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Top of the Mornin’ to Ya, Liebste Freind! or Yay! I have my very own Pocket Shrine®

I can’t believe the scheduled  posts I prepared to go out during my hiatus are out already.

I’ll be updating you on some of the things I’ve been working on in my next post, but today I wanted to share with you a beautiful gift I got from a dear friend 🙂

On Friday I received a package that brightened up my day.

Dear Guylty has gifted me with:

The first John Thornton Pocket Shrine®!

John Thornton Pocket shrine

In years to come my grandchildren will take it to The Antique Roadshow and it’ll be priced a staggering amount of money, but will never be worth as much as it does to me now!

John Thornton Portable shrine 2

In addition, I also received some Thornton’s chocolates that will NOT end up in my belly, but will grace my Shelves of Shame Admiration.

Heres how the shelves are shaping up:

Armitage admiration shelves 1

This gift brightened up my day and reminds me just how special the friendships I’ve made among our little community of friends are!

Now, Frau Guylty, I have my thinking /creative cap on, but I doubt I’ll come up with anything quite so adorable 🙂

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  1. Agzy, darling – if this little gift brightened up your day, it has fulfilled its purpose. I miss you :-). Oh, and I love love LOVE your devotional shelving unit. Have you ever thought about hanging a disco ball each into the individual cubby holes 😉 ? I hope you are doing well, and if the scheduled posts have run out, maybe we’ll get you back, soon… Lots of love – and hey, btw, you have gifted me with quite a few hand-made, beautiful gifts already that speak of a lot of creativity – I wear my “antiqued” Thornton silhouette very often and it attracts a lot of attention! The sock face Thorin guards my shrine, the bookmark Thorin is in “Urban Grimshaw and the Shed Crew” at the moment, and my RA brooch is coming with me on my handbag, actually. xxx

    • Ms G, you made my day and I wasn’t expecting it at all, which made the experience so much better 🙂 I have something in mind for you, but it’s a long term project, so you’ll have to be patient! Hugs and again, thank you!!!

  2. So jealous. Must create a Ciarán shrine immediately!!!

  3. Love the idea of a disco ball in each segment of the shelving.

    • Oooo, that reminds me of my early twenties when I loved things that sparkled. An old BF once told me I was like a gay guy/drag queen trapped in a woman’s body 😉

  4. Ooooooo, that’s gorgeous! Lovely choice of images. And the picture frame 😀 and the little mini candlestick 😀 the detailing is fabulous, as always!

    You’re going to keep Thornton’s chocolates uneaten? Wow, you have meow control than me… They’re really good! 😉

    • The candles are adorable 🙂 Regarding the chocolate, it’s testing me, but I’ve sworn off it for now, so I’m treating it like any other RA goodie- I wouldn’t eat Anime Thorin, right 😉

  5. More control! Not meow!

  6. This is really, really lovely and very special! Gets me almost a bit teary-eyed…….

  7. Jaki cudny pan Thornton! Gratulacje Agzym 🙂

  8. Trying hard not to be jealous, I’m grinning ear-to-ear as I examine the Thornton shrine. Love the touch of yellow roses throughout, Guylty. 😉

  9. Hope RL is treating you well, Agzy. It’s a gorgeous gift you got – perhaps the most beautiful Shrine so far!

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  11. You’re lucky, this John Thornton shrine is beautiful. .-)


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