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Armitage Visual Feast 1

While I’m away, I shall be posting my favorite Armitage pictures.

I’ll stick to what I have in my folder on my laptop as there’s a reason why I held on to them.

I’ll start with a no-brainer

I love this Glamour UK photoshoot.

It’s so chic and very NY.

00110 I adore the styling and the hairstyle gives me heart palpitations.


THIS is what Mr Big circa 2013 should look like 🙂Glamour-07

Taxi! Follow that man in that cab!


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  1. What a wonderful world, when Richard is in it. Some of his best pictures. Especially the one getting out of the cab. Rave on!

  2. MaryJaneZigZag

    It’s criminal, really. He photographs so well. Probably because he’s illegally handsome.

  3. The hair. The slight stubble. The LAPELS! All crying out to be touched…

    • Darling, Trudy would like to send you the book you won in her giveaway. She emailed you, but maybe it got stuck in the spam folder? Check and let me know 🙂

      • My bad! I neglected to check my google account for a while. Thanks for letting me know; I am thrilled to be the recipient of Trudy’s book! Hooray! I have emailed her back to let her know.


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