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On Blogging, taking a Break and Being Back…

I don’t do “serious stuff” often, so I’m just going to stick all my random thoughts in one rambling post.

It should actually be two separate posts, but I ain’t got time for that shiz, I need to get back to the silly stuff I’m more accustomed to doing 😉

Show bloggers you care and leave comments

Guylty wrote a very interesting *ooof* post a while back.

And before you Duh! me because they’re always incredibly fascinating (and so sophisticated yet written so clearly that even a photography dumbo like myself can follow), I was referring to Guylty’s mention of how relieved she was to step away from all the Richarding going on in our little community which was brought on by the end of The Hobbit shooting.

I understand this sentiment completely.

I found the December Hobbit rush to be somewhat unbearable, but it wasn’t the first time I felt this way.

Armitage when enough

I remember Comic-Con 2012, when I was majorly peeved that my internet connection didn’t allow me to track, analyse and fangirl my heart out with the rest of the RA nuts, but, if I’m honest, a part of me felt an odd sense of relief.

It was almost like the pressure of all the stimuli, the condensation of new RA news created a feeling of saturation, and yet didn’t provide fulfilment because it was impossible to take it all in.

Don’t get me wrong, we all know I’ve made my way through old Armitage stuff with a fine-tooth comb, squeezing every last drop from the already knackered RA footage during the great drought of 2012.

I usually moan about not having enough new Armitage news, but then when it all starts tumbling out, I find myself consciously stepping away.

This onslaught of new RA information always feels weird to me, it’s almost uncomfortable, awkward.

Watching footage in almost real time makes him… somewhat all too real.

I actually felt a sense of relief when I  stepped away from blogging and allowed things to happen far away from me.

Richard bloggers

My absence at the start of the year could be explained in another way.

My sister is writing her master’s thesis on Trekkies, and yet she can’t force herself to actually watch any Star Trek episodes.

I think when I was writing mine, I couldn’t research fandoms, write about fandoms AND be an active member of a fandom.

All I could do was lurk around tumblr and let spam accumulate on my own blog and comments go unanswered.

Armitage think quick

The things is, blogging can be hard at times.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful, creative, fun/funny, but it eats up a lot of time and energy.

Usually, I get a post idea, start fiddling with it and 3 hours later I’m still elaborating on the original concept, going between photoshop and picmonkey, correcting spelling mistakes and sentences that make no sense (happens oh so often, but I doubt you’re surprised).

When there’s little time the pressure is on and there’s a sense of obligation (and I don’t mean that in a negative way) to put something new out there.

Armitage leave comments

Blogging is all about give and take.

Don’t get me wrong, we blog to satisfy a personal need, but it’s wonderful to have your voice heard, for someone to respond, even if it’s a quick word in comments or a Like.

That’s why you will have noticed that bloggers are also the ones going around leaving comments on other blogs.

We try and encourage readers to give feedback, and believe me, there’s nothing better than someone engaging in what you have written.

I truly feel blessed (and that coming from an agnostic is saying a lot) that readers visit here, then come back to check out what else I’ve posted, but they also stick around to chitchat a bit.

Leave a comment Armitage

Some blogs don’t get as much traffic, so sometimes there’s no trace of anyone ever actually reading posts, and that gives Agzy the sads 😦

I know that we as readers can’t be everywhere (and I do tend to favour wordpress blogs because it’s easier to follow them, while I shamelessly neglect others), but that’s why Servetus’ Legenda is so extraordinary.

It gives us a chance to check out what else wonderful RA Admirers have come up with and I bet you miss a lot in any given week.

As a blogger I’ll tell you it’s wonderful to have your stuff forwarded (this moved me , thank you dido12, whoever you are!), to be retweeted, reposted, re-whatever else you can do in this day and age!

Your comments, dear reader, are very much appreciated by every blogger and in a way they validate the hours you spent attaching silly moustaches on Richard (that may have just been me…).

don't dash away

So, next time you visit a blog, please make sure you leave a trace, a thought, a comment.

Show bloggers that their posts are important, relevant, that they are a valued voice!

Give them a moment of your time by engaging in their writing, especially seeing that they’ve spent plenty of theirs creating their posts.

And a HUGE Thank You! to all the readers who are generous with insightful, witty, sometimes silly comments.

You make the blogging experience so much richer!

From bloggers everywhere, Thank You!

Armitage Beard Trimmings ON SPECIAL OFFER!

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Be prepared for the December premier!

•Please note, the set does not include the actor Richard Armitage
°Made in China

May it finally RAin Armitage!

I’m off to the city for the next 24h to see Madonna in concert.

I’m Vogue-ing as I write!

I can’t remember the music world without her, although I haven’t really loves her past few albums.

I guess I’m growing old 🙂

What makes it even more exciting is that I’ll get to see the inside of our new National Stadium.

I was planning to publish a post about men’s private parts, but I need to research it a little more.

OK, that came out wrong…

I need to research the particular aspect I’m writing about.

It would have been cool to tie in Madonna and naughty bits, seeing as the Queen of Pop has never been shy herself, but the topic isn’t going anywhere.

While I’m in the city, I will FINALLY have good internet connection, which means I’ll get a chance to see all the video footage from Comic-Con.

I hardly know where to start!

I’d hate to miss anything, so if there’s a clip you’re fond of, please post the link in comments, so I can swoop in like a mad RA fan, to my heart’s delight.

You’d be doing me a huge favour, so help a fellow admirer out 🙂

By the way, as I was searching for images, I came up with a bunch I’ll call: I’m fed up!

Poor Richard looks like all he really wants is a hot shower and a pint of larger.

That’s funny, because that’s what most of us want when we look at him.

Richard taking a hot shower.

Thinking of it makes us thirsty, so a larger would be nice 🙂

It must be taxing to be so sexy, cool, masculine and witty all day long.

Either that, or there’s something suspicious with that water.

Maybe Richard went the Lindsay Lohan route and that’s not water at all.

Vodka anyone?

Images: RANet

Richard Armitage and the Mean Face

Every time I research Richard Armitage, the following quote from The Telegraph pops up.

Nice try, Armitage!

Sure, the man can brood and snicker like there’s no tomorrow.

Here are a few examples of my favorites:

If Hobbit-Con has taught us anything, it’s that RA has a smile that just won’t quit.

It’s a billion watt smile, and no professing will convince me otherwise!

Don’t believe me?

Here are some examples, courtesy of RANet.

So, Mr Armitage, you don’t fool us one bit!

Nitpicking The Armitage at Hobbit-Con

Andy Serkis and Richard Armitage - Warner Bros. Pictures And Legendary Pictures Preview - "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" - Comic-Con International 2012

It’s been a looooong wait, but I think everyone is satisfied with what’s been happening at Hobbit-Con!

 First piece of news: Richard Armitage has grown half an inch!

Maybe it’s something in the NZ water?

It’s the opposite to Tom Cruise who had to change the info on IMDB because he pulled out his shoe lifts.

All I’m saying is if my arse can grow almost overnight, so can Richard Armitage!

Second of all, the beard is here, so get used to it.

That begs the question whether it’ll be features in the new Tornado movie.

Wouldn’t that Fuzzy Goodness be a safety hazard?

If he shaves it off now, seeing that he’s been in the NZ and San Diego sun, won’t that make the skin around his mouth and on his cheeks really pale?

I’d love to be given the chance to investigate 🙂

In general, the all-together hairy appearance of Mr Armitage raised a few eyebrows on Twitter.

There were opinions that the beard could use a trim, the chest hair was visible, so was the neck hair.

Am I to understand that Richard will be getting a trip to the barber’s shop for his Birthday?

I’m a believe in’ less hair is more’ on a man, but this is no regular gentleman.

I’ll let a hairy neck pass 🙂

We saw Richard in his favoured black.

I think he looked great, but then I would.

I like the fact that the black shirt is casual, and channels a bit of the military style.

He looked very lean, probably caused by running around in the Thorin the Dwarf get-up.

What did they pad him with? Sandbags?

Maybe that’s a good way to get trim – go shoot a Peter Jackson movie in NZ.

It’ll be the new Hollywood diet 🙂

Under it we can see a black T-shirt, with the neckline a little lower to reveal some chest hair.

What intrigued me was the chain around his neck.

It literally made me want to scoop in there and see what’s at the end.

Luckily no one else did, for security reason. And common decency would dictate that is crossing the line.

I’m guessing it’s a souvenir from his time filming the Hobbit, and I think it should be his good-luck charm, because Our Boy Did Good yesterday!

Andy Serkis and Richard Armitage - Warner Bros. Pictures And Legendary Pictures Preview - "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" - Comic-Con International 2012

Hobbit-Con was the holy grail for many fans, although most didn’t get a chance to be there in person.

Once again, a HUGE thanks to everyone who took the time to relay what was happening, for uploading pictures and video footage.

We could live vicariously through you!

Andy Serkis and Richard Armitage - Warner Bros. Pictures And Legendary Pictures Preview - "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" - Comic-Con International 2012

Ps. Doesn’t it look like Richard is Sir Ian McKellen’s right hand man?

Hobbit-Con and our Precious Richard Armitage

I had something else scheduled for today, but who the heck would want to read posts on any other topic than yesterday’s madness?


Just a few words on how it looked at my end.

Because I’m in the countryside, the internet connection is shaky at best, but I decided to join my Twitter friends to celebrate The Hobbit at Comic-Con 2012.

I had a blast!

We were waiting for the first RA picture to answer the most important question of all:

Beard or No Beard?

The answer is…

A beard long enough to be braided.

Our reactions to the appearance of our fuzzy friend was varied.

We were unanimous on the rolled up sleeves of the black shirt – a definite thumbs up!

We were also commenting on Martin Freeman’s hat.

All I can say is I wish it was perched on RA’s head.

He could definitely rock the retro look.

We were also commenting on how happy and confident he seemed.

My theory is that he’s channeled his inner Thorin, and that gave him the energy to project the sexy alpha male vibe.

Mr Armitage! We approve.

We might also put away the belief that he so loathes the film promoting experience.

He looked like a pro, and a man with a mission.

Thank You to everyone on Twitter, who made the experience so much fun!

A huge thanks to the following sites:

RANet – all images come from there

The One Ring

Heirs of Durin

Here are some lovely images from Jonia’s Cut.




Announcement about the name!

On a different note, yesterday while we were busy on Twitter, I realized how absurd the @iwanttobeapinup really is, especially if you’re limited to 140 symbols.

That’s why I’ve decided to ‘come out’, as it were, as AgzyM.

So, on Twitter I’ll be @agzym.

I shall also be using AgzyM in comments.

I was adamant to introduce any name that could be traced back to RL, but this feels good 🙂

I’ll be using my iwanttobeapinup with agzym for some time, just so everyone gets used to it.

Make your own Hobbit Wallpaper + Dwarves that brighten up the day!

Every day something new and exciting pops up in the Hobbit world.

Warner Bros gives you the opportunity to make your own desktop and mobile wallpaper, profile icon, Facebook cover, or Twitter skin, using the amazing panorama image.

It’s easy to use, and really fun.

By the way, Heir of Durin has posted images of posters from Comic-Con.

These especially sent my pulse racing 🙂

I think our worries that Richard Armitage won’t look like himself can be put to rest.

Thorin is one irresistable and regal dwarf.

And he seems to have regained RA’s best features!

You’ll also be seeing more Kili / Aidan Turner admiration on this blog in days to follow 🙂

I really can’t resist a guy with wavy black hair, and a sexy Irish accent.

When I saw the following image I thought: How the heck am I going to fit that in my bedroom? 

I could always use the sword as a scarf rack.

Does he come with an assortment of accessories and different clothes?

More importantly, does it have the Ken problem down below?

To the RA Community…

Dear RA Community,

By now you would have read the post about what happened to our friend Fedoralady, from The Armitage Effect.

If you haven’t, I suggest you also read what Jasrangoon wrote in her post, where you can also leave your comment.

I remember a few weeks back exchanging comments with Fedoralady regarding bullying.

She mentioned that she has fallen victim to it, but, being the woman she is, didn’t go into details.

I remember replying that there will be no bullying in the RA community –  not on my watch.

How very wrong I was!

What I didn’t take into account is that the worst sort of bully will maneuver from the shadows, free to do as much harm as possible.

This ‘person’ has done unimaginable damage, not only to Angie, but to all of those who supported her dream to go to Comic-Con, and pooled resources to make it happen.

I can’t tell you how sorry I am, how mad I am!

How dare this person shatter the dreams of someone who has been such a positive part of our community!

What we should have been doing is collecting money to get this ‘person’ some psychiatric help, which is obviously needed.

Ms. Bully!

People refer to you as the 0.1% bad in our 99% good RA community.

I disagree. You are NOT part of the Richard Armitage community PERIOD!

We stand for respect, support and friendship.

Nothing about you makes me think you understand the meaning of these words!

I can’t imagine how a plan to destroy another person is hatched.

Do you wake up in the morning and decide that’s what will make you feel better?

Do you take pleasure in causing other people’s misery?

We’re not just a bunch of fangirls admiring an actor.

I’d like to think that we are friends who share this unique experience.

When you, so viciously, go after one of us, you wage war on all of us.

You are a horrible, lost individual.

You only know hate and malice, and all I can do is feel sorry for you!

You are a coward who pounces on their prey when they least expect it.

We will get through this, a little bruised perhaps, but the good in us will help us prevail.

I can only pity you.

You will always be stuck in the shadows with your misery.

Ps. You don’t know Richard Armitage, you cannot know his wishes with regard to his fans, or any other sphere of life.

For his sake I really do hope he’ll ever have to deal with you in person.

If you’re present at Comic-Con, I would suggest RA’s people check under the bed before he goes to sleep. I’m getting a very strong psycho vibe from you, and now I am actually worried for his safety!

Image from: Me+Richard

The boys are going to Comic-Con!

The search for Richard Armitage is well and truly over!

The One Ring has confirmed that our precious will take part in the Hobbit panel at Comic-Con in San Diego on the 14th of July. Joining him will be Martin Freedman, Andy Serkis, Sir Ian McKeller, Philippa Boyens,  and Sir PJ himself.

Is it just me, or does this seem like quite the honour?

I don’t want to read into this too much, but if three actors are chosen to represent the film, and it’s Sir Ian, Freedman and Armitage, that’s quite a distinguished group of actors, right?

This is how I think it all came about:

RA: Alright there, Sir PJ?

PJ: Yeah, good. You?

RA: Not bad, thanks.

PJ: So, a bunch of us are going over to San Diego for the weekend in July. Wanna come?

RA: Sure, yeah, nothing planned apart from tearing down ivy at my house in London. Who’s going?

PJ: Ya know, Gandalf, Smeagol, Bilbo, some other guys.  We’ll kick back a few Buds, have a laugh, give a few interviews. It’ll be cool. You interested?

RA  (scratches beard): Yeah, cool. Can I travel with my sword?

PJ: Should be OK. Let me get my assistant to make a few calls, I guess we could book the seat next to you on the plane…

RA: First class though, right? Me and my sword, we only travel first class!

PJ: Sure, I’ll see what I can do… Don’t worry, Sir Ian travelled with that Gandalf staff for years after we shot LOTR…

My only regret?

I didn’t hear the name ‘Aidan Turner’ thrown into the mix.

I think I’m just too eye-candy greedy, though…


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