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Tha gaol agam ort Richard!

Scottish flag Armitage

Today’s Stereotypical Sunday was suggested by Nadia who longed to see Richard frolicking in the Highlands.

What do Scottish men wear under their kilts?

As always Richard probably knows but he’s not telling!

Then again, some say that if men wore anything under kilts they’d be wearing skirts 😉

 Richard is a Skinny Malinky Longlegs from the north, although not that far north, but he sure has the pegs to decorate a kilt!

scottish Armitage

I’ve used the stereotypical elements of the kilt, bagpipes and a beautiful glen, but I passed on the haggis as it just refused to mingle with the other elements…

Talking of Scotland, there’s also something a bit Braveheart about Thorin, could be the hair, could be the dodgy garb or the yelling…

They both believe: Gie it laldy! (you should do things with gusto).

Armitage Braveheart 1

Whit’s fur ye’ll no go past ye, Richard!

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