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AgzyM does London or Ramblings of a textbook fat, white, middle-aged RA Fan

This is a mammoth of a post, but I didn’t want to chop it up, but it definitely wins the award for most words AgzyM has ever tried to squeeze in at one time.

I make no apologies for the rambling nature of this post and understand completely if you skim it and get to the good stuff (meaning RA pics).

For that purpose I have separated the post into parts so you can just omit the sections that are yawn-inducing to you.

I just wanted to save as many thoughts on my stay in London in one place, therefore it’s quite emotionally masturbatory in it’s nature ūüėČ

I will also be focusing on the Armitage angle of the play which certainly DOES NOT mean that the other cast members were not phenomenal, especially the female leads.

If you follow me on Twitter (@AgzyM) you’ll have probably seen most of the pics before.

Obviously, any pictures from the play itself are not my own.

EDIT: The title of this post is a tongue-in-cheek nod to the reviewer who had described RA fans as fat, middle-aged white women.

Although I don’t necessarily feel I subscribe to that idea, nor do I agree that there is a common denominator for all RA fans other than admiring Richard Armitage, if that’s the way some people wish to describe me/us and being a proud Armitage admirer, so be it ūüôā

The Crucible Collage

I’ve been back from London for a couple of days now, nursing my feet back to health after walking thousands of miles, trying to sift through (and wrap my brain around) all the wonderful experiences I’ve been fortunate to accumulate.


As many of you may know in April I was lucky enough to receive tickets for 2 consecutive performances of The Crucible at The Old Vic for my Name’s Day (see, it’s good to be Polish sometimes…).

Well actually I was asked what I’d like to get this year, I said I really can’t afford to see Richard on stage, but I really can’t afford not to and my family rallied around me to make it happen.

Because I was arranging the tickets pretty early on, I had my pick of seating and I must admit I chose pretty bloody well…but more about that later.


I flew in to London on the 6th early morning so had the whole Sunday free from any Armitage onslaught, but I did decide to check out The Old Vic (as any good soldier preparing for battle would) and my commute to and from the venue.

I had scheduled to do my shopping that day (didn’t buy anything from my list), then made my obligatory visit to the National Portrait Gallery and slowly crossed the Thames and walked to Waterloo Station.


Dunno about you, but I wouldn’t mind all cities being adorned by RA images (so if you’re a politician make it happen if you want my vote…).


The mind boggles how many people have actually touched, fondles and licked these posters, just to be on the safe side I restrained myself and only snapped away at them ūüėČ


I have to admit I did not encounter any Crucible posters around London, so seeing them proudly displayed around the theatre made my heart (and other parts of me…) swell.

We had stayed at a hotel just down the road from The Old Vic in December 2012 when we flew in to see The Hobbit: AUJ and every time we passed it I’d lose my fangirling shizz because it is the place of The 24-hour Play Richard had taken part in a few years prior (I’d also go all gooey when passing the Dorchester too, so I’m quite an embarrassment to be seen in public with ).

It was a mind trip to know I would actually be seeing the man himself in the flesh in the same place a year and a half later (see kids, dreams do come true!).

While I was checking out The Vic I also made a mental note of the stage door which looks harmless and innocent by daylight, but let me tell you the mood changes somewhat once Richard steps out of the door ūüėČ

Also, don’t you feel a tad jealous of that parking meter that gets to check out Richard 6 times a week, usually the back of him?


Anyway, the following day I planned my museum/art gallery schedule so I could swing by the Vic to pick up my tickets earlier, so I first headed to Tate Modern for the Matisse Cut Out exhibition (which I highly recommend), then walked to The Cut.

I felt like a lucky bugger as I picked up my tickets, especially seeing that since the plan had been forged I was on the lookout for some catastrophe that would see everything go up in smoke- lost reservations, delayed/cancelled flights, understudy performing on the night etc.

I had become so superstitious in the days months leading up to my London trip I dared not do anything to mess up my juju.

When I got this baby in my grubby hands I didn’t want to let go… but then I did out of fear that my sweaty hands would smudge the ink ūüėČ


As the nice lady was handing me my ticket, she told me that they were only just printing the Tuesday ones and they were on the letter “J” so I’d have to come back later to collect it.

Now, the ticket clearly asks you to make sure all the info is correct and everything is in order before you leave, which is easier said than done when you hold this precious in your grasp.

Long story short, turned out later that my Tuesday ticket had been printed out automatically and was attached to the other.

Oooppss, must pay closer attention in future…

Anyway, there I was thinking:

Willy Wonka, eat your heart out! I’ve got my golden tickets right here!


¬†I proceeded to going down my exhibitions list for the day (Human Factor at the Hayward Gallery, you can give it a miss, Victoria & Albert Museum, which has a very interesting history of fashion display and my absolute favorite- Banksy The Unauthorised Retrospective at Sotheby’s which I highly recommend).


I was to meet a fellow RA Admirer at the Pit Bar in the theatre before the play, so I took no chances of being late and headed that way around 6pm.

I ordered a glass of Merlot (hell, I was celebrating, right?!? although, in hindsight, a mixture of fangirl excitement, Richard Armitage and booze maybe wasn’t the smartest) and waited for Ms H, her daughter and a friend.

Unfortunately, as the crowds descended we missed each other and didn’t end up meeting until we were seated inside the theatre.

Let me just say that I truly regret not spending more time as Ms H is the type of person I could probably chat for 6 hours with without even making a dent in the topics we could cover.

I was extremely lucky to get an absolutely beautiful seat, first row, smack in the middle.

vic seats1

The play started at 7.30 sharp, with the fog machine switched on and lights dimmed.

The stage (which isn’t a stage at all, just a large opening in the middle between seats) consisted of nothing but wooden chairs.

As the actors entered from the aisle opposite me, I was straining my eyes to see the bearded beauty.

He was one of the last members of cast to enter, but there was no mistaking that silhouette in the fog, I have after all spent a few hours of my life (Ok, maybe a bit more than a few…) paying close attention to images of Richard, so I felt quite well versed ūüėČ


I’m not going to offer a play review, I feel there are many who can do the job much better than I, but I can in turn offer some random thoughts.

The man is HUGE on stage!

It’s like he takes up most of the space and towers over everyone, exuding a force that you can’t help but be both drawn to and frightened of.

Everything from his costume (a heavy coat with patched holes, very sexy boots and unfortunately baggy pants, then he strips to pants and a loose shirt) to his voice (which wasn’t as deep as I thought it would be for the first part of the play, which was probably due to some throat issues he had apparently been experiencing) screams strength.

Richard Armitage in The Crucible at the Old Vic

If ever there was a part suited for Armitage post Thorin, John Proctor is it.

What I found interesting was catching small glimpses of other RA characters in his performance.

The accent brought to mind John Standring, some scowls were very John Thornton and Thorin.

It was like tiny visits from old friends and I was joking that it’d make a great drinking game: a shot of vodka every time an RA character would pop up.

Let’s just say I’d leave the theatre well and truly sloshed ūüėČ


BTW, I am in no way alluding that Proctor is anything but a well thought through independent Armitage character, it’s just when you’ve spent so much time watching various RA roles and certain mannerisms tend to creep up, a fan can’t help but notice.

Truth be told, because I was sitting in the first row with no barriers between me and the actors (seriously, I had to watch my feet so the cast wouldn’t step on them), it took a while for my brain to process that I’m actually not watching this on TV or on my laptop, that this was really happening then and there, mere meters from me.

The benefit of first row seats, especially the one I was parked in, is that you are less than a meter away from some of the most beautiful and powerful Proctor moments.

richard crucible beautiful proctor

As much as I was swept away by the story, I couldn’t help but register certain…hmmm… shall we say physical traits of Mr A…

Chest- very hairy, more so than I had ever imagined.

Actually, the biggest surprise for me was just how huge he was in the chest and especially the shoulders.

Somehow, apart from buff Porter, I hadn’t imagined that would be the case (but you learn something new everyday).

Let’s just say I wasn’t the only one who thought those shoulders and back would be a perfect place to press your head to ūüėČ

The stomach is flat as a board with an adorable roll of skin when he leans over (don’t judge me, he was kneeling two meters away, what else was I supposed to look at???).

I was also enchanted by how his middle finger are almost the same length as their neighbours, but that’s a quirk of mine ūüėČ

the crucible

Anyway, I was quite choked up by the time the actors were taking their bows and couldn’t help but leap up from my seat clapping as Richard stayed behind to take his final bows.

He has this adorable habit (as he repeated it the following night) of bowing one way, turning around and bowing the other and then he does this funny thing with his hands as he takes a bow towards the two sides.

Very thespian of you, Mr A (actually I typed it My A, but went back to correct it as, well, I should be so lucky…).


Ms H had already pointed the best exit that would lead me straight to the stage door and into the queue, so I dashed out of my seat to procure my place.

If you’re wondering, it’s the exit to the left closest to the stage ūüėČ

Much has been said of the stage door experience in the past week or so, so let me share with you my thoughts.


Firstly, it’s orderly and well behaved which is a bloody blessing, but it’s also quite a stressful experience.

We waited about 15 minutes before Richard came out, flagged by two Old Vic security men.

Please keep in mind that the man had just spent almost 4 hours performing in a very challenging play and the queue went all the way down the street, so that no doubt impacts the interaction Richard has with the people waiting.

It’s extremely rushed and I think RA makes his way down the line in under 20 minutes, which tells you plenty about the tempo.

On top of that, on Monday there were at least 2 groups of autograph hunters (one were standing right behind me, that’s how I know who they were), so I would imagine that puts a damper on the experience.


The best advice I can offer anyone who’s planning on going is: BE PREPARED and TAKE A PIC FIRST.

I’ve heard of someone who pressed the off button on their camera instead of taking a pic, I took a rather disturbing selfie of Richard although I have no idea how to (believe me, that picture is a catastrophe!).

From what I’ve observed and, unfortunately, experienced, the moment Richard signs your poster/program he moves on to the next person.

It goes by so unbelievably fast that I before could even ask for a pic, he was gone.

Picture first, then an autograph!

Numerous people (me included) had to join the back of the queue again which makes me wonder that if the tempo wasn’t so severe the stage door would actually go much faster in the long run if he’d slow down a tad.

My one huge regret was that neither I nor anyone within earshot actually had the time to congratulate Richard or thank him for being…well, him!

In some regards I feel like we were there in line asking yet more of him after experiencing that brilliant performance without offering as much as a Thank You, but to say that the environment wasn’t conducive to any form of verbal exchange is a staggering understatement.

The chances are, had I started speaking not only would I have not got Richard’s attention anyway, but I wouldn’t have an autograph or pic either.

As to more Richard details, he doesn’t come off quite as huge as he does on stage, but definitely not gaunt.

He was wearing a checkered red and white shirt and a jacket which made him look rather smart.


The only crack in his clear focus to sign/take pictures/move on came when he encountered the autograph hunters behind me.

As I was waiting for Richard I actually thought they seemed a bit out of place- young men dressed very casually, but figured they may be Tolkien fans drawn to the play by the allure of Thorin.

It seems Richard is much more savvy than little ol’ naive me.

He took one look at them as they clutch the 8×10 glossy pics of Richard, gave them a sideways glance (which was quite sexy), gave them a smirk (also sexy…) and said: I’m not signing that! and moved on.

I think this image is the one that’s lodged in my memory the most from the stage door experience- firstly because I felt it was the only time Richard had broken from the “fan interaction” persona but also because it made me realise what issues he has to deal with now that his career has entered yet another stage.

Oh, and I’d be pissed off too if someone was trying to make a quick buck off me.

Actually, as a fan who had flown in to see the play against many odds and for whom meeting Richard was a dream come true, I was/am pissed off of people trying to take advantage!

May this be a lesson to all of those who are tempted to buy an RA autograph on ebay, they aren’t really obtained in the best manner and having Richard sign something right next to you is much more valuable.

Anyway, the tally from my Monday Crucible experience was meeting the adorable Ms H, seeing a bloody great play, one signed poster, one very bad Richard and I selfie.


I had arranged to meet Ms Sally_Boots on Tuesday afternoon, so I had enough time to pop into The National Gallery to pay a traditional visit to Holbein’s The Ambassadors and all the other brilliant art on display, while (traditionally) avoiding the Medieval Art rooms (what can I say, not my cup of tea…).

The plan for that afternoon was to meet close to The Old Vic, grab a bite to eat, maybe get lucky and see Richard on his way to the theatre (long story short, we failed on all accounts and ended up having a quick Sainsbury’s sandwich standing in the rain next to an RA Crucible poster, we’re classy that way…).

It was a pleasure to meet Sally_Boots, you may recognise her from Twitter and she had written a few posts on this blog for Fanstra4.

I knew she’d be lovely and she didn’t disappoint ūüôā

As we were waiting, we spotted a familiar face scoping out The Old Vic.

london 1

We recognised the Anglophile lady with her family walking around and, I can’t lie, we were more than a little jealous, convinced she was probably there to interview Richard.

As I’m not what you would call shy, as we passed I asked her whether she was the Anglophile lady (yup, it was a rhetorical question).

Turns out Marlise was incredibly friendly and we stood there chatting away while I was discreetly checking out her hair (which is gorgeous by the way).

We had ourselves a good ol’ chinwag about Richard (who else?) and I can confirm that Marlise is one of us- a proud Armitage Admirer excited about seeing the play the following night.

vic seats 2

After downing a bag of salt and vinegar crisps,bought the obligatory posters (trust me, you can’t choose just one out of the three available) it was time to go to Salem.

As we were taking our seats I was curious what it would be like to see the play from a different angle.

The picture of The Old Vic seating isn’t very accurate- there’s no stage per se and there’s an aisle running down the centre on the other side, which meant the actors would enter and exit right next to me.

My seat was a mirror reflection of the one from the night before and I was wondering whether the actors/play favoured any side in particular (nope, both sides are brilliant in their own way).


I actually have a confession to make.

As I was booking my tickets in April in somewhat of a fevered state (I’m a fangirl damn it, I cannot keep calm!), I knew I had booked a fab ticket for Monday but thought I had screwed up with Tuesday’s seat.

I was sure I had accidentally booked a balcony seat and had spent a good 2 months secretly tormenting myself that with my pick of seats I had chosen such a bad one.

Turns out all of the online plans I had checked out were from The Old Vic prior to the removal of the official stage, therefore creating “the circle” and the addition of seats from the back.

When I realised that all was well I felt so much relief, but it’s a lesson learned that I need to focus more even where Richard Armitage is concerned.


By the way, the Lilian Baylis Circle was so high up it gave me vertigo just looking at it, so bear that in mind when booking tickets.

Talking about seating, Sally_Boots was in for a shock as she could have sworn she purchase a first row seat to the side, but it turned out there were actually two or three rows in front of her.

A quick online research confirms that they did end up adding a few rows on both sides, no doubt figuring that they didn’t need the side space for the play, so they plonked a few more rows there.

Brilliant if you were lucky to buy tickets late and scored first row, not so brilliant if you bought first row months beforehand only to be shoved back.

As the fogs distended and the play started, this time around I was much more savvy as I knew what to expect, where RA would pop out from, when to tuck my feet in so they wouldn’t be trampled etc.


Anyway, I was so thrilled to see that play from a different angle.

If you have front seats you will at some point have your view blocked by an actor, so anything I may have missed the first time around, I more than made up for the second.


I was particularly intrigued by the now famous shirtless washing scene (don’t you dare judge me!).

On Monday I got a full frontal view from a few meters away, on Tuesday I got to see it from the back, and let me tell you, that is my favorite angle ūüėČ

I felt the play had gone even smoother this time and Richard’s voice was much stronger which makes me think he’d been doing his best drinking tea with lemon and honey to sooth his throat from all the yelling (and much yelling there is, believe me, I’ve developed a new fetish for it!).

Having seen the play twice I marvel at the fitness level of the actors.

This is an incredibly demanding play, beautifully choreographed and I image they go home each night with fresh new bumps and bruises.


As I failed at obtaining a decent pic with Richard the night before, I vowed to do better this time around.

I was standing in line at the stage door with Ms Sally_Boots and we were joined by Ms Nina, a resident of London who sometimes comes to the stage door to meet other RA Admirers and always gives Richard an adorable card ūüôā

Without going into too much detail, this was also the night of the now infamous “Richard is so rude but I’ll post a picture with him and me grinning like a maniac” lady.

Let me just say, she was not there for the play that night, nor is she an RA fan.

She was there with a specific aim (which she didn’t achieve) and I’m much annoyed to learn she’s the one who interrupted my pic with Richard and the reason it came out blurry.

A plague on both your houses madam, that wasn’t cool!

The stage door was just as hectic, but after experiencing non-RA fans with an agenda clearly other than to have the pleasure of meeting Richard, I’m a little less surprised at the rushed attitude he adopts.

Long story short, I didn’t get my perfect pic, but what I did get makes me exceedingly happy and grateful.

One pic came out fuzzy, but my grin says it all…


Here’s the other:

AgzyM Richard

A huge thank you to both Sally_Boots and Nina for trying to make my dream of a good picture of Richard and I come true!

I very much appreciate it ladies ūüôā

Tally of Tuesday: Meeting Sally_Boots and Nina, two wonderful Armitage Admirers, getting to see the play from a different perspective, a signed Crucible program, and, f*cking hell, actually seeing Richard Armitage in the flesh!

Not bad for a quick visit to London, right?

All in all, this trip was one of the best moments for me, hands down.

Given half the chance (or if/when I win the lottery) I’d do it all over again with relish.

I enjoyed meeting fellow Armitage Admirers who are even nicer in person, the play is quite possibly one of the best I’ve ever seen (don’t get me started, we’ll be here all night), I came so close to the object of my fangirling affections (and didn’t lose my rag, which is important).

I feel very fortunate (the agnostic in me doesn’t want to say “blessed”) to have accumulated so many fab experiences and, subsequently, memories that shall last me a lifetime.

My dad picked me up from the airport and as I tried to put into words all that I had experienced he said something that made me teary: Seeing how much you enjoyed yourself and how you took advantage of this opportunity, that trip to London was worth every penny!

Ahhhh…. thanks dad ūüôā

I know that many would love to have the chance to go on this adventure and let me add insult to injury by saying that this is really worth begging, borrowing (NOT stealing though!) for.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for everyone who’s still trying to figure out how the heck to get themselves to The Old Vic- stranger things can happen, or have happened if my adventure is anything to go by ūüėČ

Presenting my new Armitage craft project

I’m still on RA sabbatical, but more importantly, I’ve had things shaking up in RL too.

I had written more about it, but decided to move it to a separate post.

Aaaaaaanyway, it’s not all been about wake up calls and climbing out of comfort zones, which has done me a world of good btw.

I’ve also continued doing things like cross-stitching to relax me and focus my monkey brain (not to mention that when you’re busy holding your needle, thread and canvas, you can’t exactly be shoving food in your gob…).

I’ve completed a bunch of cross-stitch projects, but felt a staggering lack of designs that were… a little closer to my fangirling home…

So, what’s a fangirl to do when what she wants hasn’t been done yet?

Why, she rolls up her sleeves and does it herself!

This is still very much a work in progress and to say I’m free-styling it is a staggering understatement, but can you tell who’s emerging?

John Thornton cross-stitch patter 1

This is actually the first part, I’m trying to figure out cross-stitch Thornton, am contemplating Margaret and thinking about fonts and Victorian borders to create a nice pretty North and South image that will be easy to do, even for beginners.

The main issue I have is that poor Thornton dresses like an undertaker and I refuse to spend my time stitching Margaret’s drab brown gown, so I’ve been trying to figure out the clothes designs and colours (you can take a girl from fashion design college, but you can’t take that anal way of thinking about garments out of the girl…).

I also need to think how to create a cross-stitch pattern on my computer so I can share the pdf with others (any help/advice/tutorials very much appreciated).

Beyond that, I’m already thinking BIG and, as always with Armitage, the sky’s the limit!

Once I get a handle on making cross-stitch patterns, I shall be turning to you, fellow Armitage Admirers and Richardettes, to come up with character quotes and the like.

I’ll be working on the pattern a bit more today and will keep you posted ūüôā


A post on Armitage nipples, but may need some tweaking…


Get over here!

I’m about to grab you by the horns and there’s just no way of avoiding it!

This belongs at Richard Armitage Confessions, but I might as well post it here and hope for a sympathetic ear/eye.

Let me just get this off my chest:


Richard Armitage has perfecto nipples.

There! I’ve said it!


I’m not really a connoisseur of that body part by any stretch of the imagination (most of you know I’m a bum and thigh gal), but I know what is aesthetically pleasing and that pair certainly pleases me.


Could be the size, could be the lack of any odd hairs trying to overgrow and chock the said nipple, could be the shape or probable taste, whatever it is, as men’s nipples go, it’s hard not to give them two thumbs up and clearly other nipples suck!

Bez nazwy 31If you’ve ever wondered why men actually have nipples, you can read more here.

I’ll stick to the answer: so all other males are once again inferior to Richard Armitage!

RA Flash Fan Event: The Shelf-Life of a Fangirl Crush

RA flash event

Unfortunately I missed out on a great deal of the RA Flash Fan Event but wanted to contribute one last time before we wrap things up.

I’ve written two posts inspired by the phrase “I Saw Something Fine” which you can read here and here.

Many of us started the event by sharing how we ended up being swept by Armitage fever and it seems only fitting to end the event by posting about the shelf-life of a fangirl.

So what exactly IS the shelf-life of a celeb crush?

I’m sure the duration differs as celeb fascinations vary depending on the sufferer individual, but it always starts with seeing something fine!

In my case it’s been two and a half years and in that time I’ve had periods of… shall we say… rest, but then I always find myself being dragged in again (much like the mafia…).

Here’s a group of categories specifying the longevity of your fangirling:

Armitage banana fan

Are you a banana?

Your crush lasts anywhere from 7 to 28 days.

It comes in a  flash and is usually instigated by seeing an actor in a particularly amazing role and going bananas.

The feelings are intense but short-lived and before the next full moon you’re ready to split as the object of your admiration has lost its a-peel…

Armitage pear

Are you a pear?

Once you’re hooked the feelings last anywhere from 120 to 180 days (and just happens to correspond with my preferred relationship length…).

You start peeling the layers of your crush and try to reach the core.

You slowly make your way through all the info available on your crush and are becoming quite an ex-peart and pear up with other fans to share the ex-pearience.

Armitage pasta

Are you dried pasta?

You are good to go for up to 24 months if conditions allow for it.

The crush takes hold and you just feel like you’re going to lose your noodle sometimes, but you’re in the company of other admirers, so you can never feel cannelloni…

Then again, sometimes things get a bit heated, boil over and you can’t take the strain.

Even when you’ve had a rest, you end up reheating your fangirling passion.

Armitage bee

Are you Honey?

This is the sweetest product found in nature and, if treated right, will tickle your taste buds for years.

We know that beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder, but anyone who questions your loyalty needs to buzz off!

You know very well that the object of your affections is the bee’s knees and no one will tell you otherwise!

After years of participating in mass adoration, you still manage to retail your enthusiasm (and sometimes act like a bumbling fangirl), and you know the importance of beeing positive when swarming for new stuff and over-analyzing the stinger off your crush.

What’s your fangirling shelf-life brought on by seeing something fine?


I forgot I had done this very short clip a few years ago about Busy Bee Richard, so this is for all my Honey Friends ūüôā

May it be a Blogging 2014 and the dreaded resolutions!

As 2013 nears to an end it’s also time for some New Year’s resolutions (I can hear you groan…).

I hardly need to work hard at coming up with my RL resolutions as I seem to stick to the same ones year after year, decade after decade which makes me think that they might not work.

This year I shall focus on my plans for the blog and leave blogging reflection on 2013 for my blogiversary which is coming up very soon.

resolutions for 2014

Here are some resolutions/plans/aims for the upcoming year for IWantToBeaPinUp:

Update my blogroll list on the right

I’ve been meaning to do this for some time, especially that there are so many amazing new blogs that deserve to be included.

Clean up old posts

Seeing that I’ve somehow managed to produced almost 600 posts this is going to be one heck of a RA thunder thighs mammoth task, but I want to have them in good condition on the off-chance someone might come across an old post and find it useful/amusing/annoying.

I need to go back, remove inactive links, upload photos and such, but perhaps I’ll leave that for the summer when I have more time to fiddle with stuff.

Complete the series of interviews with RA bloggers

I’ve had an idea to pick the brains (not physically mind…) of fellow RA bloggers who specialise in specific fields.

Although I had initially aimed to have this project completed in autumn, let’s shoot for spring.

By the way, a huge thanks to those who agreed to participate a few months ago, I didn’t manage to pull this off then, but I’ll be knocking on your email door again soon.

Come back to regular/scheduled posting

Although I very much doubt I’ll be able to swing daily posts, but I’d like to come back to Arty Farty Fridays.

I know it wasn’t everyones cup of tea, but I think it found a¬† nice little group of art enthusiasts and that inspired me to watch documentaries and try to come up with something interesting every week.

Supporting fellow Armitage Admirers

Whether it be supporting fellow bloggers, organising RA events, spreading the word etc.

Plan for FanstRAvaganza 5

I haven’t heard anything about the fifth edition of our annual RA celebration, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed and just in case I need to start storing those cream-of-the-crop ideas so I don’t have to panic come March that the RA ideas pantry is very bare.

RA b&w1

From non-blog but very much RA related resolutions:

Attend a red carpet event and watch RA work his magic

This one’s a big dream of mine and I feel like the last instalment of The Hobbit may also be the last chance in a while to experience the exhilaration a fan/admirer/enthusiast/well-wisher can feel being part of something so cool.

It really is out of my hands, if Sir PJ brings the premi√®re to London this December¬†I’ll¬†do my best to be¬†there, wearing my thermo undies and being an absolute embarrassment to those around me.

Hey, a girl can dream, right?

RA b&w2

What are your resolution, both RA and RL related?

What a difference an RA Letter makes or How the Bastard C did not steal Christmas

Christmas pattern

It was a frosty Friday morning, I was waiting for my morning meeting and sneaked a peek at Me+R to brighten up my mood.

The first post merely said:

New message

And I knew that a day that would potentially suck the joy out of me would be that tad bit better.

It was the day when we’d find out if The Bastard C¬†that had been discovered in my mum’s belly had spread and done any damage.

Before I move on let me just light a few fireworks, pop a bottle of champagne ¬†cheap bubbly wine and scream out with joy that although we have tough times ahead, we may just get away with merely¬†surgery (as shitty as that is)¬†and will be battling Bastard C on one front ūüôā

Anyway, I quickly followed the link to Annette’s ¬†page and there it was!

It’s true that you may not always get what you want (although I STILL maintain that Richard could theoretically fit under my tree wrapped in a nice big red bow), but the universe sure does gives us what we need.

The Message from Richard Armitage, 19th December 2013 resonated with me on so many levels!

Here are some parts that seemed particularly poignant to me:

I am very proud to have such¬†¬† a dedicated community of ‘well wishers’ (better word than¬†¬† fans…right?) Proud because of the dignity and decency with which you¬†¬† communicate with each other and document your ideas. It’s always¬†¬† illuminated with positivity and support for each other, unlikely¬†¬† friendships forged through a common interest.

I couldn’t agree more and I’m not even going to go into detail how touched I always am at the thoughtfulness of my online friends and how kind-hearted and supportive they are!

I am proud that I have the opportunity to spend time and share thoughts and feelings with such a group of intelligent, educated, creative and generally kick-arse bunch!

We don’t always get along, but I strongly believe that everyone who wonders into the Land of Armitage Admirers will find exactly what they are looking for.

If it’s a release from everyday crap, or the need for friendship and companionship, a forum to dig deeper into who you are or some good old-fashioned fangirling, you’ll find it here.

Sadly, some feel the need to fuel their RL frustrations and come here looking for a fight, but I can only hope that they find peace.

The next part resonated with me too:

I wanted to wish you love and happiness for 2014, thank you for the¬†¬† generous gifts and the donations to the ‘Just Giving’ pages I think our¬†¬† totals are looking very healthy.

I didn’t have the opportunity to announce that all of the money raised during the Richard Armitage Silent Auction has been transferred to Just Giving.

RA Silent auction transfer

Although I was particularly involved with the auction, let’s not forget that it was one of many (MANY) donations made to Richard’s charities of choice throughout the year¬†and just underlines that this fandom not only possesses a generosity of spirit but also digs deep in their pockets to support a worthy cause!

Christmas 2

Richard summed up my feelings towards Christmas this year perfectly:

I   want to say that for me especially as I get older, this time of year   becomes more about making the journey to be with family or friends and   sitting around a table which hopefully has some good food on it, however   bountiful that is.

With the prospect of very bad news looming over my family I knew that no matter what I had to do my absolute best to keep up the Christmas spirit.

It’s that much more challenging to celebrate a holiday when something bad happens and I can only be thankful that the news we got put a spring in our steps, but also refocused us.

That Friday evening we met up at my parent’s house and decorated the tree together for the first time in over 20 years.

My dad told my mother the wonderful news we got was better than any gift he could have found under the Christmas tree and he doesn’t want to anything else (yes, we all got teary-eyed).

Then he topped it up by going against our wishes and he single-handily put up the lights on the house.

When asked why he was being so stubborn and didn’t ask for help, but¬†he said: I made a promise with myself that if the news is good I’ll put up the icicles! (again, he had us all teary-eyed).

Santa Richard Armitage

And to all my friends who are going through a difficult time:

But for those who don’t have very much or are alone,¬†¬† I wish them at least a sense of peace for a day. I know that I am¬†happiest when I can be useful, which usually involves giving time and¬†¬†effort towards something. That gives me peace.

To those who have a difficult family situation, are alone or have suffered loss, I hope you know that you ARE NOT alone.

I hope that you find comfort any way you can, be it through RA stuff, or connecting with your friends online or popping on a trusty copy of The Vicar of Dibley DVD.

As Richard mentioned,¬†I hope you too find peace in what you do, even if it’s in small things like making gravy!

christmas 3

And to Richard, the glue that keeps this whole community together, the person who gives us joy and inspiration, a huge thank you for connecting with your fans, for brightening our day (after day after day…), for giving us so many reasons to call ourselves the Armitage Army/Armitage Admirers/ well-wishers, or whatever form feels right to you!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends and have a nice glass of grog/eggnog/red wine on us ūüôā

Tomorrow I’ll be boring you posting about how we are celebrating Christmas this year and I’m sure I have a few “Richard in a Santa hat” PS images in me to knock out ūüôā

Tweet Tweet!!!! Me and Richard had a moment!


Best. Day. Ever!

The #HobbitMovieUK organised a live Tweet event with Richard.

As you know, I’m usually asleep, having internet connection troubles¬†or just¬†too overwhelmed to take part, but the stars seemed to have aligned today.

The Hobbit Movies Live Tweet

And guess what???!!!???

My question was the second Richard answered!

I know that many Armitage peeps have met/hugged/taken their picture with RA, so this isn’t a biggie, but he’s always managed to elude me and I’ll take it where I can ūüėČ

Here’s my question:

Richard Armitage answers

I knew that Belstaff jacket¬†would bring me luck the first time I laid eyes on it ūüėČ

He didn’t get around to answering whether he wanted to marry me though, maybe next time…

Here are some more of my favourite questions and answers from today:











The event was really cool and well organised, but can Richard please learn to say Goodbye! at the end?

Seriously, just a Bye! so we know it’s curtains.

Anyway, I’m off to continue doing cartwheels ūüôā

Richard Armitage Silent Auction! RASA for JustGiving 2013

RA Silent auction tux pic

Welcome to the Richard Armitage Silent Auction.

You can read all about the rules of the auction here, so please do so before you bid.

All of the money raised will go to a Richard Armitage JustGiving charity, but which one will be determined based on the poll results, so please take a moment and vote.

To learn more about the charities, please click on the link above where (on the right hand side) you can read about the specific charities.

As way of thanking those who have contributed to the RA Silent Auction, either by donating and bidding, or commenting, reposting, retweeting, reblogging,  I have also prepared a giveaway where you can get your hands on this Thorin Bookmark.

RASA banner raffle prize

Please click on the following link to take part in the bookmark giveaway: a Rafflecopter giveaway.

Thorin bookmark 2 raffle

For those who will not be bidding on items but would like to contribute, please click on the Donate button in the sidebar or the link below.

Before I present the items that you can bid on, just a quick reminder!

The aim of a silent auction is to submit via email a bid of what you are willing pay for an item, however the bids are not revealed.

 The highest bid wins.

All bids must be sent via email at RASilentAuction [at], with the number of the item in the subject line, before Monday Dec. 2nd 9pm GMT.

Bids in comments will not be accepted, although please feel free to leave your thought there.

All bids must be in GBP (pounds sterling) and the transfer conducted via Paypal once the auction is won.

Some items have a minimum bid in order to cover their cost of production or because they are rare/one-of-a-kind.

OK, enough with the chatter, let’s get on to the main event!

RASA 101

Let’s start our auction of with this beautiful handmade and one-of-a-kind¬†Keyring donated by Arkenstone:

Arkenstone keyring 1

The Hobbit inspired Keyring depicts symbols from the book and movie.

It includes a ring (The One Ring), a bird (A Thrush), a key, dragon (Smaug), a door that opens (Bilbo’s door),¬† and a stone (the Arkenstone).

It comes with a removable ring and a secret behind Bilbo’s door.

No minimum bid.

RASA 102

Arkenstone also donated an item that will allow you to start every morning with Richard:

Arkenstone mug 102

A 15 ounce (450 ml) Coffee Mug!

 It is a two-toned  blue/white ceramic mug with 1 small picture of
Richard Armitage and 4 of his characters under a sealed finisher.

It cannot be used in a microwave and must be hand-washed and dried, much like Richard himself!

No minimum bid.

RASA banner 103

If you need a bit of RA luck, Arky also donated this amazing one-of-a-kind Thorin Charm Bracelet:

Thorin's Quest Charm Bracelet 103

This Thorin’s Quest Charm Bracelet depicts symbols from the book and movie and is a must for any Majestic Dwarf fan!

Thorin's Quest Bracelet 2

It includes a door (Bilbo’s door), a key, a Warg, a ring (The One Ring), a sword (Orcrist) a dragon (Smaug),¬† a Wizard (Gandalf) a bird (a Thrush), and a stone (the Arkenstone).

These are separated by small green flowers and leaves (Mirkwood).

Thorin's Quest Bracelet 3

It is silver toned and has a lobster claw closure.

Thorin's Quest bracelet 1

Total length of the charm bracelet is¬†9¬Ĺ‚ÄĚ (22,8 cm).

Minimum bid: 13 GBP

RASA banner 201

Guylty¬†is not content with making you *ooof* with her weekly¬†posts, now she wants you to feel that all year round, so she’s created and donated this RA Calendar:


That’s right! A Richard for every season!

Or as Guylty describes it: a Richard or six a month!

This beautiful and one-of-a-kind calendar consists of the most stunning RA images hand-picked by our photographer extraordinaire!

This calendar is an A3 size (29.7 x 42.0cm, 11.69 x 16.53 inches).

Minimum bid: 15 GBP

RASA banner 202

Guylty has also prepared another special calendar consisting of images close to her heart:

This Ireland 2014 calendar (30 x 42 cm) contains beautiful photographs of Irish landscapes taken by Ms *ooof* herself.

The calendar shows¬†the beauty of Irelands¬†landscape, dotted with castles and monasteries, steep hills and green fields, framed by the ocean… all captured by Guylty.

Minimum bid: 15 GBP

RASA banner 301

Ingrid has donated an item that will be music to your ears:


If you are in need of hearing Richard’s velvet baritone, The Lords of the North Audiobook, narrated by Richard Armitage¬†is perfect for you!

 The third in Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Chronicle series is set in the time of Alfred the Great was released in 2007 and has since become a fan favourite!

This one had me sobbing and laughing out loud and I agree that it may possibly be one of the best audiobooks Richard has recorded to date!

No minimum bid.

RASA banner 401

This navy blue T-shirt donated by Perry is the hot item within The Hobbit fandom!

The Hobbit Tshirt 401

The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Worldwide Fan Event New York T-shirt is a size Medium and is in pristine condition, not to mention it was within a dozen meters from Richard!

And if he ever¬†put the T-shirt on, he’d look a bit like this:

Richard Fan event T-shirt

Richard looks mighty pleased with himself and so will you when once you get your hands on this T-shirt.

These are going like hot cakes at online auctions, so¬†here’s your chance to snag¬†this incredibly rare item!

Minimum bid: 15 GBP.

RASA banner 501

While we’re on the topic of The Hobbit, Mezz has donated a paperback copy of¬†The Hobbit¬†to round up your dwarf experience:


Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up in bed with Mr Majestic?

To make reading this Tolkien classic¬†even better, I’m adding¬†this Thorin bookmark:

Thorin bookmark

It’s made of bronzed¬†metal and has a picture of Thorin “Hot Dwarf” Oakenshield¬†behind a cabochon.

You are bidding for both items together.

No minimum bid.

RASA banner 601

Continuing on the theme of lying in bed with a good read, Joanna has donated Elizabeth Gaskell’s North & South:


This is a paperback Penguin edition and is in English.

Richard read this book to prepare for the part of Mr Thornton, and now you can see what all the fuss is about!

I am also adding a Thornton bookmark which will come in handy if you can resist reading¬†Gaskell’s masterpiece¬†cover to cover in one go.


It’s made from silver-coloured metal and features a profile of John “Mummy’s Boy” Thornton under a cabochon.

You are bidding for both items together.

Unfortunately, hunky mill owner not included.

No minimum bid.

RASA banner 602

Joanna has also donated a copy of Gaskell’s¬†North & South in Polish.


KsińÖŇľka¬†jest wydawnictwa¬†Ňöwiat¬†KsińÖŇľki¬†i¬†jest¬†wymarzonńÖ¬†lekturńÖ¬†dla¬†kaŇľdej¬†romantycznej¬†duszyczki!

Dorzucam¬†zakŇāadkńô¬†z pińôknym¬†profilem¬†Thorntona.


Ta metalowa¬†zakŇāadka¬†jest srebrnego¬†koloru¬†i¬†widnieje¬†na niej¬†podobizna¬†Johnu¬†pod kaboszonem.

Dla¬†chńôtnych¬†dorzucńô¬†kilka¬†wacik√≥w¬†z baweŇāny ūüėČ

No minimum bid.

RASA banner 701

To continue with the northern theme, I’m donating a John Thornton brooch:


I must admit I have a similar one pinned into my winter coat lapel and it’s comforting to have Mr Thornton accompany me as I go about my day.

Thornton brooch back

It’s a bronze-coloured metal brooch (20×33 mm)¬†with a 18×25 mm cabochon.

You bet that if I actually owned/wore a cravat, I’d be pinning it there too!

No minimum bid.

RASA banner 702

Talking about having a dashing handsome character close to you, here’s a Thorin tote bag:

Thorin bag 1b

This linen¬†bag (40×40 cm)¬†is fastened by a wooden button¬†and has zipped pockets inside.

Thorin bag 1c

It’d be the perfect bag to take with you to The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug premi√®re, and will easily fit your 3D glasses, some sweets and a bottle of champagne water to celebrate!

THDOS Thorin_crop

No minimum bid.

RASA banner 703

Kelly Duck was inspired by The Hobbit to create this beautiful necklace:

white acorn 1

Kelly created a similar design for the AUJ New Zealand Premiere last year and we all know it was lucky for her, so let’s hope¬†the luck¬†rubs off!

white acorn 2

This is a white glass pearl accented with a burgundy coloured Czech glass leaf.

The metal is antiqued copper, and the chain is approximately 18 in /46 cm in

No minimum bid.

RASA banner 704

If one adorable acorn necklace wasn’t enough to spoil us, Kelly has also donated¬†this version:

brown acorn 2

This necklace contains a dark brown glass pearl accented with a light amber
coloured Czech glass leaf.

brown acorn 1

The metal is antiqued brass, and the chain is approximately 18 in./46 cm. in length.

No minimum bid.

RASA banner 801

If this picture of Richard Armitage intrigues you:


…then Serverine has donated the perfect prize for you!

Get your hands on the Malice Aforethought DVD featuring a moustached Richard Armitage.

It’s the perfect item to round up your Armitage DVD collection!


(DVD cover may differ from the one above)

Format: NTSC on DVD-R
¬†Region: Multi-region ‘0’(free) so will play worldwide, including¬†PAL¬†DVD players.
Source: copy/transfer from DVD import to allow play worldwide.
Quality: 8.5/10 (better than video)
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 – 1.33:1 (not widescreen)
Number of discs: 1
Language: English (no subtitles)
Classification: Unrated
Studio: Wgbh / Pbs
Run Time: 150 minutes

No minimum bid.

RASA banner 802

If moustached Richard is not your mug cup of tea, CDoat has just the thing for you:

Mug front

This mug features¬†an image of ‚Äėour‚Äô King Richard ‚Äď film king and king of fans in real life.

It’s a 11 oz (325 ml)¬†ringer mug with coloured handle and rim.

Mug side 2

 It is dishwasher and microwave safe, in other words Richard in a crown will withstand (almost) any machine treatment.

Mug back

Wrap your hands around this beautiful mug and keep them toasty!

Minimum bid 18 GBP.

RASA banner 902

Although Richard makes us feel all warm and fuzzy, sometimes that just doesn’t cut it, so Obscura has the perfect solution:


This scarf is hand-made from a cotton blend yarn and is 266 cm/105 in long and will brighten up even the most gloomy day!


Talk about a labour of love, Obscura had to pry the neon yarn from her daughter’s hands.

Now that’s ¬†taking one for the (Armitage) team, all for a great cause!

No minimum bid.
RASA banner 903

Here’s fifty shades of grey… and pink that Obscura knows you’ll love!


This beautiful hand-made scarf is woven by elves by Obscura from cotton blend yarn and is 202 cm/79.5 in long.

I’ve asked a very special model to show us how the scarf can be worn:

Richard Armitage scarf

Not bad Richard, now work that catwalk park lane!

No minimum bid.

RASA banner 904

The author Trudy Brasure needs no introduction to the avid North and South fans.

Trudy has donated a paperback copy of her N&S continuation A Heart for Milton: A Tale from North and South.


When Margaret Hale hastily rejected the wealthy industrialist’s fervent marriage proposal, she could not have foreseen the events that would lead her to change her mind and open her heart. But was it too late now to let the handsome, brooding mill owner know? Based on the novel North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell, this book weaves a change near the end of the original plot to create a romantic continuation of an enduring love story. ¬†A Heart for Milton¬†brings to life all of¬†Gaskell’s rich characters: Nicholas Higgins, Hannah Thornton, Henry Lennox, Mr. Bell, and others. But at its core, this tale unfolds the joy, hope, passion, and fulfillment of the love forged between John Thornton and Margaret Hale as the reader follows their journey through the uncertainties of their engagement to the trials encountered in their first year of marriage …and beyond.

I am also adding a Thornton bookmark, although I guarantee you won’t want to put this book down till you’re done.

This metal bookmark is bronze-coloured and features our dashing mill owner under a cabochon.

You are bidding on both items together.

No minimum bid.

RASA banner 905

If you are already a fan of Trudy Brasure’s writing, this item is an extra special treat.

She has donated a copy of her brand new book In Consequence.


The book isn’t out of print yet and you will receive a copy hot off the press mid December.

The winner of this auction will literally be one of the first people to get their hands on the book!

Trudy is very hush hush about the details of the plot, but if her previous book is anything to go by, this one will be a corker!

No minimum bid.

RASA banner 906

If there’s too much Thornton for your taste, the wonderful Charlotte Hawkins¬†is throwing in some ebook¬†Grizzly Gizzy¬†into the mix¬†and has¬†donated:

The Tempest: A Guy of Gisborne Story

Book 1 in the Gisborne Series

The Tempest

Guy of Gisborne, a man of great darkness and sin, meets the woman who will be his redemption… Sir Guy is a fierce, brooding knight. He is both feared and scorned by those under his command. But under his harsh exterior lies a tortured soul, haunted by his many sins… Cassia is a peasant healer, with a secret longing for the fearsome lord Gisborne. When fate thrusts him into her hands, she soon finds he lives up to his fearsome reputation. But she also learns there is more to him than meets the eye… Soon they are drawn into a passionate love affair, one that will alter both of their lives forever…


My Lady Gisborne: A Love Story

Book 2 in the Gisborne Series

My Lady Gisborne

Lady Evelyn Gisborne desires to be a proper young noble-woman, but independence runs strong in her blood. She follows her heart as well as her head, and temptation soon beckons her in the form of a handsome rogue.¬† Ren√©¬†Jean-Bastien¬†is clever, bold…and forbidden, for she has been promised to another. Simon Jean Carr√©, Marquis of Laroque,¬† is a born soldier. His life is commited¬†to the pursuit of battle and the honor of the knight’s code. When he journies to the Gisborne estate, his only intention is to meet his promised bride. But he soon finds himself entwined in the life of a most unusual family…and falling in love with the woman he has sworn to keep at a distance. Evelyn is torn between two loves. Will she choose the man to whom she is promised…or the dashing thief who has stolen her heart?


The Baron’s Lady

Book 3 in the Gisborne Series


Owen Gisborne is a knight in training. He vows not to lose his heart to a woman, but only to dedicate himself to the prestige of his warrior’s class. But to be a Gisborne is to love with a great passion, even if it goes against the rules…

You are bidding on the entire set of 3 ebooks from the Gisborne Series!

The Gisborne’s will have you steaming hot under the collar!

Format: Mobi for Kindle

No minimum bid.

RASA banner 907


Well, hello there Mr Postman, do you have something in your bag for me?

Ela has kindly donated an awesome Thorin treat:


There are TWO Thorin stamps up for grabs!

The stamps go to the top¬†and second largest¬†bid (one stamp each), so if you want both, bid big ūüôā

No minimum bid.

Armitage Silent auction thanks you

I hope you enjoy the items on offer at the RA Silent Auction, dream big and bid big!

The auction will run till Monday 9am GMT, so make sure your get your bids in by then.

I will be contacting the winners on Tuesday, as well as the raffle winner.

Enjoy ūüôā


The Auction is already over and a huge THANK YOU! to all of those who took part!

I will be contacting the winners today (Monday) with details regarding the Paypal transfers.

If you have any questions please contact me at rasilentauction [at]

And I’m not sorry, Fangirling is Human Nature…

I’ve been busy with the RA Silent Auction business and it will likely continue till¬†the auction post is out¬†on Friday, the 28th of November.

A quick reminder, if you’d like to donate¬†an item please email me at RASilentAuction [at]

The deadline for photographs of the item (maximum 3 per item) as well as the description is the 26th of November.

Let me just say that¬†it’s shaping up to be¬†AWESOME!


The pic above shows how a slashy fanart image was used by accident in China to promote Thor 2.

Or was it an accident…. hmmm….

On Friday I took part in a Thor marathon.

The triple feature included Thor, The Avengers and Thor 2.

I’m not the biggest Marvel fan, but I sure do like sexy men running around in super hero costumes, although I question where all the kick-ass women are (I have a Scarlet Johansson allergy, so she doesn’t count…).

Anyway, this wasn’t the first movie marathon I’ve attended, but it most certainly had the lowest average age.

There was a sea of teenagers (and I do mean early teens) which surprised me seeing that the last movie finished at 3.30am.

I was relieved to see a bunch of parents waiting in the cinema lobby to ferry their offspring back home and could imagine my poor dad sitting there at all hours of the morning waiting for me to get my fangirl on.

fangirl face

And by fangirling (or fanboying, as the case may be), I really do mean FANGIRLING!

It was actually adorable to watch then squeee every time Loki/ Tom Hiddleston appeared on screen.

After each movie they’d meet up in the ladies¬†loo to continue discussing how unbelievably hot and adorable that Loki is.

Oh, Loki!

My BFF¬†and I are easily aggravated (cos we’re cool like that!) and we were cracking jokes until I realised that I may have much more in common with these high-pitched braces-wearing loonies than meets the eye.


I have seen The Hobbit: DOS trailer twice in the cinema and both times I was:

– punching the air

– jumping up and down in my seat

– nudging my companions when they clearly seemed to be covering their face with their hands

– panting, salivating, squeezing, huffing and puffing, ready to blow that whole cinema down

And that’s just the trailer, mind…


The truth is, some of us will  never grow up, hopefully we never grow old.

Expressing enthusiasm (even if it’s in a public place) is one of the fun things about being a fan.

Running around London and emitting rainbows because you’ve¬†spotted a location where Spooks was shot, getting an issue of Empire Magazine¬†in the post with Thorin growling on the cover (thanks Guylty!!!), holding on to that plastic soft drink cup just because it has The Hobbit written on it…

It’s all part of the fan experience.

I don’t suffer in silence, I certainly won’t explode with glee in silence either.

And I for one intend to continue to embarrass and bug the daylight out of everyone who is stupid enough to go with me to a place that may activate my fangirling ūüôā

So, what’s your most vivid fangirling experience?¬†¬†

On Blogging, taking a Break and Being Back…

I don’t do “serious stuff” often, so I’m just going to stick all my random thoughts in one rambling post.

It should actually be two separate posts, but I ain’t got time for that shiz, I need to get back to the silly¬†stuff I’m more accustomed to doing¬†ūüėČ

Show bloggers you care and leave comments

Guylty wrote a very interesting *ooof* post a while back.

And before you Duh! me¬†because¬†they’re always¬†incredibly fascinating (and so sophisticated¬†yet written so clearly that even a photography dumbo¬†like myself can follow), I was referring to Guylty’s¬†mention of how relieved she was to step away from all the Richarding going on in our little community which was brought on by the end of The Hobbit shooting.

I understand this sentiment completely.

I found the December Hobbit rush to be somewhat unbearable, but it wasn’t the first time I felt this way.

Armitage when enough

I remember Comic-Con 2012, when¬†I was majorly peeved that my internet connection didn’t allow me to track, analyse and fangirl my heart out with the rest of the RA nuts, but, if I’m honest,¬†a part of me felt an odd sense of relief.

It was almost like the pressure of all the stimuli, the condensation of¬†new RA news created a feeling of saturation, and yet didn’t provide fulfilment because it was impossible to take it all in.

Don’t get me wrong, we all know I’ve made my way through old Armitage stuff with a fine-tooth comb, squeezing every last drop from the already knackered RA footage¬†during the great drought of 2012.

I usually moan about not having enough new Armitage news, but then when it all starts tumbling out, I find myself consciously stepping away.

This onslaught of new RA information always feels weird to me, it’s almost uncomfortable, awkward.

Watching footage in almost real time makes him… somewhat all too real.

I actually felt a sense of relief when I  stepped away from blogging and allowed things to happen far away from me.

Richard bloggers

My absence at the start of the year could be explained in another way.

My sister is writing her master’s thesis on Trekkies, and yet she can’t force herself to actually watch any Star Trek episodes.

I think when I was writing mine, I couldn’t research fandoms, write about fandoms AND be an active member of a fandom.

All I could do was lurk around tumblr and let spam accumulate on my own blog and comments go unanswered.

Armitage think quick

The things is, blogging can be hard at times.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful, creative, fun/funny, but it eats up a lot of time and energy.

Usually, I get a post idea, start fiddling with it and 3 hours later I’m still elaborating on the original concept, going between photoshop¬†and picmonkey, correcting spelling mistakes and sentences that make no sense (happens oh so often, but I doubt you’re surprised).

When there’s little time the pressure is on and there’s a sense of obligation (and I don’t mean that in a negative way)¬†to put something new out there.

Armitage leave comments

Blogging is all about give and take.

Don’t get me wrong, we blog to satisfy a personal need, but it’s wonderful to have your voice heard, for someone to respond, even if it’s a quick word in comments or a Like.

That’s why you will have noticed that bloggers are also the ones going around leaving comments on other blogs.

We try and encourage readers to give feedback, and believe me, there’s nothing better than someone engaging in what you have written.

I truly feel blessed (and that coming from an agnostic is saying a lot) that readers visit here, then come back to check out what else I’ve posted, but they also stick around to chitchat a bit.

Leave a comment Armitage

Some blogs don’t get as much traffic, so sometimes there’s no trace of anyone ever actually reading posts, and that gives Agzy¬†the sads ūüė¶

I know that we as readers¬†can’t be everywhere (and I do tend to favour wordpress blogs because it’s easier to follow them, while I shamelessly neglect others), but that’s why Servetus’ Legenda is so extraordinary.

It gives us a chance to check out what else wonderful RA Admirers have come up with and I bet you miss a lot in any given week.

As a blogger I’ll tell you it’s¬†wonderful to have your stuff forwarded (this moved me , thank you dido12, whoever you are!), to be retweeted, reposted, re-whatever else you can do in this day and age!

Your comments, dear reader, are very much appreciated by every blogger and¬†in a way they validate the hours you spent attaching silly moustaches on Richard (that may have just been me…).

don't dash away

So, next time you visit a blog, please make sure you leave a trace, a thought, a comment.

Show bloggers that their posts are important, relevant, that they are a valued voice!

Give them a moment of your time by engaging in their writing, especially¬†seeing that they’ve spent plenty of theirs creating their posts.

And a HUGE Thank You! to all the readers who are generous with insightful, witty, sometimes silly comments.

You make the blogging experience so much richer!

From bloggers everywhere, Thank You!

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