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Wouldn’t you know it, it’s my 1st Blogiversary!

I was going to act cool on my 1st Blogiversary, casually mentioning it, thanking my readers, then moving on to bigger better things, but then  I decided HELL NO!

It’s my (blogging) party and I’ll celebrate if I want to!

Bear with me please as I put on a dodgy paper hat and blow up a few balloons!

I figured horns are made for hooting and good times are meant for celebrating ūüôā

1st blogiversary

Well holy cow, how did I get here?

No, seriously, how the heck did this happen?

This blog started exactly a year ago with absolutely no clear direction.

It was supposed to be a place where I’d keep all the info I found interesting without clogging up my computer, as well as a quick writing practise before tackling my MA thesis.

In the first months I had told¬†zero people about its existence, as there really wasn’t anything to say on the matter or to boast about.

I really didn’t know if it would be something I’d continue or most probably abandon after the first few weeks.

You must understand that exactly a year ago I was a lurking Armitage Admirer who had only left one comment throughout my entire 6 month craze, but more about that later on.

What I’m driving at is that starting out no one¬†within the fandom had any idea who I was (some undoubtedly miss those good ol’¬†days…) nor did I seek the support of my RL friends to help push this thing forward, so in the first month of blogging I received a little over 20 clicks and I’ll be honest, I don’t know how I managed to get so many ūüôā

Things have certainly changed, and with the amount of visitors dropping by I really do regret writing better, more interesting posts ūüôā

¬†I’d like to thank each and every¬†one of you for visiting, commenting, supporting and being an integral part of this experience.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again¬†that without your presence here I’d just be a sad old (mad) cow posting for no one.

Hey, it worked in January but I think it would have lost its appeal by April…

Your friendship means almost as much to me as Lucas North’s bottom in tight denim jeans, and that really is saying a lot!

RichardArmitage Collage2

I’d also like to give special thanks to Servetus at Me+Richard, as she happens to be connected to many of my firsts!

She was the first blog I had visited after watching North and South, when certain Mr Thornton took possession of my heart and soul.

She’s the first blog I ever commented on some time in the autumn of 2011, under a different alias, and sweating buckets worried¬†that I’d look foolish because of what I had written (being rejected by the RArmy was a big fear of mine back then, as everyone seemed so friendly with each other, and I doubted such a tight-knit group would accept me, let alone welcome me with open arms. You live, you learn!).

Servetus had written one of the first comments on this blog and I swear, I had been such a lurker/admirer over at Me+R it felt like a celebrity sighting ūüôā

Anyway, how better to say a heartfelt Thank You! than a Richard Armitage thumb cupcake ( and yes I also think it may well be one of the most disturbing things I’ve seen in a while…).

Richard Armitage Thumb Cupcake Servetus Thank You!

Apart from search engines Servetus’ blog refers the most¬†traffic to this site, followed by RAFrenzy!

Thank You for the support of other bloggers!

I adore¬†being perched¬†on your blogrolls, and I’m there in good company, so¬†I’m grateful to you¬†for sticking me there.

I’ll be updating my blogroll to include all of my blogging friends and fellow admirers, so please take a second to click on a few.

We all know how long it takes to write a single post, not to mention updating, checking comments, and in general keeping that machine running, so I can only applaud you for constantly providing new posts for Armitage Admirers worldwide!

Guy of Gisborne collage

Here’s my year in numbers:

I’ve written close to 450 posts in the past 12 months.

There are the good ones, the bad and the right darn ugly ones¬†(sorry about those…).

A few months in I thought it would be the bees knees to get 100 000 clicks in the first year, but it seemed like a bit of a pipe dream.

Wouldn’t you know it, I’m just¬†a couple of clicks shy of¬†doubling that number and will be¬†hitting 200 000 in the next few days, so THANK YOU!

Online traffic is a funny little thing as it often depends on where you’re placed in search engines.

That means that posts that aren’t really all that¬†special seem to attract a huge amount of readers, while other are¬† popular for a few days after being published, and then go into (semi-)¬†retirement.

Lucas Borth Collage

The posts that have attracted the most views are:

1. On Richard Armitage and Lee Pace

2. Marilyn Monroe and Plastic Surgery

3. DIY Pin-Up

See what I mean?

Anyway, I think the statistics will change in the next few weeks judging by the interest in Richard Armitage and all things The Hobbit.

Fanstra# collage

My favorite posts are:

Fanstravaganza3 was a blast and I absolutely loved taking part in it!

I also really enjoyed putting together all three of my Fanstra3 posts.

I loved punning it out doggy style, seeing Heinz Kruger in his tighty whities, and stripping Richard down just to dress him up again.

I really (REALLY!!!) hope Fanstra4¬†will happen, because there’s no better way to celebrate the wonder that is¬†Armitage Admiration¬†ūüôā

I also enjoyed blogging in July¬†and August (December being my most flaky month…)¬†as I was¬†on holiday and could spend hours fiddling with images, gifs¬†and posts to my heart’s content.

Gisborne's Boy cake kopia

I especially liked the run-up to Armitage Day and  Operation Armitage.

I really do hope that we manage to have a Richard Armitage-rekated competition every year!

I’d like to take this opportunity to give a¬†special Thank You! to my partner in crime Seba from¬†Gisborne‚Äôs Boy¬† for sharing his amazing talent and¬†helping me with the competition.

I hope¬†we collaborate on many other projects in the future (and if you’re reading this Bug, I’m waiting on your email!).

PinUp Collage

The thing is, in the past year of blogging I’ve made many friends, and lost a few (some I’ve mourned, to others I can only say: Good riddance…)

I’ve expanded my horizons, but also tested my patience and understanding.

I’ve bitten my tongue and stepped away from a fight more time than I¬†have in RL,¬†and I think¬†I’ve also been more generous with expressing my delight, enthusiasm, friendship.

I honestly think I’m a better version of my RL self, so if you don’t like me here, believe me, it doesn’t get any better out there ūüėČ

I’ve gone beyond anything I would have though myself capable of, but I’ve also made a few mistakes, some I’ve learned from, others probably not.

I should really finish by thanking Richard for getting this whole project started, but what I’m really grateful for is that by being such a stand up sort of gentleman he seems to attract the absolute best type of admirer any fandom could wish for.

Are there crazy fans in the Armitage Army?


But I’d like to believe that we’re crazy in our own special, unique way ūüôā

AgzyM 2012 collage

While I’m on the topic of AgzyM¬†(move over Thorin, I’m all about Me Me¬†Me! today), I’ve decided to retire the Dita¬†photo I’ve been using as a visual representation of my online alter ego.

I’ve had such fun with that particular image, but¬†I¬†needed something new, so here it is:

AgzyM IWantToBeApinUp 2013

You know it’s only a matter of time before I stick a beard on this gravatar!

And here is the full body superhero version, because it seems like it’s going to be one of those years when you really need a cape:

AgzyM 2013 Boom

Thank You!

What does a Hot Dwarf have in his pocket? And it’s not what you think…

Thank You for all your positive thoughts!
My Dad is better, we have a diagnosis and he has his sense of humour back (won’t go into detail¬† about when the hospital priest came visiting), which means he’s on the mend ūüôā
I’ve had a funny sort of day today ferrying people to and from the hospital, running errands, as well as attempting the difficult task of changing my family’s habits¬†by actually making breakfast and dinner and eating it together (a novel concept, sad to say).

I’m actually teaching my Mum to make a healthy dinner in 15 minutes and I can only hope (and dream) that she will actually continue this new food habit once my dad is back home.

At least for a month.

A week maybe? I hope.

This weird day also meant plenty of free time to surf on a computer that wouldn’t allow me to add pictures to my post.
I came across some videos that lifted my mood and me laugh out loud, both courtesy of Empire Magazine.
Firstly, do you know what how dwarves carry in their pocket?

If you’re anything like me,¬†let me tell you the answer isn’t what you think, so get your dirty fangurling¬†mind out of the gutter!
Here’s the answer:

Aidan Turner and a lighter?
I smell a smoker!

No, really, I’d love to smell that smoker (I’m crushing¬†on Aidan Turner hard, can you tell or am I hiding it well?).
In oppose to Andy Serkis¬†Richard Armitage¬†doesn’t reveal¬†his¬†Claridge’s¬†room number, much to the disappointment of¬†women wanting to access¬†their inner Ros Myers¬†and doing a little breaking and entry.

May I also suggest that in future we don’t take Richard and Aidan’s word for it!

I volunteer to carefully examine¬†the pockets for content, just to be thorough…

While we’re on the topic of ridiculously hot dwarves that heat up my Lonely Mountain (I really don’t know what that means but it’s been a weird kind of day, so I’ll take it where I can…), can you name all of them?

Let me try:

Thorin, Kili, Fili…eeerrr….Ori…Grumpy…eerrr…the fat ginger one…eeerrr…. Gollum….

OK, I give up and leave it to the pros:

These videos are adorable and it’s always the simple questions that yield the best answers!

So what do you have in your pocket RIGHT NOW?

Dare I hope someone has a Thorin or Kili action figure in their pockets ūüôā

How much is too much Hobbiting?

I came across this image by Aimo of the Durin boys Thorin Kili, Fili, rocking it hard with the support of Bombur  here.

It’s about time The Misty Mountain got a rockin’ treatment!

Those dirty dwarves sure know how to get down and dirty ūüôā

by *aimo

My family is in a bit of a crisis mode today while¬†we’re waiting on some news regarding my Dad’s health, so just¬†a quick post to keep my mind off worrying and¬†a question to satisfy my curiosity.

After expressing my apprehension about the 48fps and 3D viewing experience, I was surprised to read in comments(or maybe not so surprised come to think of it…) that many of you have seen The Hobbit multiple times.

I bet a nice percentage of the billions the movie has made in the box office is due to the Armitage fans chasing¬†the Thorin high ūüôā

I’m still planning on seeing the movie at least once in the cinema and then throwing¬†the DVD¬†on my present wish list.

Is there a number of times of times you are able to see a movie without feeling you’ve crossed the line?

Would you ever go to a different¬†cinema just so the staff don’t recognise you and brand you a multiple-viewing weirdo?

The reason I ask is NOT because my sister Magzy¬†went a bit crazy with the Twilight saga… *cough*…uhmm…

Nope, that never happened…nope…

Less said sooner mended…

Time to spill the beans and tell me:

I want to eat an Armitage praline a day and make the box last…


Never have I wanted to hail¬† a cab so darn much…
Taxi…Taaaaxxxiii…. Follow that cab…

I swear I wasn’t planning to do a disappearing act for so long.

It’s gotten to a point where my sister (who doesn’t really visit here that often) has been chewing me out for not posting for such a long time.

What’s strange, and quite frankly¬†a little disturbing, is that my stats have really been going¬†through the roof in the past couple of weeks, despite me¬†not posting a thing.


Richard may be badass, but there’s nothing bad about that arse…

Here’s the deal:

I really had that “I want to be somewhere else” feeling a few hours before the New Zealand Hobbit premi√®re.

I had set my alarm clock for 3.30am but the only thing raising an alarm that night was my inner fangurl.

It just felt better to not engage and be caught up with all the craziness I’d usually lose myself in.


Richard wields his sexy magic and even the poor cab driver falls under his spell…

I can offer 2 reasons:

Firstly, I just really want to see the film.

I don’t want to read about it, hear about it, see pictures, stills, costumes and teasers.

I’m teased enough and now I’d like to experience the actual film and¬†make my mind up.

I’m trying to avoid any reviews so I can allow myself to feel whatever it is I will after anticipating The Hobbit for so long.

Enough with the teasing act,¬†I want to be sitting in the Odeon¬†cinema in London’s Leicester Square¬†with Judit¬†and Linda60, clad in unflattering 3D glasses and jumping up and down with joy (sorry girls, feel free to pretend you don’t know me…).


Taking blood has never looked this hot…

Secondly, I think I need to savour the moment.

I’ve been an Armitage ¬†fan admirer nut for some time now and I still haven’t seen all RA related goody.

I don’t need to do so, as I like the feeling of having something to look forward to.

Do you remember how excited I got when I unearthed Richard and the Chocolate Factory?

I was literally the last person within the fandom to see it, and yet it really did make my day (mental note to self:¬†I’m way too easy to please…).

I have a whole year before the next Hobbit film comes out and I want to use that time to slowly make my way through the new photos and interviews.

Instead of getting RA diabetes, I want to satisfy my  sweet tooth one day at a time.

I want to be able to pop one Richard praline in my mouth each day and make the box of bonbons last.

Does that make sense?

It makes me crave chocolate though ūüėČ


Grey is the new orgasmic…

I’m happy that I can take things slow, ad that’s¬†thanks to the hard work of¬†our friends at¬†RANet and RAC.

A huge Thank You!

Anyway, before I go I just needed to post the pictures from  Glamour magazine (UK) January 2013 issue, as it has become my new favorite photo shoot (can you guess what my previous favorite was?).

The moment I saw it, it was absolutely love at first sight and the new chic Cary Grant¬†vibe is making me fall in¬†heavy sweaty lust¬†all over again ūüôā

Oh Richard!

Ps. Is there a name for someone with an unhealthy vest / waistcoat fetish?

Because I’ve got that…bad… ūüôā





All images from RANet

Waiting for The Hobbit to premiere in your country? Do this in the meantime…

My Darling SEBA and his friends have picked up pick up the gauntlet and baked The Hobbit cookies! They look amazing and super yummy. I really regret I wasn’t there to lick the wooden spoons ūüôā
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Hobbit Week and are counting down the hours!
Great job!!!

It’s all about Thorin! Thorin! Thorin!


There was a Brady Bunch¬†series where Jan, the middle daughter, complained that ‘It’s all about¬†Marcia! Marcia!Marcia!”

I think we can easily apply this thinking to our little fandom, as it does all seem to be about Thorin! Thorin! Thorin!

I think it’s only natural that the lead-up to Richard’s biggest step in his career means we have shifted focus from other beloved characters.

I have observed that about 80% of Armitage news and posts is connected to The Hobbit.

Believe me, I know I’m guilty of focusing a majority of¬†my posts on that little sexy bushy-eyebrowed¬†devil!

I too am beyond excited about December, although I’ve vowed not to send a penny on merchandise until I actually see the movie, but it does make me feel like I’m ungrateful to the other RA characters.

Let’s not forget the months at a time when there’d be absolutely no RA news.

The drought was painful, and yet we survived and thrived because we found hidden depths in the characters available to us.

We had to dig a little deeper and flex our creative muscle to shed new light on old characters.

I miss Thornton and Porter a little and wonder when they will once again get the attention they deserve.

I have a quick question for you today:

Hey RArmy, do you have your Owl Hat on?

Happy Silly Sunday!

I very rarely have dreams connected to Richard Armitage, but during the summer I had one which was a bit on the bizarre side.

It actually involved the RArmy of friends more than the man himself.

As it turned out, I never ended up writing the post, but something I came across reminded me of it.

The dream involved The RArmy wearing these snazzy owl hats.

Do I mean snazzy?

Nope, I think I should write: silly!

The picture above is the best representation of the image I saw in my dream.

We all looked like cheesy corporation staff posing for company photos for a poster on ethics in the workplace, for which I really do apologise.

If it makes anyone feel any better, it’s not really how I see us during my waking hours ūüėČ

But back to the headgear:

I’ll let you try to think of reasons why a group¬†of intelligent Richard Armitage fans would feel the need to wear matching hats to express their belonging to a group.

It would, however,¬†seem that the Owl trend is an absolute Hoot (OK, that’s out of my system…) for autumn 2012.

That means that the more fashion-conscious Richard Armitage fan can express their allegiance to the RArmy in many different ways, besides the unflattering felt hat.

Don’t want to mess up your funky hairstyle with an owl¬†hat?

How about an owl T-Shirt

own tshirt

Too cold? How about a jumper to cover up your cold¬†hooters…

Do you like your Blink blink?

Can’t afford diamonds?

You’ll just have to wing it with this cute owl necklace…

Birds of a feather accessories together, so you should go for these gold¬†earrings too…

How about an owl handbag to keep all your RA dreams in?

No two ways about it!

I don’t give a hoot what you say, Owls are¬†flying high¬†this season!

Even the Big Boys on fashion, like Burberry Prorsum, are keeping things owliscious!

I can’t help but think my RArmy¬†owl hat was somehow prophetic¬†in egged on a whole new fashion trend!

It’s like I hatched a plan to introduce a new Richard Armitage admiration symbol to the ignorant¬†masses!

They think they’re wearing a cute owl accessories.

In reality they are affiliating themselves with Armitage admirers…

Take some of this Armitage love, Fashionistas!

Waaaa…WaaaaHHHHHaaaa… WwaaaahhhhhaaAAA… (evil laugh continues for some time…).

So Ladies, if you’d like to express your Armitage admiration, and you’re still not ready to walk around wearing a T-Shirt with an image of Guy of Gisborne that says: Swollen Leather Goods, how about a little¬†owl design¬†somewhere on your person¬†ūüôā

I promise I won’t tell anyone that far from blindly following a fashion trend, you’re actually expressing your luv for a certain sexy British hunk!

A Post in which I Play Catch-Up

Sorry I’ve been away for a few day.

My regular readers will remember that I’ve been moaning about writing the first chapter of my thesis paper all summer.

I extended my first deadline, missed the second and ignored the official one that was set for last Saturday.

On Sunday I got a semi-angry email from my professor basically asking WTF!

Nothing inspires you more than a good old shock to the system, and seeing as I was blocked with half the writing already done, I sat down on Monday to finish that annoying thing that’s been looming over me for almost 3 months.

The final deadline I set for myself was Thursday, and I’m happy to report I was able to email the chapter that evening.

What’s even better is the positive feedback I got after my professor read it.

Although I have no doubt it will come back dripping with red ink, she really liked what I had written, much to my relief.

Sitting down and¬†typing isn’t a natural activity for me.

I’ll usually¬†write a paragraph, get up, empty the dishwasher, get started on dinner, sit down and write some more, pop out to the shop, check my emails, write another paragraph…

I’m just happy the block is over.

While I was busy with my thesis, there were¬†a few things I’d been meaning to write and a few projects using PS that I had an idea for, so I hope I’ll have time at the weekend to fiddle with them.

tThere was even a post I didn’t finish and publish on Tuesday, so let me play catch-up and, with a few alterations, dump them all here.

If someone had told me a month ago that a cuddly soft version of Thorin would be available, I’d think I’d be all over it.

It really is cute, although I’m disappointed with the tamed mane and beard.

Would it have hurt them to make the hair a little longer?

Isn’t that a characteristic feature of our favorite dwarf?

They’ve got the angry eyes down to a tee though!

The mascot really is adorable and I think the design is well executed.

The truth is, as I’m on a tight budget right now, I need to pick and choose¬†which Oakenshield¬†merchandise I’d like to send my money on.

Maybe if I didn’t¬†have the financial constraints, I’d be able to buy anything that had The Hobbit/Armitage image on it.

I’d be sitting around waiting for the postman to bring my fan goodies which I could photograph and display here ūüôā

Well, I don’t think I’d be buying anything with Thorin on it.

Posters and calendars are out of the question, as my flat has a serene minimalistic theme, and I’d like to keep it that way.

I adore Thorin, but I loathe clutter more.

Another aspect of my reluctance to buy any of the Thorin items is exclusivity.

In the past only a handful of lucky fans managed to get their hands on merchandise connected to Richard Armitage.

ItsJSfor Me  is the proud owner of a number of Guy of Gisborne figures, and created my favorite band of rascals, The Lils!

What made them unique (apart from leading a jet-set lifestyle that I for one am jealous of) is that most of us wouldn’t¬†be able to buy a Plastic Gizzy, even if we tried.

Talk about getting your hands on an incredibly special item,¬†I laughed, and cry, when reading Servetus‘ thoughts after she received her WETA¬†Thorin Oakenshield figure.

Let’s not forget the Captain America Costume Card which I didn’t even knew existed, until Servetus spilled the beans that she was the proud owner of.

The truth is, I feel like it’s all or nothing.

I’m afraid that if I say yes to one item, I’ll want the others and the Hobbit merchandise really does seem endless.

A cute Thorin mascot means figure means books means mugs….

Where does it end?

Maybe I just haven’t come across Thorin merchandise that I’d like to stick on my Birthday or Christmas wish list yet.

I’m sure the good people being The Hobbit merchandise are working hard to remedy that ūüėČ

Maybe subconsciously I’m trying to pace myself as many MANY other items will become available and there’ll be more to choose from.

There’s a possibility that once the Thorin merchandise floodgates open, I’m be living in a Oakenshield hoarding paradise.

Is anyone else getting these feelings?

Are you all in the throes of fanguring heaven, dropping your hard-earned dosh? 

Should I just shut up and start spending?

Thorin Oakenshield Fashion Inspiration for The Hobbit Premi√®re

There’s another wonderful wallpaper maker available from The Hobbit.

You can download the whole image here.

Sir PJ is spoiling us!

He seems to be killing us softly with dwarf love!

I took this cropped pic of¬† brooding Thorin from Jas, as I’m too lazy to do it myself ūüėČ

I love this Thorin Oakenshield image for more reasons than just the brooding obvious sexiness.

I like the detail of the costume and it’ll serve as an inspiration for my Hobbit premi√®re look!

I still don’t know if I’ll be able to get to London on the 12th of December just in time for the red carpet event.

We had scheduled to fly out the following day, and now I’m waiting to hear news that we can re-book the plane tickets.

Even if we’re not able to do so, I’ll still be there for the movie premiere on the 14th of December and I’m mega excited about that!

I’m so grateful I can’t even begin to express it, as the whole trip is a Birthday present from those who love me most ūüôā

My love don’t¬†cost a thing, but I sure like it when people spend some dosh loving me!

All I can go now is keep my fingers cross that the fangurling gods deem to bless us with cheap KLM tickets so I can stand (for hours) beside other Tolkien fans trying to catch a glimpse of the Hobbit cast.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, if you know you will be in London that between the 12th and 16th of December and would like to meet up with fellow Richard Armitage admirers, please let me know!

I think it’d be great to meet up and perhaps catch the movie together ūüôā

I’ve been mentioning¬†ways we can celebrate The Hobbit premi√®re¬†in previous posts like growing a pair of¬†bushy dwarf brows or braiding your hair.

I’d like to incorporate some Thorin elements in my look without ending up looking like a Klingon at a Star Trek convention.

Depending on the weather I’ll either borrow my sister’s faux fur vest which I’ll wear on top of a jumper, or I’ll have a large faux fur collar made to wear on top of my winter jacket.

Under that I’m planning on designing a few Hobbit/Thorin T-shirts.

If they are any good, I’ll post the images¬†here on the off-chance someone might like to have one too.

If any of my readers come up with designs that they’d like to share with others in our little community of friends, please send it my way!

It’ll be my pleasure to share them here on my blog!

How amazing would it be if we could have a variety of  T-shirt designs to choose from!

Remember that’s it’s very easy to transfer an image onto fabric at home, which I have proven here.

Another vital element in my Hobbit look are my TH jeans.

I first mentioned them in a post about losing weight, with the TH standing for Tommy Hilfiger.

Judit however asked if TH meant The Hobbit, and from that point on, that’s exactly what they are!

My The Hobbit skinny jeans ūüôā

I’m still a far¬†away from fitting in them, but I’m getting closer every day, and seeing that¬†I have 73 days before traveling to London, that’s a goal I’m willing to work towards!

Each time I’m tempted to eat something naughty or I decide that Jillian Michaels will never know I skipped my¬†exercise that day, I have my Hobbit jeans to remind me!

Apart from that I need to think of an over the shoulder bag that will fit all my fanguling essentials like a mobile phone to Tweet, a camera to snap pics, a bottle of water to prevent dehydration in all that excitement, and a purse full of GBP (we all know how expensive London can be!).

Please note there is no room for cigarettes in that bag!

A woven leather belt seems like a nice fashion nod towards Thorin.

I also want a snazzy pair of earrings, but I’ll have to research that a little more!

How about some sword earrings?

Here’s the warmer December weather look for The Hobbit premi√®re:

Here’s for when winter decides to show its frosty face in December in London:

Do you have any other ideas how we can celebrate The Hobbit by drawing fashion inspiration from Thorin Oakenshield?

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