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Happy Hump Day (with a few random pictures of Lucas)

Some of you may know that I’m somewhat enamored with the English language, both in my professional and private life.


There are words that have no equivalent in Polish, like “fortnight”or this useful expression:

Happy Hump Day!

The term relates to the day in the middle of the work week (so, Wednesday) and marks the time when it’s closer to the upcoming weekend than to the past one.

If you imagine that a work week is a hill, Wednesday means you’ve reached the peak and it’s all downhill from then on.

You can find a hump or two on a camel:

feeding a camelwhat? have you never seen a grown woman feed a camel like a mama bird?

Synonyms for the noun “hump” include the word knob and bulge, a protrusion if you like.

On a totally unrelated note, here’s a picture of Lucas North…


The Black Eyed Peas claim that “my humps” are my “lovely lady lumps”, which I would image refers to the fatty tissue of the breasts and bum.

The song doesn’t specify if this term applies to “lovely gentlemen lumps” too and I shall give this some thought before the next hump day…

vlcsnap-2010-09-27-23h36m58s65.png w=608&h=336Oh no, I was going to post an image displaying the anatomy of a camel hump, but this pic loaded instead… I’ll keep it this time…

Hump also has a slang meaning and refers to doing the horizontal tango between the sheets/getting jiggy with it (which is actually the new medical term for coitus and comes from the Latin jigglatum which means “I got lucky”).

Another unrelated Lucas pic, I really love those floorboards, do you think that’s ash?


There’s also the term “dry humping” which I’m pretty certain refers to the action of a camel standing under an umbrella on a rainy day.

Couldn’t find a picture of a camel with an umbrella, so here’s another unrelated Lucas pic…


Whatever your needs are, I hope you have a fabulous Hump Day, no matter what meaning of the word you adopt 😉

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  1. I love etymology 🙂 and you do it so well!

  2. I suspect RA is going to help me A LOT to improve my English vocabulary!! LOL

  3. Ha ha ha ! Ja też kocham język angielski ale bez wzajemności 😉 Pouczający post,dzieki !
    PS: Zachodzę w głowę co ten Lukas się tak zasłaniał tym kocykiem ? ..Nawet Polak i katolik się nie zasłania w takich okazjach 😉

    • Jak oglądaam to strasznie mi się przykro zrobiło że tak się zasłaniał 😦 Wstydliwy czy zakompleksiony?
      Dałby ciału trochę pooddychać, a tak to się pewnie chłopina pod tym kocem spocił 😉

  4. LOL. I wish this explanatory post had been around during my active teaching days. Amazing how you can explain almost everything with a few carefully photos of RA or characters *coughs*

    • I teach a variety of things. Yesterday I terrified someone when we were discussing the naughtiest English words. She was so scared to mispronounce “can’t” so it doesn’t sound like that other word that she said she’ll just use “cannot” from now on 😉
      That’s me! Teaching people one swear word at a time!

      • to jak? kant ! czy kent ! 😉 hi hi hi

      • I have a similar problem in German — schwul vs schwül — one means “humid” and the other means “gay” and I can never remember which is which so I try to avoid discussing either humidity or homosexuality in that language. Oh, and one in Spanish, too, mamá for “mama” and mama as a sort of crude word for breast … at least that one I remember …so I always say “madre” which is more formal.

  5. Lawdy! Lawdy! That first pic of Lucas and Maya looks like it is an behind-the-scenes photo from Season 9. She is definitely checking him out! I’ve never seen this one before! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Very entertaining and enlightening! Thanks 🙂

  7. Oh my dearest A … you certainly know how to brighten any day! Even hubby was chuckling when he was reading over my shoulder. (He came over to check on me after the bout of uncontrolled laughter. 😉 ) Isn’t it interesting how just about anything can be explained with an image of Lucas … even *cough cough* hard wood flooring? 😉

  8. “which I’m pretty certain refers to the action of a camel standing under an umbrella on a rainy day”

    *dies of the giggles*

  9. Still laughing over the Black Eyed Peas reference. Thanks for the read! 😀

  10. “My” dictionary tells me that “hump day” is used in American English. So how about the Brits or is this hump (knob/bump/camel uphill/downhill) a globalised English expression?? 😀
    Ahh Lucas, you’re always a temptation to look at!
    (In secret Agzy, how did you know that we are all that fond of bulges??)

  11. littlesallyboots (Hannah A)

    Did someone say Lucas North? ♡_♡



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