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Armitage Visual Fest 2

Armitage Robert Ascroft cropped

I’m still continuing taking a look at what goodies my RA folder holds.

I think it’s safe to say I have a thing for Richard’s profile.

Don’t get me wrong, I like him from any angle, but there’s something about the nose, chin, ears, all coming together to produce…

BAFTA-LA-07 cropped Armitage


Not bad mother nature *gives a round of applause*

Of course profile pictures are not only limited to the face…

I’ll leave that for another day…

   LeslieHassler-08 tumblr_mseowc7g1N1sy3z8to2_250

Yup, I’m checking it out too…


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  1. I love the profile, too. OMGosh.

  2. Me too. That nose. That high brow (especially when his hair is longer and gives him added height – as if he needed it..!) The cheekbones. It all comes together perfectly, as you said. *sigh*

  3. The BAFTA tea shot is a favorite of mine. We get the profile l, the blue, and that luxurious hair that demands to be fondled!!!! 🙂

  4. Gorgeous pics Agzy, I’m rather fond of his profile too. 😉

  5. O to to to to to 😀

  6. Ciągle jeszcze nie opłakałam pięknego profilu .


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