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Pop the champagne, it’s my Blogiversary (for real this time…)

Today (well, technically it was Friday…) marks my 2nd Blogiversary and I intend to celebrate till my fingers turn pruney!

Who knew I’d last this long, 2 weeks would have been pushing it…

2nd blogiversary

I always say that blogging is counted in either dog or Hollywood marriage years so in human terms I’ve been at it for about 14 years and it feel that way at times.

I stated out as an RA blog lurker in the summer of 2011, this blog which followed in January 2012,¬† was intended as a place where I’d gather materials I find on the net that could come in handy for my MA thesis in Fashion.


Fast-forward 2 years later and here I am blogging almost exclusively about Richard with an MA degree in Fandoms and Fanfiction…

This fangirling will take over your life if you’re not careful, but then I guess we wouldn’t want it any other way!

My blogiversary coincides with the annual round-up created my WP, so here’s I Want to be a Pin Up in 2013:

For the longest time I felt like the new Pin Up on the block, now it’s more like a goldfish in an Armitage pond ūüėČ


Thank you so much for supporting my blog, I really appreciate it!

Some time spring it will hit the 500,000 clicks mark which it truly overwhelming and humbling.

Thank you for coming here for a giggle, for engaging and contributing with your comments.

I always say I seem to have the nicest, wittiest and possibly craziest readers and I couldn’t want it any other way.


I bet there are a few lurkers that fit that description well too and hopefully we get a chance to become familiar by my 3rd blogiversary.

I hope to meet up with a few other RA enthusiasts this December in London, fingers crossed.

It would be wonderful to watch Richard strolling the red carpet one last time to support the role of Thorin surrounded by my peeps.


I raise my glass to you Dear Friends, Na Zdrowie!

I’ve been Naughty this year (but Richard made me do it!)

If Santa asks whether I’ve been naughty or nice this year I need to lie through my teeth if I’m to get anything this Christmas.

If I was one of Santa’s reindeer I’d be Rude-olph!

I hope the jolly man will understand, especially that we’re kin of sorts, he is after all North Polish!

My line of defence is that most naughty coal-worthy behaviour has been inspired by my fangirling of Richard and he is more than welcome to submit any form of punishment he sees fit!

(see what I mean? one mention of the man and it’s just pure filth…)

Anyway, let’s celebrate the season of Ho! Ho! Ho! by a round of Nasty Santa, Armitage style:

Richard Armitage 2

I have a rubbish chute, will that do?

Richard Armitage 3

Be warned, I’m a loud carol singer… never mind…

Richard armitage 5


So what are you gonna do about that???

Richard Armitage Xmas1

That last one makes me feel like I’m between a rock and a hard place…

And, if anyone had ANY doubt…

Richard Armitage 4

He means his nose after a glass of sherry I hope.

Last but not least, for my friend Serv bravely battling the snow:

Richard Armitage xmas

A Very Merry! Dear Armitage Friends ūüôā

Who the heck do you think you are, Armitage Army???

FanstRA4 Banner big

Happy FanstRAvaganza 4!

Welcome to one of the¬†best weeks of the year to be an Armitage Admirer (and let’s be honest, it’s not too shabby on any ol’ day…).

This year is extra special over here¬†at IWantToBeAPinUp¬†as there’ll be¬†a post¬†each and every day during FanstRA4 and to help me out I am so happy to announce that I shall be sharing this space with a special guest blogger¬†LittleSallyBoots, who you may recognize from the Armitage community over at¬†Twitter (@Sally_Boots).

Ms Boots will be posting on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

This is how she describes herself:

So I’m a borrower/dwarf-sized English lass who likes to doodle and drink lots of
tea (it is the answer to life’s problems). I have lots of
obsessions *ahem* passions and aspirations, including, one fine
day, to stroke Richard Armitage (I am aiming high – quite literally for
I am muchly excited and a wee bit nervous to be blogging as a first time
blogger on Agzy’s wonderful blog this week ^^
Happy FanstRA4 everybody!

How adorable is she?!?

Please make sure you give her plenty of wonderful energy and support as she’s popping her blogging cherry this week and she’s doing it in style.

She’s whipping her blogging hair back and forth!

She’ll be spinning posts¬†right round baby, right round!

Without your positive vibes, she can’t get no bloggin’¬†satisfaction!

Anyway, you get the idea…

Armitage Army small

Armitage Army, I’ve often wondered who the hell you are!

I mean, seriously, who do YOU think you are?

Armitage Army, RArmy, Armitage Admirers- a rose by any other name would smell as sweet!

You are my most favorite aspect of Richarding, and one that keeps me coming back, keeps me interested, keeps me connected.

I’m a big fat fangirling cheater, but I’m loyal to my RA peeps!

No offence to Richard and his breathtaking attributes, but the quality of¬†fans (admirers, stalkers, craycray’s, whatever name works for you…) is one of¬†his absolute best features.

If the fandom was represented by an Armitage body part, I swear it would be Lucas North’s bum in tight wet denim jeans!

Or Porter’s abs… or maybe that royal hooter stuck conveniently right in the middle of his face…or those runner’s thighs…

Oh, nevermind…

nosey fangirl

Knowing more about the absolute¬†best¬†part of Richard (as far as I can tell and eliminating the cardigans he’s been wearing and I’ve been¬†drooling over)¬†has always been on my mind since I met you, and I’ve decided to compile a bunch of polls to basically satisfy my, and perhaps your,¬†curiosity.

Just so we’re clear, I think the RA fandom is better than the RA cardigans… just not by much…

Anyway, the thing is, the poll results will be hidden until the last day of FanstRA4¬†when I shall reveal¬†them in my final post on Sunday, because I’m evil like that and believe in delayed gratification (yours that is. Mine? Not so much…)..

I had grand plans for this project, seeing it as a fandom equivalent of Alfred Kinsey’s report on sex, but reality has taken me down a peg or two, so let’s water it right down like a jug of Sangria¬†on a hot July evening,¬†and be happy with the little things in life, like a jug of watered down¬†Sangria *hiccup*¬†on a hot July evening.

The questions (with multi-choice answers, even when more than one makes no sense at all)¬†are very run-of-the-mill, so bear¬†your soul and help this nosey parker ūüôā

So, without further ado, I’ll take geography for 200, Richard (works only in a reality where RA is the host of Jeopardy!).

Ok, that was easy (enough), so let’s move on to the ‘nails on the chalkboard’ one.

Reminds me, I need to unscrew the lightbulbs in my house and start hosting guests by candlelight…

How about your Armitage experience?

How many hot British cucumber sandwiches are you buttering (and cutting the crusts off) in that naughty brain of yours?

Richard had me at Hello!… well, at punching Hot Pipe Stevens while managing not to damage his pocket watch (a talent I greatly admire in a man…), but what about you?

I bet Richard is a marathon man (you can understand it whichever way you like, I certainly won’t be explaining myself…), but what about your admiration?

It’s not only who you admire, it’s where you do it, and I don’t mean in the shower or on the bus coming home from work, so mind. out. of. gutter please!

It’s also important¬†how you do it.

After all, there’s the¬†right way, the¬†wrong way, and the Armitage way (or Norway, which also works…).

No, but REALLY, how do you do it?

Are there any other questions regarding the¬†RArmy that you’d like answered?

Is there some kind of fandom question tickling the back of your brain or any other part of you?

If so, please leave your ideas in comments and I’ll do my best to include your ideas into the post ūüôā

Let’s get the Armitage Army to spill the cotton!

Let’s get our secrets off John Porter’s chest!

Results will be revealed on Sunday.

Ps1. I still need more of your face/body parts for my FanstRA4 project, so please send them my way!

Ps2. This post was, in part, inspired by a wonderful BBC series Who Do You Think You Are?¬†which I really enjoy watching and can only regret Richard never took part in as I’d love to peek at the ancestors¬†who produced such a¬† fine specimen.

My favorite episode? Probably the Alan Cumming one.

A Birthday Twilight Marathon and I wouldn’t want it any other way…

You may have noticed it’s all a bit gloomy and halloweeny (is that even a word?) around here, but worry not, I have reasons.

Firstly, I have to admit to being quite a big Twilight fan, which is something I haven’t really mentioned around here.

I understand why someone isn’t, it doesn’t change the fact that I really love the books (mormon celibacy and all, go figure…) and I have a fondness for the movies, even though they’ve gotten progressively worse and the person responsible for the wigs which appear in the movie should be banned from EVER working on another movie.

What I’m trying to say is, as much as I respect your right to dislike the saga, don’t rain on the Twihard’s bloody parade ūüôā

Most of you know that the final part of the Twilight Saga is out today.

It’s an especially lucky day for me as I’ll be spending my birthday at a Twilight Marathon.

It starts at 10pm with the first (and best) part meaning¬†Twilight…

Twilight 3 Dimensional Poster

Then is followed by Jacob sans T-shirt in ¬†New Moon…

Then we’ll see some great fight scenes in¬†Eclipse…

Followed by a lesson on what happens when you have unprotected sex with a vampire in Breaking Dawn: Part 1… (it’s not pretty… the aftermath, not the sex itself…)

Finally Bella the vampire in¬†Breaking Dawn: Part 2…

The marathon will finish around 8.30am on Saturday morning.

Apart from the first film, which I ignored completely and didn’t even bother seeing in the movies when it was first out, I’ve always attended a marathon with each film release.

I just can’t help being a sucker for those Cullen’s and werewolf chests (so keep that shirt OFF Jacob!).

There are a few useful tips about attending a movie marathon that I’ve picked up along the way, which may come in handy:

Take a little nap before and don’t go crazy on the coffee!

Wear comfy clothes!

We’re talking sweatpants, T-shirt, hoodie and a nice woolly poncho for when you need to snuggle.

Make sure you can slip your shoes off and you’re wearing¬†warm socks.

Eat, but not too much…

Drink, but not too much…

No one wants to miss the start of a movie because they are stuck in the queue to the ladies loo (I’m looking at you at the opening for New Moon¬†Magzy!)

Make sure you use each break to stretch your legs.

You may be wondering why I’ve decided to post this image instead of one relating to exercise.

It’s because, surprisingly, there are no images for vampire yoga…

Don’t worry though…

Before any hanky panky in the Twilight films, the girl and vampire had to get married.

OK, it has to be an exercise picture to illustrate my point, so here it is:

Getting back to the point I was trying to make, staying put on your bottom for so many hours¬†limits the oxygen supply¬†and you’ll feel more sleepy.

That actually might not be medically true, but it’s Agzy true, so that’s good enough for me…

Anyway, I hope everyone who is going to see the last part of Twilight has fun ūüôā

Ps. I’m Team Edward in the first part, Team Jacob in the second, then Team Edward in the tent scene in Eclipse, but back to Team Jacob (without his shirt off) in Breaking Dawn Part 1.

What can I say?

I’m a bit of a Twilight Team Swinger ūüėČ

Stoned Patrick - Twilight Zone marathon must watch for as long as possible

Halloween Pin Up Girls

Happy Halloween!

I was thrilled to find these¬†Gil Elvgren Zombie Pin Up Girls, as it’s the perfect way to celebrate the holiday ūüôā

By the way, if you want to assure that you end up a sexy Pin Up Zombie, make sure you carry¬†this card on you at all times¬†just in case ūüôā

Click to visit the original post

I’ve picked mine up and this is the result:

Have a Zombielicious Day!

4 Days till Richard’s Birthday! Operation Armitage Competition!

Welcome to the countdown to Richard Armitage’s Birthday!

This is Day FOUR of the competition!

Doesn’t time fly…

I’d just like to say how much I’m loving the answers to the competition questions!

I don’t reply to each individually, as not to be accused of favoritism, but some had me crying with laughter!

A huge congratulations to the winners, and hopefully you (yes, YOU) will be one of them after today!

Congrats to the winner of yesterday’s competition!

To read about the rules, please go HERE.

Both Margaret Hale and her cousin doubted the value of cotton.

Today, I prove them wrong with this snazzy cotton shopping bag!

¬†This one-of-a-kind illustration, created¬†by our very talented Seba from Gisborne’s Boy, shows the most handsome that blue, black and orange¬†has to¬†offer!

This set of characters is actually quite appropriate.

Guy tries to do as much damage as he possibly can, Lucas tries to stop him, and the good doctor A ends up picking up the pieces.

Remember that to enter the competition, and get your mitts on this item, please answer the following question in comments.

The question is:

Apart from a bum that just won’t quit, and a body to die for, what else do these characters have in common?

Your answer can be as broad as you like!

Comments close at 12pm GMT tomorrow, when the next opportunity to win an Armitage delight is posted ūüôā

Please make sure I have the means to contact you, either by email or Twitter!

Good Luck!

Big Up to Seba, Magzy, and Max’s iPhone!

Comments are CLOSED!

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