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Photoshop your Life on a Silly Sunday

Many Richard Armitage fans have spread their creative wings and have accessed their artistic side.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had a giggle while adding an absurd beard or make Thorin’s brows dance around his forehead.

One of the most wonderful tools to experiment with is Photoshop.

I know there are many of us out there who have taken the time and pushed ourselves to create interesting RA images to entertain fellow fans.

The sky really is the limit and fiddling with pictures and gifs can be addictive.

Sad and Useless pushed the envelope and takes a look at how our life would change if we could use PS in real life.

If you don’t get the jokes, it’s time to check out a tutorial, because you’re missing out!

Want to lose weight? Have a cigarette!

As you may have gathered, I was a bit naughty with the title of this post because, like a mentioned earlier, I have given up smoking.

Nevertheless, I simply adore the Lucky Strike vintage advertisements that encourage you to smoke to lose a little weight.

My favorite slogan is: “your throat protection against irritation, against cough.”

I haven’t had a cigarette in a while and I still have a dry smokers throat.

Maybe I should have smoked Lucky Strikes instead of my usual favorite brand.

Back to the ads.

I actually had two authentic “It’s Toasted” ads framed as a present for my sister, and they are hanging in her study.


Lucky Strike cigarettes are perfect for keeping that happy mood too!

By the way, the reason why I’m confident I’ll never smoke again is I understand the lie used as a slogan in the following ad:

Just one more means going back to a packet a day.

No thanks!

Seeing Armitage in the least likely places!

Here’s a picture of a yummy breakfast.

It’s the most important meal of the day.

The traditional breakfast can consist of pancakes with maple syrup, rashers of bacon and some scrambled eggs.

I hope you enjoy your morning!

Oh, and if you see something unusual in this picture, it may be that you’re obsessed 😉

Spoofy Vintage Ads

Vintage Funny

Loony Vintage Ads

8vintage blatz ad Probably the funniest vintage ad collection

vintage tech ads 08 Funny: Vintage tech ads

Bizarre Ads from back in the Day

It’s been a while since I posted some bizarre vintage ads.

These are from back in the day, from a time when political correctness was a newfangled concept!

Enjoy 😉


Images: FreshPics

Star Treking into the Absurd

startrek Star Wars memorabilia is epic (20 Photos)

I’m not sure how many of my readers happen to be Trekkies, my sis is definately one, so time for some Star Trek crazy 🙂

star trek funny 2 Star Wars memorabilia is epic (20 Photos)

star trek funny 5 Star Wars memorabilia is epic (20 Photos)

star trek funny 9 Star Wars memorabilia is epic (20 Photos)

star trek funny 16 Star Wars memorabilia is epic (20 Photos)

Images: TheChive

Richard Auditions for Fifty Shades of Grey (but not really)


I have thought about Richard Armitage in the role of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey.

I’m going to let my imagination get the best of me.

Imagine Richard Armitage playing the complex Mr. Grey.

He realizes that a certain amount of spanking will be required of him if he wants to convincingly play the part.

He then learns a hard lesson that spanking someones behind makes your hand hurt just as much…


Game of Thrones Funnies

It’s Tuesday meaning I’ve just watched the new Game of Thrones episode.

I have a dumb smile attached to my face and I’m basking in the GoT glory.

It’s time for some funny, bizarre or just plain weird, all from Game of Thrones Funnies:

Mirri Maz Duur’s True Identity


Life from The Hunger Game perspective

I like to hear how much people enjoyed watching The Hunger Games.

These are people who haven’t read the books and didn’t really know what the big hoopla was about.

I have a feeling the book has began to seep through to real life 😉

You'd totally win the Hunger Games if passive-aggressive behavior could kill.

 funny hunger games art    Hunger Games Themed Someecards   TwiHG someecards

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