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RA Silent Auction: The Morning After

Armitage thank you

The Richard Armitage Silent Auction is done and what an amazing experience it has been!

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have.

Let me start by thanking all the wonderful donations and generous bids.

I am also very grateful for those who made donations.

Thank you to those who stopped by to comment, retweeted, reblogged and reposted.

The winner of the Thorin Bookmark raffle is:

Raffle winner Debra

Congratulations, I will be contacting you shortly 🙂

I have already emailed all the winners of the auction, so congrats to you all!

I will tally up when all of the transfers come in, but I can tell you this:

When I had the idea for the auction, I hoped that I’d manage get 10 items that would fetch 100 GBP.

I can tell you that the auction has exceeded my hope many times over!

Not only were the bids generous, but I’m also grateful for the donations that RA Silent Auction received.

The JustGiving charity that you have chosen to support is:

RA Silent Auction poll

I’ll be posting about the official transfer to Just Giving Childline once I have added everything up and all the transfers have come through.

This is the first time I’ve organised something on such a grand scale and I value your thoughts on what worked, what we could improve on etc., so feel free to email me at rasilentauction [at] if you’d like to share your opinion.

Richard Armitage Silent Auction Coming Soon!

Richard Armitag Silent Auction big

Dear Friends,

There’s been something I’ve been mulling over, seeking advice about, and trying to figure out the logistics of in the past few weeks and today I can finally share the news with you.

I’ve decided to organise a Richard Armitage Silent Auction from the 29th of November till December 1st.

What’s this mysterious being, you may ask…

Well, the  auction will feature a number of goodies (many, but not all are RA related) that you can bid on via email (hence the silent part).

I will be posting the rules and guidelines shortly, but let me just outline the basic idea.

A bunch of items will appear in a post on the 29th of November.

if you wish to bid on a specific one, you are asked to send me an email with your bid, with the closing date being Sunday Dec. 1st.

The person who bids the highest wins.

Here’s the best part: ALL of the money raised goes to an RA charity that will be chosen by Armitage Admirers based on the results of a poll that shall be up throughout the auction.

The RA Silent Auction means that you will not only be able to get your hands on some pretty amazing items, but you’ll also be contributing towards a worthy cause.

RA Silent auction b&w

I will be writing more about the auction closer to the date, but today I’m looking for generous and kind-hearted people to contribute items that can be auctioned off.

And when I say items, your imagination is the limit 🙂

If you would like to donate anything, or help in any way, please email me at RASilentAuction [at] or at my usual email address.

You can also leave a comment and I will get in touch with you shortly.

And a HUGE thank you to those who have already answered my  plea and have pledged awesome stuff for the auction or have offered their advice, assistance and wisdom 🙂

So, get your thinking caps on, start rummaging through your stuff, pull out the old DIY/ arts & crafts box,  and put aside a few pennies for the auction!

Arty Farty Friday: A Guide on how to spend your Millions


I’ve got something simple but useful for you today.

Instead of stuffing your mattress with all those banknotes, or wallpapering your room with them, how about investing in a little art?

For some it’s mere pocket change, but would you give $100 million for a Picasso (if you had it)?

I sympathise with museums who are unable to compete at auction with major corporations looking to get the greatest return on their investment.

Many paintings will disappear completely only to resurface in fifty years on the selling block.

How can we possibly price art anyway?

Does the price make it more accomplished, as Soames Forsyte would say?

You can check out the list of the world’s most expensive paintings with their prices adjusted here.


Turns out my least favourite painters, Willem de Kooning’s and his Woman III takes second place.

Seriously, no offence but there’s something about his work that turns my stomach and not in a good way.


The painting I would have taken a loan out for is Tamara Lempicka’s Adam and Eve, which sold at auction in New York for $1.98 million in 1994.

I would have paid off 0,0000001% by now 😉

Anyway, here’s a documentary shedding light on the world’s most expensive paintings, but also proof that Jeffrey Archer is indeed a pompous tw*t.

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