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The Afterthought of FanstRA 3!

I can’t believe the 7 days of FanstRA 3 are over.

I will be going back to the posts in all the 5 chains as well as the anchor posts.

 I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss any, but it will be nice to read them calmly!

I was also thinking about writing about my most favorite posts.

Just for the record, the all were amazing, in their own way!

 I’d like to write about those that were a little different and a little nuts.

As you might have already gathered, I like weird 😉

I will also be announcing a competition connected to Paper Richard!

If you don’t know what I mean click HERE.

Now for the Thank YOU part of my posts:

Thank You to the organisers!

I really don’t know how you managed to pull it all off and organised this rowdy bunch!

 Thank You for spreading the word out about posts on Twitter and FB!

Thank You to my fellow bloggers!

Thanks for bringing your a-game and entertaining us! I’ve learned plenty and have come across so many wonderful blogs.

Thank You to blog readers!

To those who clicked on my posts (I don’t like the word lurkers and especially to those  who took the time to comment!

It’s your participation that makes this event what it is. And it is amazing 😉

Thank You to Magzy!

My sister has been providing her computer mad skills  to bring my weird ideas to life.

Without you they’d still be stuck in my head, without a chance of ever seeing the light!


Day 6 of FanstRA 3!

It’s already Day 6 of FanstRA 3!

I’ve enjoyed reading all the posts, have had quite a few giggles, learned a thing or two and have visited so many blogs!

I am definitely getting my Armitage fix 😉

I was chatting with my sister yesterday (not an RA fan, I’m afraid) and we were talking about the afterlife.

She said: I’m not worried you’ll haunt me when you die.

You’ll be too busy haunting Richard Armitage!

That cracked me up!

Anyway, I’m not part of the FanstRA tagteam chain today, but please check out  our 10 lovely anchor bloggers!

Links to all FanstRA 3 posts appear here at the end of each day.

Tomorrow I will be posting my last FanstRA 3 post.

I’m super excited about this one, as it was my Everest- time-consuming and demanding plenty of effort!

It’s a biggun!

To tease you a bit, let’s just say:

I will be stripping Richard bare!

Yup, you read that right!

Not Porter, Lucas or Thornton!

Not Harry, Thorin or Muligan!

No hiding behind characters!

When I say Richard, I mean Richard!

And the best part?

I’ll let YOU strip him too!

So I’ll leave you with threatening Porter, who will attempt to bully you into dropping by tomorrow…

All images: Sky1

Heinz Kruger in his Skivvies

Happy FanstRA 3!

We’re in Day Five of the FanstRAvaganza 3 in The Freeform tagteam chain!

If you missed Day Four, check out the posts at Gratiana Lovelace, Me, My Thoughts and Richard Armitage and Do I have a blog? .

Also in Day Two, see my partner’s post at thearmitageeffect and JT’s blog.

I was shocked to learn that Heinz Kruger from Captain America was among the least liked Richard Armitage characters!

Sure, there are the Nazi sympathies, bomb detonation, using children as shields in a crossfire etc. aspects to him, however we have forgiven various RA characters for worse crime (although, I admit, not by much).

I refuse to believe Heinz didn’t ignite our passion (get it? bomb? ignite? Oh, nevermind…).

I personally feel he has an undie-served reputation!

We have never really had the chance to see Heinz in a friendlier environment.

Perhaps with Kruger it’s the case of, as Harry Jasper Kennedy would say:

” stark, crisp exterior with the promise of softness beneath…”

That is why I invite you to take a peek beneath the rough exterior of the 40s suit, with its puffy bold shoulders and rough wool.

Let’s have a look at the softer, more domestic side to him.

I’ll try to be brief!

You may think that Heinz is so uptight because he had his skivvies in a gripping twist.

No such thing!

The ads of the WWII era stated:

 “Uncle Sam needs rubber so Jockey waistbands are no longer all-elastic.”

This would mean that during his stay in Brooklyn, New York, plotting and conniving, Heinz would be unable to purchase a nice, tight, stretchy pair of undies.

Those that he would buy would have a woven waistband and two side buttons.

Maybe Heinz was so evil because he just didn’t get the support he needed.

There is something sexy about suspenders, although perhaps not so much on men.

They guarantee a man’s socks stay up in all conditions.

Even while driving through a busy Brooklyn neighborhood circa 1942, shooting at innocent by-standers and being chased by Captain America, there would be no sign of a pasty calf.

He may have unsuccessfully tried to escape in a weird submarine thingy and bitten through a cyanide pill, inevitably resulting in death, but I bet his socks did not roll down.

I guarantee they stayed up

Now, that’s what I call fashion elegance!

So next time you are quick to judge poor misunderstood Heinz, remember!

He too had a home, a private life and he too changed his undies daily!

For more of The Freeform chain in FanstRA 3, see my partner’s post at thearmitageeffect and JT’s blog

Yesterday’s posts are at Gratiana Lovelace, Me, My Thoughts and Richard Armitage and Do I have a blog? .

Tomorrow, The Freeform tagteam continues at White Rose: Sincere and Simple Thoughts, Something About Love (A) and C.S. Winchester.

All F3 links can be found here

Day 4 of FanstRAvaganza!

I’m having a wonderful time visiting all the exciting blogs.

I must however admit FanstRA 3  has thrown my sleep pattern off balance. Because the posts appear at 00:01 GMT, this means that I have to set my alarm clock, wake up in the middle of the night, read, post comments and nod off again.

But it really is worth it!

I’m posting today only to guide any lost souls that may have lost their way.

Remember that if you aren’t sure where to go in the FanstRA 3 chains, visit our 10 lovely anchor bloggers!

Go through all the 5 tagteam posts of the day and make sure you visit and give plenty of support to all the bloggers.

Links to all FanstRA 3 posts appear here at the end of each day.

Thank you to all those wonderful folks who have clicked and commented on my previous FanstRA post

I really appreciate it! No, Really!

My next FanstRA 3 post will be here for you tomorrow.

Yup eager beavers, at 00:01 GMT.

To give you a little clue as to what to expect tomorrow, let me just say this:

I will be uncovering one of the least liked RA characters and it’s going to get intimate 😉

I hate to leave you hanging till then, so… something spicy to heat up your day!

Image: RANet

It’s a Dog Eat Dog World, Richard Armitage

Happy FanstRA 3!

We’re in Day Three of the FanstRAvaganza 3 in The Freeform tagteam chain! If you missed Day Two, check out the posts at Melanie’s Musings, An Obsessed Fanatic and  Do I Have a Blog?

Also in Day Two, see my partner’s post at A is for Armitage  and Funky Blue Dandelion

It really is a Dog Eat Dog World, or as Britney Spears would say to her dogs: It’s Richard Armitage, b*tch!

As a dog lover, I can’t help but notice how much humans tend to resemble their dogs.

So with hardly a moments paws…

Take Guy of Gisborne, from Robin Hood

The fierce rottweiler-like henchman of the Sheriff is loyal but deadly. Whether he was really a good man, that’s a matter to chew over…

Because of that evil Vasey, poor Gizzy felt like he was going round in circles, chasing his own tail.

Then again, every time an evil plan was hatched, Guy was all ears.

He followed at the Sheriff’s heel and that always ended badly.

Yes, Gizzy has done plenty of bad things, but afterward at least he didn’t try to flea.

Perhaps Guy is like a mixed breed dog, half Lab, half pit bull.

 Sure, he might bite off your leg, but he’ll bring it right back to you.

Then we have the spy extraordinaire, the international man of mystery and mischief, Lucas North from Spooks.

He is one mean, lean, London saving machine!

I bet he makes you hot under the collar…

With his strong frame and long muscular legs, he reminds me of a pedigree Doberman.

Of course in season 9 it all went to the dogs.

I guess RA fans have quite a bone to pick with the writers of Spooks.

But, as I said to my friend Russel: It don’t mean jack! We still love Lucas!

Then again, from a certain angle…ermm… he resembles a different breed altogether…

Then there’s poor John Standring of Sparkhouse, bless him!

As this was the first high-profile role for RA, it probably gave him a new leash on life…

As a farmer, he’s good at handling farm animals, much like a sheep herding dog.

Anyway, with Carol’s mood swings, poor John often ended up in the doghouse.

Now that was ruff…

John tried to reason with her, but he just wasn’t herd.

I often wish John would stand on his own four legs!

What does Carol expect? That he’ll wag his tail every time he sees her?

But for poor John life is like a dogsled team. If you aren’t the lead dog, the scenery never changes.

Next up is the unappreciated Claude Monet, dogged by all the art critics.

 That really ticked him off!

No wonder he was so melon collie in The Impressionists!

Poor Richard had questionable facial hair and dodgy wig in this one, much like a chinese nude dog.

Nevermind, I still find him quite fetching…

Then there’s John Thornton from North & South.

He sure marked new territories in the textile manufacturing world of Milton.

I mean, his position in the North is nothing to bark at, he was a mastiff success…

Must have been thanks to the Lassie faire economy.

Maybe instead of a cotton factory, he should have had a chocolate lab.

By the time the strike had finished, it had all gone to the dogs.

Luckily, Margaret could retrieve it all.

Dear Thorin, The Hobbit hasn’t yet hit the screens, but I have a feeling you will be this woman’s best friend!

You have kept Richard away for a long time, but I’m not sniffing at that.

There’s no point in b*tching about you being away filming for the past year.

We love you anyway and where you lead, we follow!

Let’s not beat around the bush, the movie’s going to be a great dane.

And if Richard Armitage was a dog, I’d treat him just like my two Yorkshire Terrier puppies, Emma and Mela.

I ‘d love it when he slept in my bed, even if he took up most of it.

 I’d let him lay on my lap for hours and stroke him.

 I’d let him lick my face to show how much he loves me.

I’d forgive for any naughtiness the moment I laid eyes on that beautiful (not pug) face.

I’d bundle him up warm when it’s cold and hate to force him to pee outside when it’s frosty…

And for all the awful K-9 puns, I beg your Paw-don…

Feel free to raise your leg in salute to how doggone ridiculous they are 😉

For more of The Freeform chain in FanstRA 3, see my partner’s post at A is for Armitage  and Funky Blue Dandelion

Yesterday’s posts are at Melanie’s Musings, An Obsessed Fanatic and Do I Have a Blog?

Tomorrow, The Freeform chain tagteam continues at Something About Love (A),Me, My Thoughts and Richard Armitage and Do I Have a Blog?

All F3 links can be found HERE

FanstRA 3 Day Two!

Oh, It’s FanstRA , it’s Day Two!

Where to go, what to do?

Hello, I hope you’re enjoying the festivities.

 I already have a few favorite posts, which I will be sharing with you next week, when the FanstRA dust settles (surely it will take longer than a week for the RA crazy to stop though?) 

I’m not posting anything today, apart from a quick message that redirects you, so you’re on the right track.

Remember that you can never get lost in the FanstRA 3 chain thanks to our 10 lovely anchor bloggers!

Visit any of them and you will soon be on the right track.

One thing’s for sure! I’ll be there, reading and commenting 😉

Make sure you check out ALL of the FanstRA 3 tagteam chains.

All 5 of them!

Links to all FanstRA 3 posts appear here at the end of each day

My FanstRA 3 post will be here for you tomorrow.

Or for those eager beavers, at 00:01 GMT.

What to expect?

Well, let’s just say I plan to make you a little hot under the collar…

So, while I’m tied up, making my way around the chains of posts, I leave you with a subdued Gizzy…

Image: AllthingsRArmitage

FanstRAvaganza 3 is coming, time to start chilling the wine!

<p>TGIF. Lucas knows what I’m talking about.<br />
A couple more hours and hopefully I’ll be downing some vodka myself. Have a good weekend, y’all.<br />

I am keeping to the booze theme.

I think it’s connected to the looming deadline of FanstRAvaganza 3.

This is really not the time to crack open a bottle.

Me thinks come Monday (00:01 GMT), when it’s time to dive into all the wonderful posts created for the events, I’ll celebrate and end up falling off the chair laughing, have slurred speech and blurred vision.

On the upside, I will think the posts are extra amusing 🙂

On the downside, just think of the comments I may end up leaving…


Na zdrowie!

Na zdraví!

Saude, Viva!


Eis Igian!


Budem zdorovy!

From Between the Sheets.

‘Ugh, so difficult to drink things with this damn cravat on. Must take dainty sips.’

‘Just smile and drink boys, smile and drink.’

Richard Armitage drinks as Philip Durrant in Marple: Ordeal by Innocence.

That is all. :3

All images from Richard Armitage Drinks Things, it’s wickedly funny and the admin has a strange thing for RA and bananas 🙂

In preparation for FanstRA 3

Image: bccmee

I hope you remember FanstRAvaganza 3 is right around the corner!

For those who have been living on the moon, you can learn more HERE.

I’m doing a bit of this in preparation myself. I think my fellow bloggers will agree that preparing posts for the event is quite daunting but really exciting. We definitely want to put our best foot forward and make sure we celebrate FanstRA 3 the best way possible.

After all that’s what it’s all about: US (bloggers and readers alike) having FUN!

I really can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with 🙂

I’m sure my fellow bloggers are feeling a bit like this…






 All images: RACentral

FanstRAvaganza 3 Tagteamers

Image: bccmee

The list for the FanstRAvaganza 3 tagteamers is here:

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 An Obsessed Fanatic

 Avalon’s Realm

 C.S. Winchester

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Melanie’s Musings

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Musings & Other Enigmas

 Phylly’s Faves

 Searching for MY Mr. Darcy

 Something About Love (A)


 y que iba yo a contar

 White Rose: Sincere and Simple Thoughts

Here is the list of anchor bloggers:

Me+Richard Armitage

An RA Viewer’s Perspective from 33° 0′ South of the Equator

bccmee’s Richard Armitage Fan Vids & Graphics

CDoart: Richard Armitage & History & Spooks

Confessions of a Watcher

Distracting Musings of One ReAlity

Jonia’s Cut


Richard Armitage Fan Blog

The Squeee

March 12-18, 2012

If you don’t participate you will make someone sad…

Image: RichardArmitageNet

and then…

and will perhaps end badly…

All images above: me+richard

So make sure you contribute, either as a blogger or a reader and let’s celebrate good times, come on!

FanstRAvaganza 3!

Richard Armitage


The dates of the event will be March 12-18, 2012

Please click on image for more info
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