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Get ready for extreme audio pleasure, Armitage is at it again!

I wasn’t going to post today and have been working on my crafty projects, but I’m doing my happy dance and

I’m so excited,

I just can’t hide it,

I’m about to lose control and I think I like it

Oh yeah!!!


As most of you know already, Richard will be recording the audio edition of Hamlet, a Novel by A.J. Hartley and David Hewson.

Now, you may be sitting there thinking: OK, good news that Richard is doing something new, but an audiobook? really? what’s the big deal?

¬†If you are one of those people, that tells me you haven’t actually listened to any of Richard’s audiobook because holy ear orgasm!

Even though Armitage plays a plethora of characters, male, female, old and young, you get lost in the moment and forget it’s one person stuck behind a microphone.

I’m not too bothered (yet) what Richard is recording, be it Hamlet or Jill’s Gymkhana but I have a feeling Shakespeare is going to be our homeboy from now on ūüėČ


My absolute favorite among Armitage audiobooks (and all of them are great, so that’s saying a lot) is Lords of the North which I have written about before, and before that too.

I’ll just say that mid-way I was sobbing when something particularly horrible happened to the protagonist, but then at times I’d laugh out loud too, just to balance things out.

The CD’s¬† (12 hours of them) are hard to come by, but RANet is running a competition where you have the chance to get your hands on the whole set (thanks Miriam!).

Check out the first few chapters and even more audiobook extracts at RAnet.

Anyway, bring it on Armitage!

Richard Armitage Silent Auction! RASA for JustGiving 2013

RA Silent auction tux pic

Welcome to the Richard Armitage Silent Auction.

You can read all about the rules of the auction here, so please do so before you bid.

All of the money raised will go to a Richard Armitage JustGiving charity, but which one will be determined based on the poll results, so please take a moment and vote.

To learn more about the charities, please click on the link above where (on the right hand side) you can read about the specific charities.

As way of thanking those who have contributed to the RA Silent Auction, either by donating and bidding, or commenting, reposting, retweeting, reblogging,  I have also prepared a giveaway where you can get your hands on this Thorin Bookmark.

RASA banner raffle prize

Please click on the following link to take part in the bookmark giveaway: a Rafflecopter giveaway.

Thorin bookmark 2 raffle

For those who will not be bidding on items but would like to contribute, please click on the Donate button in the sidebar or the link below.

Before I present the items that you can bid on, just a quick reminder!

The aim of a silent auction is to submit via email a bid of what you are willing pay for an item, however the bids are not revealed.

 The highest bid wins.

All bids must be sent via email at RASilentAuction [at], with the number of the item in the subject line, before Monday Dec. 2nd 9pm GMT.

Bids in comments will not be accepted, although please feel free to leave your thought there.

All bids must be in GBP (pounds sterling) and the transfer conducted via Paypal once the auction is won.

Some items have a minimum bid in order to cover their cost of production or because they are rare/one-of-a-kind.

OK, enough with the chatter, let’s get on to the main event!

RASA 101

Let’s start our auction of with this beautiful handmade and one-of-a-kind¬†Keyring donated by Arkenstone:

Arkenstone keyring 1

The Hobbit inspired Keyring depicts symbols from the book and movie.

It includes a ring (The One Ring), a bird (A Thrush), a key, dragon (Smaug), a door that opens (Bilbo’s door),¬† and a stone (the Arkenstone).

It comes with a removable ring and a secret behind Bilbo’s door.

No minimum bid.

RASA 102

Arkenstone also donated an item that will allow you to start every morning with Richard:

Arkenstone mug 102

A 15 ounce (450 ml) Coffee Mug!

 It is a two-toned  blue/white ceramic mug with 1 small picture of
Richard Armitage and 4 of his characters under a sealed finisher.

It cannot be used in a microwave and must be hand-washed and dried, much like Richard himself!

No minimum bid.

RASA banner 103

If you need a bit of RA luck, Arky also donated this amazing one-of-a-kind Thorin Charm Bracelet:

Thorin's Quest Charm Bracelet 103

This Thorin’s Quest Charm Bracelet depicts symbols from the book and movie and is a must for any Majestic Dwarf fan!

Thorin's Quest Bracelet 2

It includes a door (Bilbo’s door), a key, a Warg, a ring (The One Ring), a sword (Orcrist) a dragon (Smaug),¬† a Wizard (Gandalf) a bird (a Thrush), and a stone (the Arkenstone).

These are separated by small green flowers and leaves (Mirkwood).

Thorin's Quest Bracelet 3

It is silver toned and has a lobster claw closure.

Thorin's Quest bracelet 1

Total length of the charm bracelet is¬†9¬Ĺ‚ÄĚ (22,8 cm).

Minimum bid: 13 GBP

RASA banner 201

Guylty¬†is not content with making you *ooof* with her weekly¬†posts, now she wants you to feel that all year round, so she’s created and donated this RA Calendar:


That’s right! A Richard for every season!

Or as Guylty describes it: a Richard or six a month!

This beautiful and one-of-a-kind calendar consists of the most stunning RA images hand-picked by our photographer extraordinaire!

This calendar is an A3 size (29.7 x 42.0cm, 11.69 x 16.53 inches).

Minimum bid: 15 GBP

RASA banner 202

Guylty has also prepared another special calendar consisting of images close to her heart:

This Ireland 2014 calendar (30 x 42 cm) contains beautiful photographs of Irish landscapes taken by Ms *ooof* herself.

The calendar shows¬†the beauty of Irelands¬†landscape, dotted with castles and monasteries, steep hills and green fields, framed by the ocean… all captured by Guylty.

Minimum bid: 15 GBP

RASA banner 301

Ingrid has donated an item that will be music to your ears:


If you are in need of hearing Richard’s velvet baritone, The Lords of the North Audiobook, narrated by Richard Armitage¬†is perfect for you!

 The third in Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Chronicle series is set in the time of Alfred the Great was released in 2007 and has since become a fan favourite!

This one had me sobbing and laughing out loud and I agree that it may possibly be one of the best audiobooks Richard has recorded to date!

No minimum bid.

RASA banner 401

This navy blue T-shirt donated by Perry is the hot item within The Hobbit fandom!

The Hobbit Tshirt 401

The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Worldwide Fan Event New York T-shirt is a size Medium and is in pristine condition, not to mention it was within a dozen meters from Richard!

And if he ever¬†put the T-shirt on, he’d look a bit like this:

Richard Fan event T-shirt

Richard looks mighty pleased with himself and so will you when once you get your hands on this T-shirt.

These are going like hot cakes at online auctions, so¬†here’s your chance to snag¬†this incredibly rare item!

Minimum bid: 15 GBP.

RASA banner 501

While we’re on the topic of The Hobbit, Mezz has donated a paperback copy of¬†The Hobbit¬†to round up your dwarf experience:


Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up in bed with Mr Majestic?

To make reading this Tolkien classic¬†even better, I’m adding¬†this Thorin bookmark:

Thorin bookmark

It’s made of bronzed¬†metal and has a picture of Thorin “Hot Dwarf” Oakenshield¬†behind a cabochon.

You are bidding for both items together.

No minimum bid.

RASA banner 601

Continuing on the theme of lying in bed with a good read, Joanna has donated Elizabeth Gaskell’s North & South:


This is a paperback Penguin edition and is in English.

Richard read this book to prepare for the part of Mr Thornton, and now you can see what all the fuss is about!

I am also adding a Thornton bookmark which will come in handy if you can resist reading¬†Gaskell’s masterpiece¬†cover to cover in one go.


It’s made from silver-coloured metal and features a profile of John “Mummy’s Boy” Thornton under a cabochon.

You are bidding for both items together.

Unfortunately, hunky mill owner not included.

No minimum bid.

RASA banner 602

Joanna has also donated a copy of Gaskell’s¬†North & South in Polish.


KsińÖŇľka¬†jest wydawnictwa¬†Ňöwiat¬†KsińÖŇľki¬†i¬†jest¬†wymarzonńÖ¬†lekturńÖ¬†dla¬†kaŇľdej¬†romantycznej¬†duszyczki!

Dorzucam¬†zakŇāadkńô¬†z pińôknym¬†profilem¬†Thorntona.


Ta metalowa¬†zakŇāadka¬†jest srebrnego¬†koloru¬†i¬†widnieje¬†na niej¬†podobizna¬†Johnu¬†pod kaboszonem.

Dla¬†chńôtnych¬†dorzucńô¬†kilka¬†wacik√≥w¬†z baweŇāny ūüėČ

No minimum bid.

RASA banner 701

To continue with the northern theme, I’m donating a John Thornton brooch:


I must admit I have a similar one pinned into my winter coat lapel and it’s comforting to have Mr Thornton accompany me as I go about my day.

Thornton brooch back

It’s a bronze-coloured metal brooch (20×33 mm)¬†with a 18×25 mm cabochon.

You bet that if I actually owned/wore a cravat, I’d be pinning it there too!

No minimum bid.

RASA banner 702

Talking about having a dashing handsome character close to you, here’s a Thorin tote bag:

Thorin bag 1b

This linen¬†bag (40×40 cm)¬†is fastened by a wooden button¬†and has zipped pockets inside.

Thorin bag 1c

It’d be the perfect bag to take with you to The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug premi√®re, and will easily fit your 3D glasses, some sweets and a bottle of champagne water to celebrate!

THDOS Thorin_crop

No minimum bid.

RASA banner 703

Kelly Duck was inspired by The Hobbit to create this beautiful necklace:

white acorn 1

Kelly created a similar design for the AUJ New Zealand Premiere last year and we all know it was lucky for her, so let’s hope¬†the luck¬†rubs off!

white acorn 2

This is a white glass pearl accented with a burgundy coloured Czech glass leaf.

The metal is antiqued copper, and the chain is approximately 18 in /46 cm in

No minimum bid.

RASA banner 704

If one adorable acorn necklace wasn’t enough to spoil us, Kelly has also donated¬†this version:

brown acorn 2

This necklace contains a dark brown glass pearl accented with a light amber
coloured Czech glass leaf.

brown acorn 1

The metal is antiqued brass, and the chain is approximately 18 in./46 cm. in length.

No minimum bid.

RASA banner 801

If this picture of Richard Armitage intrigues you:


…then Serverine has donated the perfect prize for you!

Get your hands on the Malice Aforethought DVD featuring a moustached Richard Armitage.

It’s the perfect item to round up your Armitage DVD collection!


(DVD cover may differ from the one above)

Format: NTSC on DVD-R
¬†Region: Multi-region ‘0’(free) so will play worldwide, including¬†PAL¬†DVD players.
Source: copy/transfer from DVD import to allow play worldwide.
Quality: 8.5/10 (better than video)
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 – 1.33:1 (not widescreen)
Number of discs: 1
Language: English (no subtitles)
Classification: Unrated
Studio: Wgbh / Pbs
Run Time: 150 minutes

No minimum bid.

RASA banner 802

If moustached Richard is not your mug cup of tea, CDoat has just the thing for you:

Mug front

This mug features¬†an image of ‚Äėour‚Äô King Richard ‚Äď film king and king of fans in real life.

It’s a 11 oz (325 ml)¬†ringer mug with coloured handle and rim.

Mug side 2

 It is dishwasher and microwave safe, in other words Richard in a crown will withstand (almost) any machine treatment.

Mug back

Wrap your hands around this beautiful mug and keep them toasty!

Minimum bid 18 GBP.

RASA banner 902

Although Richard makes us feel all warm and fuzzy, sometimes that just doesn’t cut it, so Obscura has the perfect solution:


This scarf is hand-made from a cotton blend yarn and is 266 cm/105 in long and will brighten up even the most gloomy day!


Talk about a labour of love, Obscura had to pry the neon yarn from her daughter’s hands.

Now that’s ¬†taking one for the (Armitage) team, all for a great cause!

No minimum bid.
RASA banner 903

Here’s fifty shades of grey… and pink that Obscura knows you’ll love!


This beautiful hand-made scarf is woven by elves by Obscura from cotton blend yarn and is 202 cm/79.5 in long.

I’ve asked a very special model to show us how the scarf can be worn:

Richard Armitage scarf

Not bad Richard, now work that catwalk park lane!

No minimum bid.

RASA banner 904

The author Trudy Brasure needs no introduction to the avid North and South fans.

Trudy has donated a paperback copy of her N&S continuation A Heart for Milton: A Tale from North and South.


When Margaret Hale hastily rejected the wealthy industrialist’s fervent marriage proposal, she could not have foreseen the events that would lead her to change her mind and open her heart. But was it too late now to let the handsome, brooding mill owner know? Based on the novel North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell, this book weaves a change near the end of the original plot to create a romantic continuation of an enduring love story. ¬†A Heart for Milton¬†brings to life all of¬†Gaskell’s rich characters: Nicholas Higgins, Hannah Thornton, Henry Lennox, Mr. Bell, and others. But at its core, this tale unfolds the joy, hope, passion, and fulfillment of the love forged between John Thornton and Margaret Hale as the reader follows their journey through the uncertainties of their engagement to the trials encountered in their first year of marriage …and beyond.

I am also adding a Thornton bookmark, although I guarantee you won’t want to put this book down till you’re done.

This metal bookmark is bronze-coloured and features our dashing mill owner under a cabochon.

You are bidding on both items together.

No minimum bid.

RASA banner 905

If you are already a fan of Trudy Brasure’s writing, this item is an extra special treat.

She has donated a copy of her brand new book In Consequence.


The book isn’t out of print yet and you will receive a copy hot off the press mid December.

The winner of this auction will literally be one of the first people to get their hands on the book!

Trudy is very hush hush about the details of the plot, but if her previous book is anything to go by, this one will be a corker!

No minimum bid.

RASA banner 906

If there’s too much Thornton for your taste, the wonderful Charlotte Hawkins¬†is throwing in some ebook¬†Grizzly Gizzy¬†into the mix¬†and has¬†donated:

The Tempest: A Guy of Gisborne Story

Book 1 in the Gisborne Series

The Tempest

Guy of Gisborne, a man of great darkness and sin, meets the woman who will be his redemption… Sir Guy is a fierce, brooding knight. He is both feared and scorned by those under his command. But under his harsh exterior lies a tortured soul, haunted by his many sins… Cassia is a peasant healer, with a secret longing for the fearsome lord Gisborne. When fate thrusts him into her hands, she soon finds he lives up to his fearsome reputation. But she also learns there is more to him than meets the eye… Soon they are drawn into a passionate love affair, one that will alter both of their lives forever…


My Lady Gisborne: A Love Story

Book 2 in the Gisborne Series

My Lady Gisborne

Lady Evelyn Gisborne desires to be a proper young noble-woman, but independence runs strong in her blood. She follows her heart as well as her head, and temptation soon beckons her in the form of a handsome rogue.¬† Ren√©¬†Jean-Bastien¬†is clever, bold…and forbidden, for she has been promised to another. Simon Jean Carr√©, Marquis of Laroque,¬† is a born soldier. His life is commited¬†to the pursuit of battle and the honor of the knight’s code. When he journies to the Gisborne estate, his only intention is to meet his promised bride. But he soon finds himself entwined in the life of a most unusual family…and falling in love with the woman he has sworn to keep at a distance. Evelyn is torn between two loves. Will she choose the man to whom she is promised…or the dashing thief who has stolen her heart?


The Baron’s Lady

Book 3 in the Gisborne Series


Owen Gisborne is a knight in training. He vows not to lose his heart to a woman, but only to dedicate himself to the prestige of his warrior’s class. But to be a Gisborne is to love with a great passion, even if it goes against the rules…

You are bidding on the entire set of 3 ebooks from the Gisborne Series!

The Gisborne’s will have you steaming hot under the collar!

Format: Mobi for Kindle

No minimum bid.

RASA banner 907


Well, hello there Mr Postman, do you have something in your bag for me?

Ela has kindly donated an awesome Thorin treat:


There are TWO Thorin stamps up for grabs!

The stamps go to the top¬†and second largest¬†bid (one stamp each), so if you want both, bid big ūüôā

No minimum bid.

Armitage Silent auction thanks you

I hope you enjoy the items on offer at the RA Silent Auction, dream big and bid big!

The auction will run till Monday 9am GMT, so make sure your get your bids in by then.

I will be contacting the winners on Tuesday, as well as the raffle winner.

Enjoy ūüôā


The Auction is already over and a huge THANK YOU! to all of those who took part!

I will be contacting the winners today (Monday) with details regarding the Paypal transfers.

If you have any questions please contact me at rasilentauction [at]

King Richard Competiton: The Good, The Bad and The Right Darn Ugly

The comments on Day 6 of the King Richard Competition are now closed, I’ll be drawing the last name and congratulating the winner shortly.

Day 6 winner

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has participated!

It’s you (yes, YOU!) who makes it fun, so thank you for helping me celebrate Armitage Day!

King Richard has left the busilding

As I’ve written in previous post, not everything (nothing more like…) has gone according to plan.

I had two types of jewellery: some that sealed the image with a cabochon and some that were covered in resin.

Let me tell you, both proved to be tricky!

Let me illustrate what “things going horribly wrong” looks like.

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, so see the horror of:

The man spouting brown blobs!

RAbad 1

Oh this one was a disappointment!

It all looked relatively good the day I made it, perhaps a few smudges that I insist aren’t a mistake, but give it an antique look.

Imagine my horror when a brown blob appeared centre of the image!

Oh, but that’s antiqued peanuts in comparison to:

Richard caught in a whirlpool!

Only the barrel is missing…

RAbad 2

OK, this one may have been my fault.

After applying the resin, it dried all ripple¬†and I though it a good¬†solution to salvage the piece was too…. drumroll… pour more resin on it.

FYI, NOT the way to go…

I shall hang on to these and scare children come Halloween!

Not one piece of jewellery has really turned out perfect, but I really do hope the competition winners focus on the fact that it’s the thought that counts, my heart was in the right place etc.

Anyway, if you’d like to give this a go (and I am sooooo¬†not giving up on making the perfect piece of jewellery, so look out resin, here I come!), here’s a great guide on how to apply the cabochon (with more success than me).

I’ve spent more of the post writing about what not to do, but let me tell you about someone who gets her projects right every freakin’ time!

Some of you make know Jen from Cake Wrecks, possibly one of the funniest websites around, but she laso has a site called Epbot which caters for her geeky, nerdy steampunky interests.

Last year she wowed us all with her Lady Vadore costume.

This year she has unveiled her White Rabbit project just in time for a ComicCon cosplay.

The whole costume is hand-made and Jen talks her readers through the process as you try to pick your jaw off the floor!

I literally spend hours reading through her posts and green with envy at her skills.

Anyway, thanks again to all who came out and played!

As always, you were so much fun.

I hope the next post will be on The Forsyte Saga, because that is loooong overdue!

King Richard Vegas Competition Day 6

It’s Day 6 of the King Richard Vegas Competition, and it will also be the last day.

Unfortunately, due to technical and RL issues, I’ve had to cut¬†the competition¬†a day short, but I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you who have played along, retweeted, and¬†supported it.

I’ve loved reading comments, you are just a highly amusing bunch ūüėČ

Let’s just say I owe you a competition day and I won’t forget it!

King Richard Week

I have drawn the name of the winner of Day 5’s competition.

Congratulations and I’ll be getting in touch shortly ūüôā

Day 5 winner

The competition may be winding down, but here’s the last item up for grabs:


A John Thornton ring


The size is adjustable and will fit anyon

Here’s the thing:

The new Ben Rayner photos have cause quite a stir within our fandom, especially this one:

OK, so it’s not the most flattering look for Richard, but when taking into account that winter lasted 6 months here this year¬†and there was still snow about in the second week of April, I think he looks snug and warm.

Is there room for improvement?

Sure, I think he should start¬†shedding layer until I tell him to stop ūüėČ

The question is:

What look/item of clothing/ fashion style would you absolutely loathe to see Richard in?

I CANNOT stand cowboy boots.

Hate them with a passion, especially on men.

Comments close tomorrow at 12 GMT when I will be announcing the last winner of this year’s Amitage Day competition!

Good Luck!

Day 6 winner

King Richard Vegas Competition Day 5

Congrats to the winner of Day 4 of the King Richard Competition.

I shall be getting in touch with you shortly ūüôā

RA day4

Just wanted to take a moment to express how much I’m enjoying reading all your comments ūüôā

I don’t respond to competition comments because I don’t want to be accused of favouritism, but you’re all making me giggle.

King Richard 2013

This is Day FIVE of the King Richard Vegas Competition!

Up for grabs today is:


A Richard pendant you can keep close to your heart.

This could be handy as the real one seems to be elusive and reluctant to go anywhere near our hearts, or any other part of our anatomy!

And I don’t mean in the metaphorical sense- he’s always lodged there ūüėČ


Here’s the thing:

The news that Richard may be in London got me breaking into song!

Forget Fergie¬†Ferg, it’s Agzy¬†Agz!

He just really makes “My London Bridge wanna go down!” (whatever the heck that means…).

The question is:

Which line of a song best describes how Richard makes you feel?

I’ll just leave this right here for inspiration…

Richard Armitage Ben Rayner shoot

Comments will close at 12 GMT tomorrow when I will announce the winner and Day 6 competition will be out!

Good Luck!

Day 5 winner

King Richard Vegas Competition Day 4

Things are going from bad to worse with the prizes and on top of that my toner is dead as a dodo or as Richard’s chances of playing Batman.

I may have to rethink¬†some prize ideas but, as always, I’ll just wait till the very last moment to make the decision.

Nothing like procrastination to get the blood pumping!

I really can’t wait to share the pieces of jewellery that has gone Oh so very wrong! with you.

It is really a sight to see!

I think I should hang on to them and hand them out as gifts on Halloween because it really is the Night of the Living Dead in handmade stuff ūüėČ

King Richard week 6

Welcome to King Richard Week Vegas Competition Day 4

I can’t believe we’re half way there!

Congrats to all the winners so far and I hope the rest of you “beat the odds, against the odds”.

I have drawn the name of the winner of Day 3.

I will be contacting you shortly.

Day 3 winner

To read about the rules of the KRA Week Competition, please go HERE.

Up for grabs today is…


An RA brooch

Lemon used to stabilise the brooch while it dries not included, but severely limits photo options¬†ūüėČ


Here’s the thing:

We all know that Richard likes to supplement his income with the odd  voiceover in ads.

Don’t get me wrong, anything that features RA’s velvety voice (actually, anything at all!) get’s the seal of approval from my ears… and other parts of me.

The question for today is:

The advertisement for which product should feature a Richard Armitage voiceover? 

What product would benefit from Richard’s voice?

I’ve always dreamt of celebs¬†providing the voice¬†for the GPS navigation in the car.

Can you imagine Richard whispering: “Take the next left”.

I’d end up just driving around in circles all day, taking wrong turns just so Richard scorns me!

Comments close tomorrow at 12 GMT.

RA day4

King Richard Vegas Competition Day 2

King Richard Week 1

Welcome to King Richard Week Vegas Competition Day 2

I really enjoyed reading comments from the previous day, proving that¬†this bunch is¬†hilarious and¬†creative ūüôā

Congrats to the winner of yesterday’s competition, I will be getting in touch shortly.

winner day 1

This is the SECOND day of the competition, and there’s a chance to win an Armitage goodie every day for the next 7 days!

To read about the rules, please go HERE.

Up for grabs today is…


A John Thornton pendant


Here’s the thing.

The bats out of the cave and we know that there won’t be any Armibat.

I for one think Richard has the qualities to portray the batwonder, and the choice of Ben Affleck… No baby, no….

No matter, there are more capes, tights and masks RA could squeeze into.

The question for today is:

What superhero would Richard be and what super powers would he possess?

Feel free to make up your own superhero.

I’d love to see him be Thunderthighs!

The superhero who crushes his enemies by squeezing them between his firm muscular thighs ūüôā

Please leave your ideas for made-up superheroes in comments.

Good Luck!!!

Comments close tomorrow at 12 GMT when the next prize is up for grabs and I announce the winner of Day 2.

Comments are now closed!

Day 2 winner

King Richard Week Vegas Competition Day 1

Happy Armitage Day!!!!

I’ll mostly be celebrating on Twitter and Tumblr with my Armitage peeps, so I hope you’ll come and join us.

Bring the confetti, balloons and valium for when things get rowdy, which they will because it is Armitage Day after all!

King Richard Week

Welcome to King Richard Week Competition Vegas Style Day 1

This is the FIRST day of the competition, and there’s a chance to win an Armitage goodie every day for the next 7 days!

To read about the rules, please go HERE.

Up for grabs today is…


A John Thornton brooch

Armitage brooch

The image was taken from RANet and is an original hand-cut silhouette portrait by Kathryn Flocken, which I antiqued a tad to suit the brooch.


The pics are pants and I really should get some photography tips from Guylty ūüėČ

Magzy gave it a two thumbs up (actually she said “It’s so pretty, why are you giving it away?”).

She just doesn’t understand Armitage Day!

Remember that to enter the competition, and get your beautifully manicured paws on this goodie, all you need to do is answer the following question in comments, keep your fingers crossed and hope Lady Luck is in your favour!

I will ship to the winner wherever he/she may be.

RA Birthday 4

Here’s the thing.

We all know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

You can go the Britney route and get hitched (and have the marriage annulled) in a matter of a few short hours.

You can go the Prince Harry route, strip naked and shoot some pool.

You can pull a Hangover and just black out.

The question for today is:

If Richard went to Vegas, what naughty tomfoolery would he get up to?

Please leave your suggestions in comments and be as creative as you can!

Day 1 of the competition closes tomorrow at 12 GMT, and I will proceed to draw a winner from all the entries (multiple comments are OK).

Good Luck!!!

RA Day 8

Day 1 of the competition is done and comments are now closed!

winner day 1

Congrats, I’ll be getting in touch shortly!

Armitage Day Competition starts TOMORROW!

As many of you may remember, Thursday is Armitage Day, the day¬†when RA fans¬†celebrate the event when the world got that little bit better ūüôā

Last year I celebrated Armitage Day with a 7 day competition counting down to the event.

On Armitage Day I literally had to put myself in time out because I just went a bit… crazy, but I digress.

As I’ve been tanning¬†my carcass by the Polish seaside in the run-up to the blessed event, and I DID promise you a little something something commemorating Richard turning 42, I’ve decided to switch my annual RA competition to coincide with King Richard Week.

Oh, and did I mention we’re doing it Vegas style?

Richard III isn’t the only king Richard could play ūüėČ

King Richard 2013

Here’s how we play:

Starting Thursday, 12pm GMT, you ( yes, YOU!) will have the chance to get your hands on a one-of-a-kind Richard Armitage related goodie each and every day for the next 7 days.

Horrid as I am, and in keeping with tradition, I’m not going to tell you what the goodies are, they will be revealed to you each day.

Let’s just say they won’t be the same as last year, and I’m no Oprah, so don’t expect me to give away cars…

At 12pm GMT on each of the 7 days I will post and the item up for grabs will be revealed.

These are all one-of-a-kind, so there won’t be any exchanges for other items, and No, you can’t get cash instead ;)

I will ask a question connected with who the hell knows what.

You leave your answers in the comments section, remembering to sign in with a valid email address and/or twitter account.

At exactly 12pm GMT the next day, as another post is out, I close comments, write all the names from comments on pieces of paper, throw them in a box, and my lucky hand will draw ONE name from the box.

This is the winner of the day!

King Richard neon

You may ask why you have to answer the question asked in the post if all the names go into the box.

Well, let’s just say I want you to sing for your supper :)

Plus, I love to read your comments!

I will be contacting the lucky winners, so make sure I have the means to do that!

If by the 28th I can’t get in touch with someone, I will pull out another name from the list from that day.

You are more than welcome to enter your name on multiple days, although the winner will be eliminated from the other draws.

I hope to see you all here tomorrow, 12pm GMT!

Good Luck!

KRW chips

Happy Armitage Day! Make Your Own Armitage Goodie!

I’d like to start by saying a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who’s taken part in Operation Armitage!

Congrats to the winner from yeasterday’s competition!

Just a few words before I move on, though.

¬†First and foremost, Seba, from Gisborne’s Boy, my partner-in-crime!

You did a fab job, and it was such a fun process!

Thanks for sharing your talent with us, you’re a little creative¬†ray of light ūüôā

Thanks to my sister Magzy for her constant support, and for not looking at me funny when I get these ideas!

Thank You to the readers and people who commented!

Without you I’d just be an Armitage weirdo posting things online!

It’s the people who visit¬†that breathe life into a blog!

Congrats to the winners!

I hope you enjoy your prize.

If you were not among the lucky ones, remember, you’re always a winner in my eyes!

Before I move on to the main topic of this post, I’d like to present an award.

This gift goes to my most loyal reader, as well as the person who’s left the most comments.

My special ” Friend to IWantTobeAPinUp” award goes to:

She’s long become¬†a fixed¬†feature over here, to the point where I really can’t imagine her not¬†dropping by daily!

 This is my way of saying Thank You!

I have a confession to make.

Luciana was one of the winners during the week, however I knew I wanted to single her out individually at the end¬†ūüôā

Luciana, you get to choose an image out of the 8 featured during Operation Armitage, and a shopping bag with that picture will be sent to you.

Thank You to all my readers, I’m only sorry I don’t have the means to give each and every one of you a goodie.

So, I’ve settled for second best!

Seba created this stunning image, and I’ve decided to give everyone a chance to create their very own RA goodie!

I’ll be talking you through the process, based on pictures I took when I was creating the competition prizes!

Here is a step-by-step guide!

To transfer this image onto a T-shirt or bag, you will need:

A mirror reflection of the image you want.

This was a bit of a head-scratcher for Seba and me, until Magzy put us out of our misery.

In PSE, just go to Image, Rotate, Flip Horizontal!

A flat fabric surface, like a T-shirt

It’s important that it isn’t grainy or creased.

Iron-on paper for your printer

I got mine online, and an A4 sheet cost under Euro 0.50

I’ve tried different brands, and they are all the same.

What is important is to choose the paper based on the colour of fabric you are applying the image to.

There are 2 kinds I’ve encountered: for white / light and for black backgrounds.

Do yourself a favour and buy a few more than you need, just in case.

An iron, with the steam function switched off

Here’s the mirror reflection of Seba’s Hobbit Picnic:

First, print out your image on the iron-on paper.

Please set to the highest resolution on your printer.

It’s best to follow instructions, however let me give you some advice.

The paper has a blank side, and one that is patterned.

It’s important that you put the paper in the right way.

When you feed the paper in your printer, please check which side is printed on.

Do that by taking a regular blank page, putting a cross on the corner, and printing something tiny.

This will save you the bother of using up your cartridge on printing on the wrong side.

I’m not saying I’ve made that mistake before, but then I’m not saying I haven’t ūüėČ

Let the printout dry.

In the meantime, iron the surface you will be applying the image on.

Let it cool.

Then place the printout in its designated place, and start ironing!

Start from the top and work your way down.

This will prevent any bubbling.

Depending on how large your image is, this can take a few seconds, or up to a few minutes.

Remember to iron the edges and corners well too!

With some brands¬†the patterned¬†side changes colour when the process is complete (check instructions), but ours didn’t, so we just played it by ear.

Let it cool down, and then remove the outer layer with one smooth motion, but be careful not to tear the edges.

There you have it!

It’s as easy as I LUV RA!

If you image is shiny, but you want a more matt finish, simply put a blank sheet of regular paper, and iron that on top of the image for a few seconds.

Remember that the image will fade in the wash, always wash inside out, in maximum 40 degrees, without spinning.

Do not iron the image.

Strong chemicals like bleach will also damage it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Operation Armitage as much as I have!

It’s been a blast!

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