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Armitage Weekly Round-Up Week 8

armitage 8

Welcome to week 8 of the Armitage Weekly Round-up.

 Guylty almost developed a case of sprained finger and wrist from clicking up and down the Tumblr feed to pick out the best of microblogging, so check out the Tumblr Round-Up for week 8.


Here are the RA/Hobbit/OT posts, I hope they brighten up your day 🙂

Still spReAding the love!

ZaRYSIOwana serves up some Heartbreaking Guy (Polish, breathtaking photos)

Some more Guy, courtesy of Zan, sunny-side up

A Guy waking dream is enough to brighten up the day

The best image to recommend John Porter apart from naked Porter abs and pecks

Need a portable RA shrine? Guylty’s got it covered

Prue Batten’s Guy of Gisborne’s books really can be a Friday Favorite

Does Richard suffer from gynopogonophobia? *checks for stray chin hairs*

On Nazgûl’s– I love a man in black…


Hey, have you ever wondered if you might be *gulp* Smaug?

Grati looks at the simple gifts of love.

The RA thumb appreciation society seems to be growing, right Siriouslygrednforge? And a word/image from the RATAS founder

Dwarf+Brainstorming= This

The perfect hot beverage to sip on when reading The Hobbit

It warms my heart when Richard is included in a “perfect casting” pick. Make it so!

I really need to pack a suitcase and head to Hobbiton (and yes, I know I say that almost every week)


Will Comic Con get the dwarf treatment in 2014? Here’s to hoping!

To celebrate, how about a Dwarvicise video to build up a sweat (an oldie but goodie).

Hey dwarves, let’s get physical!

Don’t forget to check out Guylty’s Tumblr Round-Up!

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21 responses »

  1. Oh my God, the Dwarvicise, I’m dying, 😛
    Great list, and thanks for the pin-up! Woo!

  2. GReAt list! And thanks for including my link! Cheers! Grat i;->

  3. Great compilation. I was laughing about the hot Hobbit beverage – it was pretty close to what I had concocted as a Thorin cocktail (titled “Hot Thorry”). I’d really like to serve that up to Thorin – or Armitage, for that matter.
    Oh, and Guylty is very pleased to see so much Guy on your post this week *ggg*.

    • Guy has made a big comeback this week it seems. You just can’t keep a (not so) good man (who wears tight tiiiight leather) down for too long 😉
      Regarding the drink, I hope you are working on your cocktail, bottle throwing/juggling skills on the off chance Richard gets thirsty and you find yourself behind a bar… what, that could happen, right? 😉

      • LOL. Yeah, it could. If I moved to NY. Found a job as bartender (tendress?). RA switched from Pinot Noir to sweet drinks. Sounds unlikely 😀

        • Worked in bars in NY during my misspent youth, not once did RA walk into any of them and a few celebs I did meet weren’t all that nice. Now, if I could have a drink with Richard instead of making/serving one for him…. hmmmm…. that would be nice 😉 (I’m drunk just thinking about it…).

    • Guy is durable 🙂

  4. Thanks for the link love and for boosting recognition and legitimation of Richard Armitage Thumb Love!!

  5. Thanks for the link Agzy. I would have written earlier, but I’m busy tweezing.

  6. Looks like the boys are following Gilad’s TV exercise program. Thanks for the links.

  7. Oops – that was meant for Guylty.

  8. Oh my Guy ! Usta milczą dusza śpiewa … lalala.” W zieeelonym Gay’u ptaszki śpiewaaają ptaszki śpiewają pod jaworem ” !!! 😀

  9. I forgot insert the link ..this is Polish song about Guy 😉

  10. Dziękuję bardzo za linka do mojego sir Guy’owego posta 🙂 Guy jest dobry na wszystko.


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