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Bundle up Europe! Heavy winds, snow AND a socklifter are heading your way!

RA Silent Auction update:

I’m waiting for the last transfer to come through and then I’ll be announcing the results of RASA.

Thank you to all who participated, I hope items are shipped out and making their way to the lucky winners 🙂

Armitage sock sticky fingers 2

If you’re in Europe, you will probably be experiencing the same view outside your window.

I don’t remember ever experiencing such snowstorms and heavy winds, but it sure looks beautiful (if not disturbing) outside.

I seriously feel like I’m about to head out crab fishing in the Bering Sea (I’m a big fan of Deadliest Catch).

I left work early, right before the worst of it hit, so I’m at home with Magzy and my two pups.

One of the ways to make days like these better is to bundle up in some comfy clothes and put a pair of warm socks on.

That’s unless Richard Armitage, the sock sticky fingers, hasn’t already raided your sock draw.

Armitage sock sticky fingers

Although this is a serious condition, one that affects cold toes everywhere, scientists know little about this compulsive behaviour known as “Kleptomania Pedule”.

The statistics are frightful!

It can affect up to 100% of all British actor’s named Richard Armitage, but loved ones can also be innocent victims of this condition, as well as unsuspecting costume department employees.

As of yet no cure has been discovered, but scientists are working night and day to ensure that all toes remain toasty in the coldest of weather conditions by cutting down on sock magpie-ing.

Doctors have also diagnosed similar conditions such as:

Kleptomania Indusia (compulsive underwear stealing)


Kleptomania Tibialia (theft of stockings, which intensifies around Christmas time)

If you are suffering from compulsive sock stealing or know someone affected by socklifting, cold-footed and sockless,   remember that you are not alone!

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