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Happy Sunday Joffrey Slap Day!

Happy Sunday!

To brighten up your day, I’ve decided to post something that sure made my day.

I can watch these clips over and over.

Game of Thrones bratty ‘king’ Joffrey Baratheon is a spoilt pr*ck and sadist!

This clip shows Tyrion Lannister serving up some tough love, dwarf style

This was the first part of a longer post, which I wrote and rewrote twice, but ended up being gobbled up by the wordpress monster.

I just don’t have the energy to write the same thing a third time ;(

That sucks… but also teaches you to save what you have conjured up more often.

Hey, maybe I should slap WordPress?

Only kidding!


Not so Doomed, Ned Starks returns to Game of Thrones, season 2

In my post yesterday I mourned the fate of Fine British Actors .

The characters they play seem to be falling off the perch at an  alarming!

A Hollywood conspiracy perhaps?

It turns out, however, that where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Sean Bean was determined to return to Game of Thrones season 2 and resurrect his character, Ned Stark.

This bodes well for Richard Armitage!

Perhaps we shall see the return of Porter, North or Gizzy?

Anyway, back to Bean, you have to admire his perseverance!

Dead as a Dodo or The Doomed Fate of Fine British Actors

Those fine British Actors!

Once they break through, they rule in Hollywood.

They represent a level of acting that is unheard of that side of the pond (no offense).

Today I’d like to focus on two.

Richard Armitage and Sean Bean.

Both are fine actors, with tons of experience, talent and sexiness that just won’t quit.


Why, Oh why do they continuously keep dying on-screen?

ps. That Dawn French is one lucky lady!

Maybe I should get into comedy?

Back to the morbid topic at hand…

Is it some conspiracy, a strange ploy to break fangirls hearts all around the world?

That is harsh!

I hope Bean doesn’t take it personally.

He definitely didn’t fall of the perch in Lady Chatterley’s Lover wink wink 😉

Here is Sean Bean’s Death Reel (have your tissues at the ready…)


I am fearful that Richard Armitage will go down the Sean Bean route.

Here is my evidence, just to name a few characters that kicked the bucket:

Maybe we should start a campaign.

I think we should demand that, instead of being killed on screen, RA characters should be very much alive until the very last moment of each project.

What is more, I think he should play a role where he actually creates new life…

OK, maybe I’ve gone too far.

I just had a Paul in socks flashback and, let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty 😉

Game of Thrones Funnies

It’s Tuesday meaning I’ve just watched the new Game of Thrones episode.

I have a dumb smile attached to my face and I’m basking in the GoT glory.

It’s time for some funny, bizarre or just plain weird, all from Game of Thrones Funnies:

Mirri Maz Duur’s True Identity


A Game of Thrones request: Stop hitting Jon Snow in the face…

There’s plenty happening in the world of Game of Thrones, although I didn’t feel episode 3 of series 2 packed a punch like the previous two episodes.

Then again, I’m a big fan of DVD marathoning shows I like, so waiting a WHOLE week for new episodes is just tedious.

You know how kids get whiny and start rubbing their eyes when they’re bored?

That’s me waiting for each GoT Monday!

I’m not going to go into detail regarding the episode. I think many other people out there can analysis the subtle nuances of the story. I’ll leave it to the, shall I?

However, I do have a small request:

Can people please stop punching the bastard Jon Snow in the face!

The face in question is quite stunning and I bet Kit Harington’s career is based, in part, on the lovely mug.

The more often you punch the face, the bigger chance there is that you will damage the hair.

And that would not make me happy!

BTW, I came across this picture, showing the similarities between Little House on the Prairie bad girl and Game of Thrones spoilt brat.

Separated at (devil spawn) birth 😉

The Stark Family dolls- Game of Thrones

I think my Game of Thrones obsession is reaching new heights. Can I please get a Jon Snow + Ghost doll?

These are stunning 😉

Game of Thrones Drinking Game

I am waiting for Sunday and the premier of episode 3 of series 2 of Game of Thrones.

When Sunday finally rolls round (what’s taking so long?) I suggest a drinking game 😉

Based on the criteria, I guarantee you will be passed out on the floor 20 minutes into the show.

Sansa needs to grow a backbone, she’s ALWAYS acting like a wet rag.

Joffrey ALWAYS acts like an idiot

Tyrion is ALWAYS making snarky comments, granted, they are very witty.

And Jon Snow, bless, is ALWAYS guilty about something.

Oh, and he’s hot enough to single-handedly stop winter from coming…

Images: FanPop


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