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Happy FanstRA 3 The Day has Come!

In the beginning, Richard Armitage made scores of fans — and he keeps on making them!

♦To kick off The Fandom chain:

Didion converts friends to Armitage love

Phylly3 reports on her fandom experiences

♦In The Hobbit chain Ana Cris writes on her recent film location visit

Mrs. E.B. Darcy speculates about what our hero will do in An Unexpected Journey (spoilers!)

King Richard Armitage chain begins with  Maria Grazia on a film adaptation of Richard III

♦Beginning The Fanfic chain, fedoralady explains fanfic’s mainstream appeal

♦ In The Freeform chain, Fabo files an eyewitness report on Richard Armitage’s visit to U.S. accent school

jazzbaby1 wonders “what were they thinking?” re: Lucas North’s women

ChrisB opens the Armitage Alphabet, with “A is for Action”

Links to all FanstRA 3 posts appear here at the end of each day

Remember that at any time, if you get lost, you can go back to the anchor bloggers who will guide you on your way.

FanstRA 3 Update aka I Just Can’t Freakin’ Wait!

I’m working hard on FanstRA 3 stuff, so I don’t have much time to blog… or prepare for college… or do work related stuff…

One of my posts is incredibly time-consuming and I seem to be spending all my afternoons and evenings on it. I hold on to hope that it will be worth it!

My sister, who has been working her voodoo computer magic helping me pull this off, said:

 You’re all w*nkers!

Yes, yes we are! And I wouldn’t want it any other way 😉

By and by, I worry that my RA obsession is starting to influence her.

We were at the movies a few days ago and passed a Woman in Black poster. I remarked that I would like to see it.

She replied: Why, is the dude in it? He seems to be in everything these days…

I thought: Here’s to hoping!

But I see her point. In the past few months we’ve gone through Spooks 7-9, Robin Hood 1-3 and The Impressionists. Nothing non RA has passed through the DVD player.

And now I am asking her to spend her evenings turning my (twisted) RA visions into reality.

Thanks Magzy!

Now THAT’S what I call sisterly love!

 Now, enough chit-chat, it’s time to get back to work 😉

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