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Guy of Gisborne Taking off his Armour.

Simply stunning! Gizzy gearing up by the fireplace as I watch from across the landing is the only Armitage dream I’ve ever had, but you must agree my subconscious chose a corker!

Middle England Earth Art

Guy of Gisborne Taking off his Armour. Anne-Louise P. 2009-2 My very first foray into digital painting back in May 2009. I scanned my pencil sketch and brought it up in Corel 3, and then used a Wacom tablet and stylus and about a thousand layers to paint it…About 35 or so, anyway. 😉 Armour is so much fun to do in a digital programme.

I have a larger monitor now; it’s much better for doing digital art!

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  1. Thanks for re-blogging this pic. I like your comment! What a nice dream to have! Glad to have presented that dream in art form for you, lol. 😉

  2. Beautiful..


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