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Armitage Visual Fest 5


Here’s a photo shoot I like to call “Richard doing weird thing with his hands”.


Hey Mister, keep those hands where I can see them…

LeslieHassler-04 LeslieHassler-05

I wish each photographer gave us a behind the scenes glimpse at Richard doing his Armitage magic.

If there isn’t at least a dozen fanfics inspired by this Richard getting dressed photo I shall feel cheated ūüėČ


Richard: “I’m sorry, what was the question?”

The¬†Hobbit Google+ Hangout¬†was fun today, although I fantasise¬†imagine that if I were to ever actually¬†hang out and chill with Richard, there’d be less people around.

And if celeb sex tapes have taught me anything, it’s to keep that camera switched off at all time, so no steaming on YT, but I digress…

Only a few people got to ask questions and one or two were asked while the rest of us were watching the footage not really…

As you know, me and the RA posse are tight, so they shared with me¬†a question that wasn’t shown.

Can you guess what question Richard is answering based on his gestures?

Richard Armitage big round

Richard Armitage Sweet and small

ichard Armitage mouth

Can you guess what question the interviewer asked?

Can you???


Here it goes:

Richard oranges

I bet ALL of you guessed this one!

Easy peasy, orange¬†squeezy, one may say ūüėČ

With Richard you’re always in capable hands…

I had college the past 2 days, so I haven’t really prepared a post for today, plus I’m still feeling crafty and have a few RA/Thorin related projects I want to start, so I’ll just leave you with the following image and duck for cover as I’m a very naught girl ūüėČ

Insert breasts here Richard Armitage Sydney

Hands down, the sexiest man around…

Image from RACentral

Handsy Philip Durrant

As I’m still taking a break, away from the bustle of the city and normal life, I have the luxury of sitting in front of the fireplace, re-watching my favorite Miss Marple DVD’s.

One of the first I popped in was Ordeal of Innocence.

I’ve already written a post titled Richards Ordeal¬†on it a while back, but something else jumped out this time around.

Philip Durrant is not the nicest of characters.

He’s a womanizer, philanderer¬†and all around sleazeball.

What is interesting is how he manages to influence the ladies unlucky enough to fall under his spell.

Then I realised it was all about the touch.

His power comes from his ability to exude his control over the women in his life with a physical superiority.

The strained relationship of Durrant and his wife is complicated by his disability, caused by polio. After being the one in control, he is forced to accept her help in basic matters and his movement his limited by the wheelchair.

Money played a huge role, especially that Durrant has none, but wants plenty.

There is a chilly atmosphere between husband and wife, but the touch seems intimate.

After the gentle kiss placed on her wrist, he follows it up by saying she has a frozen heart.

His wife isn’t the only woman he charms.

He controls his ex-lover and plays on her fears.

By placing his hand on her shoulder, he tries to remind her that after the time that has passed, he can still influence her.

This is powerful, as she is already under significant strain and shudders under his touch.

The physical contact seems to remind her of the sins of the past and how much influence Durrant had on her.

This is the moment Philip’s wife realizes that she is not the only woman in the household that has fallen prey to Durrant.

It is a powerful moment that could have had significant consequences.

Like any jealous woman, she decides to have her revenge and points to her sister as a possible murder suspect.

Hell hath no fury…

Images: RACentral
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