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The stories we tell ourselves…

Warning, the post contains instances of blogger referring to herself in the third person which some may find annoying and disturbing.

The stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves…

We repeat them like a mantra till they become set in stone.


AgzyM doesn’t write.

Nope, she loves reading, listening and talking all together waaay too much, but she doesn’t write.

2,5 years later she’s still blogging and although both quality and quantity of her written word may be questionable, she’s still at it.


AgzyM doesn’t run.

Not for a bus, not for anyone…

Yet half way through her Zombies, Run 5K program, she doesn’t mind telling you that she is kicking those zombies butts and has her heart set on further goals- a 10K, perhaps a half marathon one day.

What other stories on repeat in that thick skull- stories of what cannot be done- repeated to the point when they become an absolute?

John Porter wet water

It at moments like these that I think of poor Mr Armitage who script after script is confronted with, what he claims, is one of his greatest fears.

Doused and drowning, sinking and swimming, sprayed, spritzed, hosed down (and that’s just Porter…).

There are more projects on his CV that involve a wet T-shirt competition than not.

Wet in water and mud, soon filthy canal muck, he puts aside the story he tells himself and just does it anyway for his admirers’ amusement and entertainment.

Do you ever tell yourself what you simply can’t do but know deep down inside it may just be that- a story?

About Agzy The Ripper

Sew, Rip, Repeat... and love each moment of it! Join me as I embark on a myriad of sewing and crafting shenanigans.

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  1. The Fake it ’til you Make it mantra sometimes is true and sometimes not. LOL!

    I’m glad you decided to blog. Your sense of humor has made me grin and laugh out loud too many times to count.

  2. The most problematic stories in my life are not about what I don’t or can’t do, but what I should be doing or am supposed to want to do or be able to do. But yes, I watch a lot of interactions (including my own) and wonder what kind of master narrative is involved in sustaining them 🙂

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  4. Hey Agzy –

    Geez, sorry so late to get to any of your posts with comments!

    Really love this post. A LOT. Love the ‘Blog’ poster above. Hilarious.

    And the ‘how I think I look’ when running vs. ‘How I actually look’. In this case, the ‘how you really look’ is so much more adorable than ‘how you think you look’. But that aside, I think it’s an important question you ask and so wonderful to know you are asking and making changes for yourself, questioning the stories you have been telling yourself about yourself….

    It can be a great first step to being awakened to who you are (right now) and perhaps – who you have ambitions to yet become in the future. 😉

    Whatever it is, GO FOR IT – and know that you are supported by the world of readers who already appreciate the light and love that you bring to the world with your engaging and delightful posts.

  5. Off topic, m’dear, but I’m eagerly awaiting your next installment… Thought it would be here today?


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