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A few of my favorite RA things: I’ll stick my neck out and admit…

Continuing on the theme of my favorite RA things:

TheHeirsofDurin hit my soft spot!







neck nuzzle


over anything…


There, you officially know waaaay too much about me…

The voyeur in me is a bit of a pygophiliac (a buttocks connoisseur if you like, in other words I like a guy with plenty of junk in his trunk), but I certainly have a neck fetish when my own sensory reactions are concerned.

There’s something about Richard’s facial features that allows him to fit his honker of a nose under a lucky woman’s chin or ear and apply those lips with both vigor, passion and gentleness.

The giant hand (seriously, are his hands that bloody big or are these women just tiny? he has limbs on steroids…) carefully draw the lucky lady closer to him, steadying her head.

Of course, I only have onscreen Richard characters to go by, but from where I’m sitting he looks like a pro neck nuzzler!

It’s not all a Barrel of Laughs for Thorin

I dare not write and schedule a post for the next few days in fear that tomorrow’s fan event will be loaded with delicious goodies and will spark new posts that conflict with what I’ve already had planned.

In the meantime, as we count down the hours, pray for extra strength internet connection and smooth streaming, I turned my attention back to The Hobbit AUJ.

Yesterday I cracked an obtained a copy of the movie (in that Arrrr Captain! way, if you catch my drift), all 2,5 GB of it and watched it for the first time since January.

Although the extended version is out on November 11th, I just couldn’t help myself and needed something to tide me over.

Richard Armitage swimming

I was also thinking how ironic it is for an actor who is afraid of water to always have to be drenched/dipped/drowned while playing a part.

He’s definitely been thrown in at the deep end more than once, but he’s been good about diving right into a part and has made waves with all of the parts he’s committed to.

I was thinking of making things a tad better for poor Thorin who no doubt did not find a particular scene a barren of laughs, so a few ideas were floating through my mind and this is what I came up with:

Thorin dwarf barrel swimming

Just look at our water baby, all snug, comfy and protected in full Thorin get up!

Better, right?

The Picture of Richard Armitage or The Secret of RA Youth

Today marks the start of RA Halloween Week (OK, technically it’s Halloween 4 days, but that doesn’t have the same ring to it…).

I’ll be serving up the usual mayhem and madness, but I’ll also be trying out some new things like a ficlet or two, so I hope you’ll have yourself a spooky week 4 days.

It’s also the only time when the following image makes any sense:

Richard Armitage Halloween See you soon

Richard just looks better with age, there’s no denying it, but what’s the man’s secret?

Maybe a portrait hidden somewhere in his (alleged) NY abode?

One that shows all of his deepest darkest secrets that he wants to keep away from the prying eyes of his fans (sleepless nights partying, one too many shots of Russian vodka, a love of chocolate ice-cream…).

Thornton portrait 2

So now you know, but don’t mention it to Richard, he’s very touchy on the subject 😉

What other beauty tips does RA use to keep us fangirls salivating yearning?

Richard’s a Big Boy and he dresses himself :)

I’ve already revealed my desire to dress and undress Richard, but I guess I’m only too happy to watch him do it all by himself 😉

I wonder if, like me, he first get’s dressed and then washes his teeth, leaving toothpaste drool on his clothes.

Richard Armitage I dress myselfsmall

What’s his “around the house” outfit?

Is there a stretched out/shrunk T-shirt that should have been binned a decade ago and a pair of comfy tracksuit bottoms he puts on when he gets home?

Does he separate his wardrobe into “good clothes” and “normal clothes” you wear every day, or is that just a post communistic thing?

What does he wear to feel snug after a tough day?

Slippers or barefoot?

Iron everything or nothing at all?

Maybe hang stuff in the bathroom so the steam gets the biggest creases out?

Dress so he’s never too hot or never too cold?

Does he pair socks the moment they come off the washing line, or is every morning a dash to find two identical ones?

So many questions that I’d like to know the answers to for no other reason than to quench my nosey fangirl thirst!

Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in…

I’ve decided to cut down on the ‘nuts’ regarding The Hobbit and focus on other things till mid December.

You might say I’ve put myself in a Thorin time out as it’s getting crazier by the day.

I started feeling a bit annoyed with all the merchandise on offer and the expectation that I’d want to spend any money before I know if the movie is any good.

Yes, I know the film will be amazing, but I’d like to be given a chance to make my own mind.

I really just want to see the film as oppose to reading about it and being teased with it.

Just when I thought I’d be keeping my cool, I came across the images from EMPIRE Magazine Cover.

They really aren’t making things easy on me 🙂

The images are mesmerizing and makes me think that Sir PJ is using some witchcraft to get us all hooked.

Stunning gifs!

By the way, I’ve come across my first Polish poster and it was extremely underwhelming and here’s why.

Firstly, the only image I’ve seen is of Gandalf.

It’s not that I don’t like the quirky wizard, but he’s no Thorin.

Secondly, check out what it says at the bottom of the poster.

It translates as:

In cinemas from 28th of December 2012.

How very dare they!!!

Richard, International Man of Mystery

Richard has had quite a year.

From Britain he flew to New Zealand for the shooting of The Hobbit.

After that he travelled all the way to San Diego for Comic-Con, only to fly off to Michigan to fiddle about with tornadoes.

Just when I though New York couldn’t possibly get any more awesome, we find out Mr Armitage graced the Big Apple with his hotness.

It’s only fair that our fandom (whether you call it the RArmy, Armitage Army, Community of Armitage Admirers…) reflects the jet-set lifestyle our favorite actor leads.

OK, so we don’t actually travel first-class from film set to film set, from photo shoot to première, however we do inhabit most of the globe.

One might say Richard Armitage fangurling is spreading like a virus 😉

Worst still, there is no known cure!

Some of you not be aware that wordpress has a snazzy function that shows where the readers who visit the blog come from.

Before you freak out, I don’t know who you are, where you live, what your favorite colour is etc.

It doesn’t tell me your phone number or bank account details.

It lists the countries inhabited by visitors to the blog, in order from the most popular.

My blog isn’t the best example of where RA admirers come from, as I get quite a lot of clicks on non-Richard Armitage related posts.

Still, it’s exciting to see:

I particularly like the bottom of the list:

No matter where you are from dear reader, you are very welcome here!

We truly are an International group of online friends!

By the way, it was the reader from China that made my day!

Celebrate Richard’s Birthday with a slice of Armitage Cake!

Happy Armitage Day!

Happy Birthday Richard!

I hope you don’t sleep though this one.

Have a nice glass of bubbly to celebrate the amazing year you’ve had!

What’s a Birthday celebration without cake?

I don’t know if I ever shared what cake I had for my birthday last November.

It was designed by my sister Magzy, and boy, does she know her audience!

It comprised of 16 individual TV sets playing my favorite shows.

These included Poirot, Miss Marple, Sherlock, Deadliest Catch, and my guilty pleasures (don’t judge me!) Toddlers and Tiaras, Jersey Shore, UK X-Factor, just to name a few.

My sister has a crush on Gordon Ramsey ( don’t ask…), so this is what she dug into:

My BF Max has a crush on Vampire Eric, so he chose this:

I wonder if you spotted the piece that I ate?

Let me tell you before you ask!

Lucas was finger lickin’ good!

Creamy, chocolaty, and simple melted in my mouth!

The nature of our friendship is such that we can almost only share things virtually, so please tuck into this yummy Spooks cake!

BTW, I do wonder what my sis will come up with next year.

I’m hoping for a Lucas bum cake, if I’m honest!

That’s something I’d gladly stick my teeth into on my Birthday 🙂

Talking about cakes, you HAVE TO visit one of my favorite sites.

Do yourself a favour and stop by!

Cake Wrecks is so funny, I spent 5 hours the first time I visited and I had tears streaming from my eyes, I was laughing so hard.

They present the most catastrophic cakes professional bakers can produce!

I really struggled to find the perfect wreck, as there are so many to choose from!

Here’s the inspiration for the cake, which the customer requested:

What she got is this:

Then there are the head scratchers:

Have a Yummy Armitage Day!

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