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Splitting hairs about Richard’s hair…

Armitage Bald

The debate continues, so cue the hair puns!

Hair we go:
Todd is going to great lengths to finish this cutting edge tornado flick and one can only hope he’ll pony up soon, once he straightens out a few things.

I think it’s great he tweets pics hair and there of highlight from the film, we’re still waiting for a great clip, so I’m brushing off any criticism from other fans that he’s showing his true colours by teasing us.

There’ve been some cutting remarks, but let’s knot get tied up about it.

Armitage Hair magic Black Sky

There have been discussions throughout the RA community regarding Garner’s intentions and the disturbing change in Richard’s hair length, as he’s clearly still sporting hair from down under… and I mean from NZ, so get your mind out of the gutter!

It’s something I’ll have to mullet over, although it looks like the mane issues were covered here and here, so check it out if you want to get to the root of the problem.

Gary Thorin Hair

The truth is I can’t wait for the tornado flick, it doesn’t wash any more and I feel stranded.
I’m receding now, it’s all getting too hairy for me and I think I’m just splitting hairs now.

So, to cut this short, hairs to your success Richard!

You are a cut above the rest and we are rooting for you!

Into The Frustration

Into the storm1

If you’re tired of waiting around for Category Six Black Sky Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Storm to come out, you’re not alone.

Jeeeez, we’ve been talking about it more than we will when the thing actually comes out at some point.

Whatever happened to instant gratification?

Other dwarves are out there, but where is ours?

Aidan Turner is in Mortal Instruments, The Almighty Johnsons series 3 stars Dean O’Gorman, but not a single new thing for poor Thorin.

Is this media blackout because he got lost twice on his way to Hobbiton?

Is the film and TV industry his very own Smaug dragon casting shadow over that which should be his?

If you’d like a good old-fashioned moan about how there’s no news on future RA projects here and now is the place to do it.

Tomorrow is another day and we will wake up full of optimism and we’ll continue rationalizing all that isn’t happening  for Richard.

But let me have my moan day…

A film by any other name is still not on my screen…

A film by any other name is still not on my screen…


In the wee small hours of the morning, I had a mini blogging panic attack with regards to this post which had been scheduled to come out a few hours later.

My main assumption was that tornadoes are accompanied by rain, but this is no Kansas and the closest I’ve ever come to a tornado is that little whirl you get when you pull out the drain plug.

If there’s no rain, I was royally screwed!

I can now confirm that there are “rain-wrapped” tornadoes.

Gary Morris Armitage

Oh, and Richard is actually wet in this pic and that’s all the confirmation I need 🙂

So without further ado…

Armitage tornado1

There are clearly some issues with Richard’s project that he filmed last year in the US and that we’re still waiting on.

The movie has gone through a list of titles:

Category Six

Black Sky

Now we think (but who really knows…) that it’ll be called:

Into the Storm

My favourite by far is Bccmee’s Tornado of Love, but the film producers seem to be ignoring this far superior option.

So what if it would require minimising the main drizzly and windy plotline in favour of Richard getting hot and heavy with his leading lady?

(Release the weather puns…)

Now that’s a story that would sweep me away!

I actually encourage any shifts that will focus on the love part rather than the tornado one, do you catch my drift?

And if things get breezy and actors get disrobed in the process, I say go with the flow…

But seriously though, I really can’t wait for the tornado movie to come out, they say there’s a twist at the end.

 I though that maybe we should give a helping hand and offer some other title alternatives to speed the process up and get Richard onto out screens asap, because waiting is quite a blow!

So make sure your mind is not clouded or in a fog because we may have mist some great film title ideas.

How about:

 The Storm Chaser of Dibley

Harry rain_edytowany-3

There’s something about yellow rain gear that makes me giggle.

You can even protect the essentials from the rain… don’t want things getting damp…

Moving swiftly along… how about:

Gary Hood

Guy rain 1

Guy sure looks miserable enough to know a thing or two about dire conditions.

I can just imagine him standing there, sword in hand, ready to fight the tornado, at the same time blaming the sheriff for it.

Put on your willies, grab the torchlight, put your thinking waterproof cap on and tell me:

What are your tornado movie title ideas?

PS. Impromptu image for Perry

RA Dragon

And another quick one…

RA dragon 3

The Elusive Tornado

I’ve been thinking quite a lot about what’s next for Richard Armitage.

OK, I’ve been thinking a lot about Richard, and one of the topics, apart from those thunder thighs donned in a gorgeous suit,  is what’s in store for him.

Remember when the wonderful Bccmee made this poster a year ago almost to the day?

We still didn’t know what would be its title, although Category Six was the working title.

A year has passed, and it all seems as muddled now as it did back then.

RAFrenzy wrote about whether it’s time to get our tornado gear ready for Black Sky, and I was already getting my willies (LOL! typo and it’s staying there!) out of the fangirling wardrobe…

Then this popped up in my Twitter feed:

Black Sky Twitter

As far as I know, no reply to the last question came.

What does it all mean?

Did Nathan Kress, who stars alongside Richard in Black Sky, simply get his dates wrong?

Are we to wait another year while things get settled?

As far as I know ( and please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong), but it seems that everyone is staying mum on the topic of the release date.

Hello Ladies, meet Gary!

I hope you are preparing for the collective reading of Sharon Kay Penman’s The Sunne in Splendour.

I’m taking a rest from RIII today, which doesn’t mean I’m not ripping through the book !

Because I mean to write about the story in more detail, I’m actually trying to take my time, underlining things to mention in my Richard III for Dummies posts  (Part 1 and Part 2) , which is something new, as I love reading super fast.

A Book a day keeps the Brain Rot away!

But I have another saying:

An Armitage Goodie makes the whole day Yummy! 

While I was busy with life and other silliness, @Todd_Garner gave us a RA boost with a pic and a name reveal for Richard’s character in Black Sky!

The man is teasing us, and it feels Oh! so good 😉

Wet has never looked this good, I think you’ll all agree!

It’s nice to see Armitage not being tortured, suicidal, drowning or on the verge of a mental breakdown.

I think Richard should take of that shirt and suit before he catches a chill 😉

Now that Richard is comfy relaxing in bubbles, it’s time to focus on the character name:

It’s an interesting choice.

According to Wiki the popularity of Gary as a given name in the United States has been on a very slow, but steady decline.

In the 1990s, this name was the 170th most popular, given to around 0.1% of newborn males.

Here’s a chart:

The short form for Gary is either Gar or Gaz.

Am I the only one that’s a tad disappointed that he’s not John?

Nevertheless, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet 🙂

On why I think US RA Admirers have a great big Pair!

What a week it’s been!

The Armitage Birthday Countdown was a success, if you don’t mind me saying!

It was a great lead-up to Armitage Day!

It really makes me want to come up with another RA admirer appreciation event 🙂

I had so much fun on Twitter yesterday, I literally had to put myself in time-out!

The fun isn’t over though, as King Richard Armitage Week has started.

Although I’m not participating, it has my absolute support, and I can’t wait to see what my lovely fellow bloggers come up with.

I hope I learn more about Richard III, as my British History college professor would be ashamed of my lack of knowledge on the subject.

One thing’s for sure!

It’ll be a blast!

Warning: This post contains generalizations 😉

It’s been a gReAt week for the fandom in more ways than one.

We’ve been spoilt by reports (some very detailed and yummy) of fans meeting RA on the set of his new movie.

You can find them Here, here, and here, to name a few.

Of course, each time new info hit the internet, I was overjoyed, dancing around like a right prat 🙂

My sister asked a very valid question, though.

Why is there so much ‘RA meeting fans’ news, when, apart from official events, we didn’t hear a peep when he was in NZ?

My immediate response:

Because US RA fans have great big cojones!

Bear with me as I explain my answer.

Firstly, US RA fans had a vision to travel to the set, not really sure if they’d be welcome.

I love a dreamer, and these ladies really turned the fantasy of meeting Richard into reality!

They showed up, some bearing funny signs, knowing full well there was a chance they’d be shooed away by security, but they took that risk.

They didn’t feel silly, or embarrassed.

Taking family with was a brilliant touch!

I hate to say it, but we all look a tad less RA crazy or threatening when there’s someone younger (like our kids) or older (like an in-law) accompanying us.

They were extremely polite to the crew, waiting patiently for their chance to meet Richard.

Let’s me honest, if the first RA fan had been rude, or in any way inappropriate in her behaviour, Richard would have informed security to get rid of any other admirers hunting for a picture with him.

And yet each and every time a fan showed up, he went out of his way to say Hello!

I think it says a lot about how wonderful Richard is, but also about the wonderful conduct of Armitage admirers.

The exemplary behaviour of our fellow RA lovers is what I’m the proudest of!

It couldn’t have been easy staying cool and collected in the face of sex on sexy legs 😉

I feel like you’ve paved the way for other fans to meet Richard.

These encounters have changed the image of that weird RArmy of strange obsessive fans lurking in the internet shadows, and shown that we’re actually a group of very nice (and sane) women, who just happen to have great taste in British actors.

Last, but not least, they had the b*lls to share their stories with the rest of us.

As I’ve said it before, I wouldn’t blame anyone for keeping a lid on such a story, or sharing it with a selected group of friends.

Recent unfortunate events in our fandom have taught us that sometimes online animosities find their way to RL, with very distressing results.

It would be easier to ‘fly below the radar’, and yet you had the great big pair to share 🙂

I really hope you don’t regret your decision, and that fellow RA admirers have proven themselves trustworthy and respectful!

Thanks to you we know that:

Richard smells of soap

The character in the new film won’t be called John

He will be using an American accent

He’s great at holding up cute silly signs in pictures

He’s more gracious and gorgeous than any of us could ever have imagined

US RA admirers!

You have great big melons!

And we are very thankful for that!

All images:  RALover and ItsJSforMe at RANet

A Care Package for Richard Armitage

We’ve been getting new about The Armitage Twister thingy, and I don’t mind telling you, I’m green with envy!

Firstly, there’s an extra on set who slipped and fell straight into RA.

I slip, I fall, I have NEVER fallen on Armitage.

Where is the justice?

If I were to slipt and fell on him, I’d knock the poor man down and made sure he felt a real woman had landed on top of him 🙂

Anyway, there’s been one more report from the set.

Doesn’t it sound gruesome?

So, I decided there was nothing else to do but to assemble a care package for Richard, just to make the filming process more comfortable.

Here are my ideas, if you would like to add something, let me know.

First of all, how about a nice pair of wellies to keep his feet toasty warm and dry.

We can go patriotic:

I prefer these, seeing that he is a busy bee, going from one set to another:


Then, the man will need a comfort blanket.

I suggest to go for the cow motif, as there will be plenty of them caught up in the tornado:

cow blanket

He’ll need a good umbrella.

If I were there on set, I’d suggest this one:

As I’m not, maybe this one is a better option, not to tempt fate and make some chick on set feel she can just climb under RA’s umbrella:

I’m going to throw in this, just as a small hint…

Last but not least, after standing all day, next to that nasty wind machine, with the water hose on, I think Richard really needs someone to give him a nice warm cuddle at the end of the day.

teddy cuddle

The only trouble is he’s not very popular with the ladies, so where am I to find such a dear who will sacrifice the next 2 months wrapping her arms around Richard at the end of a hard day of shooting?

Do you know anyone who’d be up for the job?

Update: No beard! Did you see! He’s clean-shaven *does mad man dance*

DING DONG The bushy beard is GONE!!!

McAvoy’s Rory O’Shea Was Here, and it made me think…

When the news spread about Richard’s first post-Hobbit project, I was less than thrilled.

I’ve written a post about the Category Six before, making light of it, but I found it difficult to express why I was a tad disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll go see it with an open mind.

It just that I wanted… more.

A while back I saw, and wrote about,  “Van Gogh. Painted with Words”, with the wonderful Benedict Cumberbatch playing the part of Vincent Van Gogh.

It inspired me to search for other projects he had been in.

Cumberbatch is hailed as the hottest actor around, appearing in both independent films, but also being scooped up by the big name directors.

It would seem that appearing in blockbusters and playing ambitious parts is not mutually exclusive.

On my British Actors high, I also started collecting films with James McAvoy, and yesterday I watch him in, what the critics call, one of his best roles.

“Inside I’m Dancing” also known as “Rory O’Shea Was Here”, came highly recommended by Joanna.

We both have a thing for British actors (who in their right mind wouldn’t?), and she suggested I give it a try.

As open-minded as I am, I sometimes feel prejudiced against some books or films, especially when the subject matter isn’t something I would ordinarily pick.

Michael (Steven Robertson), who suffers from cerebral palsy, has spent all his life in residential care.

He has spent his whole life at the Carrigmore Home for the Disabled (“a special home for special people”).

His life is structured and safe, and he’s sheltered from everything that is happening beyond the walls of the home.

In comes new resident Rory (James McAvoy), a rebel determined to gain freedom and independence despite his Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Rory and Michael become friends, and eventually persuade the authorities to give them a personal living allowance.

They create their own ‘cripple heaven’, with the help of a beautiful personal assistant Siobhan (Romola Garai).

The story has you laughing out loud, crying like a nut, but it also makes you pause and think what freedom and independence really means.

It was this film that summed up why I was disappointed with RA’s new project.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that Richard is testing out international waters, and he probably chose the part with care, but I would love him to be able to play such a challenging character.

The much loathed season 9 of Spooks proved that Richard can play a character unravelling, falling apart at the seams, and this was with some extraordinary dodgy writing.

We all know he can do it, as he attacks each part with an intensity, and ends up adding a third dimension to a character that would ordinarily be as flat as a pancake (Porter, anyone?).

Maybe producers and directors see him as an action hero, but I don’t doubt he would be able to give any character the vulnerability needed.

How about giving Richard Armitage a chance to be more than that?

Anyway, as always, YT gives you the opportunity to see “Inside I’m Dancing”.

Here is the first part.

On making Richard Armitage feel at home in the US! A Guide for Americans

Dear Americans,

For the next 2 months or so, you will have the pleasure of hosting British actor Richard Armitage.

I would just like to underline that he is on loan from Europe, and we would like him back at some point.

New Zealand played fair, and so should you!

I wouldn’t be the person I am if I didn’t offer some advice and guidance on how to make Richard feel at home.

Here are my top 10 tips, feel free to add any of your own.

1. He doesn’t drink coffee, he takes tea, my dear! (Thanks Sting).

Coffee is vulgar and offensive to a Brit and should never be offered at breakfast.

Richard may ask for it in the morning, but he’s just being polite.

Refuse him sternly, and insist he has an Earl Grey with milk and sugar!

2. Just as Americans always say ‘Have a nice day!’, the British often use phrases like: ‘I say, steady on old chap’ and ‘Right you are Gov’nor’.

Think Mary Poppins and Charles Dickens when you choose your phrases to make Richard feel right at home!

Also, take the time to teach him the proper meaning of the word ‘chips’.

3. In general, put on a faux British accent.

The Brits love it! Really!

There’s nothing quite like an American imitating the Queens English!

The only reason Brits don’t seem so enthusiastic about your attempts is because all they are, ya know, so cool and reserved!

4. Make plenty of rude comments about the French.

I know, I don’t get it either, must be a cultural/historic thing…

You can also mention the American Revolution, and ask whatever happened to The British Empire.

5. Get the fog machine out, pray for rain.

Every time it does rain, comment that he must feel right at home.

In general, 95% of conversation not relating to filming should be about the weather.

Any other topic would bore Richard, or just be highly inappropriate!

6. Have a cricket field close to his hotel, with a Pub en route.

Convey to Richard that he can put on his bowler hat, crab his cane and go play cricket, stopping for a pint of larger along the way.

He’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness, and think you’re a stand up sort of chap.

On the topic of sports, explain to Richard why he’s been so wrong in the understanding of the word ‘football’.

You mustn’t let him make that blunder!

7. Make sure you tell Richard about your trip to London in 1994.

Mention it at least 3 times, and list all the landmarks you visited, one by one.

Buckingham Palace, Changing of the Guards, Piccadilly Circus…

Have holiday snapshots to illustrate your London trip.

If you can also underline that your ancestors were from England, Scotland or Ireland, I’m sure he’d be ever so grateful, and he’d feel you must be kindred spirits, hearing about something that happened years ago to people he’s never heard of.

8. Make as many Monty Python references as you can!

Every time Richard makes anything remotely resembling a joke, be sure to say: ‘That must be that famous British humour!’ and poke him in the ribs for good measure.

He’ll love it, but being the typical British gentleman, he’ll refrain from bursting out with laughter!

9. Ask Richard to do his  best Austin Powers impression.

Yeah, baby!

He may refuse at first, but encourage him by impersonate Powers yourself!

The Brits have long regarded the International Man of Mystery as the best ambassador of all things British.

In a poll conducted by Ms Ayama Royal-Prick, he beat the Queen, One Direction, and rice pudding!

If you could provide fake Austin Powers teeth, that would just be the cherry on the cake…sorry…pie…pudding!

He’ll feel so welcome, I think it would render him speechless!

10. Every time you see Richard eating, make sure you express how happy you are that he is finally able to taste some proper food, seeing that British cuisine is so bland and stodgy.

You may also want to add how amazed you are he grew up to be such a dashing lad on baked beans, speckled dick and haggis.

Go ahead and give him your thought on The Full English Breakfast versus a stack of pancakes with maple syrup and a rasher of bacon on the side.

It’s a solid conversational topic, and one that shows your excellent knowledge of all things British.

Here is the British comedian, Ricky Gervais on the top 10 things Americans say that Brits hate.

By the way, I’d say all these things to Richard, just to prove Gervais wrong!

If you take my tips to heart, Richard will feel so good in the USA, he might never want to leave…

*smirks, rubbing hands*

*starts chuckling*

*chuckle turns into diabolic laughter*

*bursts into evil flames, consumed by her own wickedness*

Mr Armitage, we’ll see you back in Europe very soon!

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