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Dita von Martini

Still sticking to the booze theme ūüėČ

I haven’t had any Dita in quite some time.

So I’m going classic with a pic of her glamming it up in a martini glass.

The olive adds a nice touch ūüėČ

Dita Von Louboutin

In Christian Louboutin’s 20th anniversay book tited Christian Louboutin. Dita Von Teese has often spoken of her love of red soles.

She did a shoot for the book in which she wore nothing but a pair of yellow stilettos covering her.

Christian Louboutin has revealed that burlesque superstar Dita Von Teese is the inspiration behind his shoe empire.

Dita Von Trench

Dita re-defines  the Rainy Day Blues

I adore the spin on the Trench coat.

The trench was developed as an alternative to a heavy coat worn by British and French soldiers in WWI. Thomas Burberry is the inventor of the gabardine fabric and is seen as the father of the Trench. Only officers and Warrant Officers Class I were allowed to wear them as an optional item to their uniform.

The coat became popular when veterans returned to civilian life and continued wearing them. It has since become an item of pop culture.

And here is some Dita Von Casual strutting in a Trench Coat




Guess who else gets wet too…

Image: bccmee

Images: Phylly’s Faves

Pass the man a towel before he catches a cold.

Dita Von Casual 4

Still better than most…

Dita Von Casual 3

Yup, still looks better than most…

Dita Von Casual 2

And she STLL looks better than most…

Dita’s ABC

In 2007 Dita worked for PETA for their Animal Birth Control ad and was the first celebrity to raise awareness about animal population problems.

First of all- Birth Control? In that lingerie?

It would seem Dita should appear in a campaign for countries with a birth rate drop.

Second of all- I remember reading that Dita likes snuggling into her fur etola.

You would think PETA would have a problem with a celeb who advocates fur.

Just sayin’…

Dita Von Teese peta

Dita Von Ballerina

Dita Von Teese performs at Rubberball 2001
The most famous burlesque dancer of our time has roots in ballet.
No doubt the classical training helped her with her graceful moves and dancer body.
It seems Dita likes ballet elements not only on stage.
She often wears ballet style shoes. Let face it, Dita strolling down the street in a  tutu would look less like a Halloween costume and more like a sex godess.
Dita seems to often wear ballet flats

The Beret

You know why the French don’t want to bomb Saddam Hussein?¬† Because he hates America, he loves mistresses, and he wears a beret.¬† He is French, people.¬† ~Conan O’Brien, 2003

Dita Von Casual

Dita Casual

And still looks way better than most.

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