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Tights for arms. On how to Banish the visible Buffalo Wings!

I know this sounds a bit bizarre, but I like the concept 😉

 Often we don’t feel comfortable baring our arms, so we end up wearing layers upon layers to hide them.

And who likes their buffalo wings to wave back?

Shrugs can be so dated, as are old fashioned bolero jackets.

Here’s an idea of how to cover your arms with the use of a pair footless tights / pantyhose.

It helps create a firmer look to the arm rather like stocking but without the bulk of a long sleeved vest top under your dress, that would probably ride up and leave ridges under your garment or dress.

There’s even a nicer name for it: Arm Hosiery or Armery!

You can use any colour or pattern of footless tights ( they will automatically give you neat cuffs), even woollen ones.

Apparently you should buy tights your size, or if you are broader in the shoulders, a size bigger.

The picture below shows what they look like. If you pop something on top, it’s going to look very snazzy!

I for one cannot wait to get my hands on some leggings and a pair of scissors, which are still lying around after cutting out My RA doll from FanstRA 😉

You can also buy a pair by Mary Portas for House of Fraser,although for many of us that’s not an option. So back to the footless tights and sharp scissors we go…


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