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A few of my favorite RA things: I like a Round Rump!

Some of you may have noticed a bit of a hiccup I had this morning.

Magzy sent me a frantic text message that GULP! a post on my blog is empty and WTF?!?

It’s true that today is my 2nd blogiversary but I decided to move that post to Sunday (RL stuff+laziness= incomplete posts).

I’ll come back to this topic on Sunday when I actually do the stuff I planned, so thank you for the comments, stop by for a glass of champagne and some questionable nibbly bits…

BTW, Week 2 of the Armitage Round-Up will be out tomorrow and yes, it actually has content 😉


It warms my heart that when I google Richard Armitage bum, as one does, a healthy amount of posts and pics that pop up are from yours truly.


Those who have been reading my posts for some time will notice that I’ve blogged relentlessly in order to at least deserve a nomination for the award of Biggest Armitage Bottom Connoisseur.

Let me get started on the acceptance speech just in case…


And here’s one of the favourite gifs I’ve ever done because you haven’t LIVED till you bound a one pound coin off Richard’s arse…


See you tomorrow 🙂

Mr Armitage, I like you in your blue jeans, you give me sweet dreams…

Many of you know the particular fondness I have for Richard Armitage and his jeans, especially of the tight (tight I tell you!!) Lucas North variety.

I’ve discussed them and what lies beneath, bounced coins of them, even compared their appeal to Porter combat pants.

Therefore I see it as fate that GizTheGunslinger takes my personal fetish to new heights.

This is one of the most beautiful fanvids I’ve seen in ages.

It’s so stunning, I dare you to watch it just the once!

I haven’t watched a fanvid so many times in a row since discovering Sexy Back 3 which has now become an Armitage Army classic and was even mentioned in the Richard Armitage Glamour UK interview 😉

The images are so powerful they actually make Lana Del Rey sound really good (this is me being bitchy in 2013, to hell with resolutions…).

Looking like that, blue jeans will never go out of style 🙂

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