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I’m scrambling to wish you a Happy Easter!

Hello Dear Readers,

I couldn’t resist a post featuring an Armitage bunny, so a very Happy Easter to those who celebrate and a Happy Spring in Bloom to those who don’t.

Easter Armitage 1

Here’s some Polish language humour:

Jajka means eggs and are also called jaja.

Jaja is also a slang expression for balls, and I don’t mean tennis or beach…

So usually when I wish you: Smacznego jaja! (a tasty egg), I may actually be wishing you something different entirely…

 I hope everyone has a Smaczenego jaja! this Easter, if you are so inclined 😉

Anyway, I could give egg puns a try, but decided not to risk taking a crack at it so…

Have an Eggsellent Easter and I’ll speak to you soon (maybe even sooner then you think…).


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  1. Happy Easter to you as well, dear A. Wish you lots of chocolate bunnies.
    Good to hear from you! Hope, all is well and you will be back with us very soon.

    • 🙂 No chocolate here, but I did have a rather smashing dish of scrambler eggs and sweet peas for dinner yesterday, so I feel I’ve filled up my culinary Easter requirement for this year 😉
      I’m very good and hopefully will be boring you with details in post coming soon…
      How are you, buttercup? I guess each RA fan worth their salt would automatically scream GREAT!!! We have been spoiled recently.

      • Indeed, we have been. I am the most happy fangirl walking this beautiful earth at the very moment. Thanks to my good fairy who took notice of my prayers Mr. A. is doing some theatre this summer. And just 8 ½ minutes after the official announcement I had a plane- and a theatre-ticket in my damp, greedy paws. And it looks as if we are going to be treated with lots and lots of marketing goodies until then. *happysigh
        And with a beard. Or at least with some scruff.

        ps: I am very impressed and a little envy by your cooking skills. Best thing I could manage was an invitation to friends of mine (who are marvellous cooks), otherwise I would have treated myself with a sandwich or a pizza (ready made). So – also in this case – I was a lucky girl. 🙂

        • May I ask when your ticket is for? Are you going in July? I have mine for the 7th and 8th of July. I’ll be posting on the topic in a few days, so I hope ring ticket bearers will take the opportunity to perhaps arrange a celebratory meeting/drink with their fellow RA comrades, so if any are inclined to do so, they are more than welcome to use the comments section 🙂
          Regarding cooking, I’ve switched to healthy clean food, so it does stretch my culinary talents a tad. You’d think there’s only a limited amount of ways you can serve up veggies for dinner, but I hope I’m holding my own. I added rosemary and chives to the scrambled eggs just to make them fancy… they certainly couldn’t be mistaken for lobster, but they filled the belly nicely. We’ve declined Easter invites this year as the Poles celebrate Easter in a BIIIIIGG way with regard to food and I didn’t want to take any chances 😉

          • It would be absolutely lovely to meet up with some of the other RA well wishers, but I am afraid I will be one of the last ones to see the play. I have tickets for the 28th of August. Not only I had to take care of my business holiday schedule, I also wanted to avoid any date that might be around a presentation event for ITS, SDCC or whatever other mighty marketing hooplah there could be. So I think I will have heard of every single word and look and breath of our beloved actor before I will see the play myself. It will be very hard to avoid spoilers for 2 months. But anyhow: anyone out there who will be in London at the 28th of July? Let’s meet for a drink and some hardcore fangirling!
            And there will also be an audiobook pretty soon. Dear, we are really gifted fangirls. He manages to keep us entertained on a constant level. Good boy.

          • That’s actually probably a really good time to see the play. I would very much doubt that Richard was away doing other stuff for the few final performances. I think we’re all going through turmoil, keeping our fingers crossed that we won’t get the understudy, but there isn’t much any of us can do about that.
            I wouldn’t worry about spoilers, I think the atmosphere and the sheer fact that you will see Richard on stage will make you soon forget any spoilers that may come your way. It’s a bit like The Hobbit spoilers- the plot is so well known that it hardly matters when you actually see the film.
            BTW, I had forgotten about the audiobook 🙂 I’m loving Richard’s career decisions, with the play and the gritty film, the audiobook (and I do love to listen to Richard!) is just an icing on the cake 🙂 We are spoilt spolit girls (but I wouldn’t want it any other way).

  2. Oh, you self-indulgent Polish sweetheart! Now, that you twisted my thoughts onto something entirely different… Holy Moly!!

    • I made the mistake of checking out Easter jokes/puns on FB and it took all of my willpower not to go down the really naughty route… I just wanted to share the complexity of my beautiful language with the non Polish RA friends 😉

      • Thanks Agzy, for ever being sooo zealeous in giving us an understanding of your beautiful, but challenging language. Now, at least, I try to remember the really important words…..
        BTW I have tickets for August 19th, 21st and subsequently decided to buy one for his Birthday as well as this seems a date where most likely more women (!!) from the fandom would show up. But maybe I’m totally wrong here. No way for me to go in July 😦 Would have loved to meet up with you again with ALL my heart!!

        • I’d love to meet up too, especially that you girls are going to no doubt have a blast! Once I’m back from London I’ll start saving up for December The Hobbit and this time, if Berlin is an option, I will definitely jump at the chance. If not, it’s a date to all meet up in London, right?
          Tickets for his BDay performance sounds like a blast! If backstage door/fan meeting is a possibility, it’d be a hoot to wish Richard a Happy Armitage Day.

  3. Miss you,Miss you. Glad you’ll be back soon. Happy Easter.

  4. Lovely to hear from you, Agzy- happy Easter. I trust all is well in your corner of the world. Congrats on the theatre tickets- a treat in store, I’m sure!

    • Happy Easter! I was good, the latest RA news has pushed me over the “great” stage 🙂
      BTW, I promise to do my best to get something to share with fellow RA fans.
      US fans have done such a great job so us European fans could live vicariously through you with all the goodies you’ve sent our way in past the year or so, so I hope I’ll get a chance to repay the favour 🙂

  5. happy, happy Easter!

  6. Radosnych Świąt, Agzy! I mokrego Dyngusa!

  7. How nice to hear from you again!! Hope you have had a lovely Easter!! 😀

    • It’s been great, but I’m already grumpy that tomorrow it’s back to work. Having said that our May long weekend is around the corner, so let the countdown for more free days begin!

      • ah, the legacy of Christianity — the gift that keeps on giving. Easter, Ascension Day, Pentecost … do you have May 1 off, too?

      • Over here there are many Catholic holidays as well… I won’t complain about them as they’re usually a refreshment to life… 🙂
        Personally, I have one more reason to be waiting anxiously for May… Two weeks holiday… wow… I need them!!!

        • Wow, that sounds lovely! Are you heading somewhere nice? Apart from the odd long weekend it’s foot to the pedal till the end of June for me. Then it’s sweet bliss of laziness!

          • This year I going to Rome and Tuscany (a mix of history, that I love, good food, wines and beautiful landscapes). In June, things will be crazy over here with the world cup coming… I’m planning to stay at home far from the caos!!

          • That is perfection! I hope you have stocked up on books about Italy. I was recently recommended “Beautiful Ruins” by Jess Waters as a great light read to gear up for Italy 🙂 BTW, we had Euro 2012 in Warsaw and it was crazy here at the time, but then we got a few new stadiums thanks to it, so I was happy to leave the city and let the madness take over my city.

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