such.

I’m proud not because they’ve the ones that bought the tickets (and the DVD’s…T-shirts, mascots, action figures, ridiculously overpriced magazines…the list goes on…).

I’m proud because we’re worth so much more than that, something you can’t explain in monetary terms.

The person who made the mentioned video mentioned during the interview spent a lot of time creating something to share their Armitage admiration with other fans, and I’ve also been known to spend hours on silly little pictures, gifs for the sheer joy of being part of this community (I mean what twisted person creates an Armitage tooth fairy or a busy bee? seriously??!!!???).

I really got  myself worked up.

Really worked up!

I decided that I wasn’t able to let go of the likes of Thornton or Lucas North, but maybe me and Richard needed to take a break, meaning I’d stop admiring him while he was oblivious to my existence.

And then I saw this… (taken from The Marilyn Denis Show).

At the end Richard mentions the Armitage Army.

Oh Richard, I’m so very sorry I ever doubted you, I really and truly am!

What can I say?

I’ve been a naughty fangirl and I really need to be punished to apologise.

Let’s kiss and make up shake hands and agree to never doubt one another’s good intentions in the future.

Mr Armitage, you have managed to warm the cockles of my frozen heart…again…

PS. Not sure if this is a good time to mention that your last Christmas card got lost in the mail…..errr….nevermind….

A Good Morning for Armitage Admirers + Chicks Dig Glossy Armitage Lips!

It’s another great day for the Armitage admirers!

I’ll start with some yummy news.

It’s seems that Frenz has bagged an interview with Todd Garner.

He in the producer of the film Richard is shooting now called Black Sky.

You can also follow him of Twitter @Todd_Garner.

Garner has proven to be very friendly towards Armitage admirers, and has even tweeted the pic we’ve all been drooling cooing over.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to do a little cooing over Frenz.

As I tweeted earlier, out of all the American b*lls of Richard Armitage admirers, I think Frenz owns my favorite pair!

I can’t wait to read the interview 🙂

By the way, whenever the movie, and its lead Richard Armitage is mentioned, the following picture is used.

It’s interesting, as it shows our favorite desert trooper John Porter.

It makes sense you’d want Porter by your side with a natural disaster looming.

I would, however, go with the following image of Porter to promote Armitage’s involvement in the film.

His clothes just happen to have been blown away by the tornado 😉

A post written by Servetus reminded me of something I had been meaning to mention a while back.

I’ve seen North & South hundreds of times.

Each time I do, there are new things I observe, then there are those that always catch my eye.

One of the things that sticks out is just how glossy Thornton’s lips are in the scene where Nicholas Higgins comes to ask for a job at the mill.


I’m a bit fan of Smackers Grape Fanta  flavour lip balm, but in Thornton’s case, I’m guessing cherry 🙂

I can just imagine a make-up lady running up to Richard in-between takes, making sure that pucker if glossy, soft and kissable!

Some gals have all the luck…

Richard Armitage and the Mean Face

Every time I research Richard Armitage, the following quote from The Telegraph pops up.

Nice try, Armitage!

Sure, the man can brood and snicker like there’s no tomorrow.

Here are a few examples of my favorites:

If Hobbit-Con has taught us anything, it’s that RA has a smile that just won’t quit.

It’s a billion watt smile, and no professing will convince me otherwise!

Don’t believe me?

Here are some examples, courtesy of RANet.

So, Mr Armitage, you don’t fool us one bit!

Good Morning Richard Armitage!

I absolutely adore Richard Armitage being interviewed for GMTV.

Good Morning indeed!!!

You’d be in your right to see this as one long interview, as RA is sporting similar clothes and you were probably too fixated on him to notice that the presenter sitting next to him was, in fact, a different person.

This was brought to my attention by Jasrangoon in a post about what RA habits she found endearing.

The first in from March, 2009

The second interview is from May 2010

I would have loved to include an interview from 2011 and 2012, alas, our love has abandoned us and gone into audio and visual blackout.

I adore both of these.

They embody the best of Lucas, with the dark sexy hair and muscles that you could bounce ping-pong balls off.

The clothes are clearly from North’s closet. I doubt anyone helped RA choose his outfit, as they would have noticed how similar the dark shirt and jeans was to the light shirt and jeans one from the previous year.

I adore the roller up sleeves, which underline the cool, calm and collected attitude of the wearer.

‘I’m sexy and I know it’

And, boy, don’t we know it!!!

The guy looks so good he could scramble ovaries!

The impossible question for today is:

What look do you prefer?

I know it’s a difficult one and will require you to spend some time gawking at the images… I meaning doing your research thoroughly 😉


Caution! RA!

Caution indeed!

I adore this photo shoot, perhaps because I really enjoyed the article from the Sunday Times article called “A Day in the Life,” featuring RA.

The article gives us a peek into an ordinary day for RA. Of course  I bet his days are different if he is now back on the set of The Hobbit.

BTW, do you wonder, like I do, if he’s back in NZ?

Image: C.S. Winchester

If so, I bet his days go something like this:

Got up in the  morning, spent hours in make-up while they attached the prosthetics to my near perfect feature, but not to worry, I still look hot.

Got dressed in my Thorin costume, wielded a sword, rode an oversized pony, yelled things in Dwarfish, pretended Gandalf is way taller than me, spent the lunch hour making the ladies of the crew swoon.

Then I fought some dragons, tried to reclaim some family jewels, while still pretending to be short…

I jest 🙂

Let’s go back to the photo shoot. I do like him in a blue suit. The colour suits him (dare I say even better than black?).

Here is a “denim” photo. I must admit that I think he fills  jeans like it’s nobody’s business…

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