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She’s into superstitions, black cats and voodoo dolls (but sadly doesn’t bang…)

SuperstitionsThis one is for you Magzy, my little felinophobic

I have a confession to make that although I may regard myself as a somewhat rational person, I have a few kinks.

Case in point, years ago I’d have to park my car near work, but some mornings it was a tedious act of circling around looking for someone to drive off and put me out of my misery.

There was, however, one sure way that a parking spot was right around the corner:


A black cat (but I wasn’t all too bothered with the exact colour) would cross the road right in front of me.

As far-fetched as it may sound, each time one would appear within my line of vision I was guaranteed to find a spot on the next round.

For the record I firmly do believe that there’s more than mere superstition at play here:

Black magic?


Fortune-telling traffic-regulating felines?

Cat’s getting ready to take over the world one parking spot at a time?

I’m either becoming a superstitious fool or slowly transforming into the village witch- just call me Baba Jaga 😉


I also grab a button when I see a chimney sweep, but seeing I don’t actually live next door to Mary Poppins, that’s perhaps a moot point.

Of course, there are people who are superstitious about a number of things.

My mum won’t change the sheets on a Friday nor will she willingly make an appointment to see a  doctor (irony of ironies, her weekly chemo is schedule for that day…).

She will sit down, at least for a few seconds, when she’s had to come back home after forgetting something.


Some superstitions are just common sense:

Don’t walk under a ladder (or the bucket will drop on your head)

Don’t open an umbrella indoors (or you’ll take someone’s eye out)

Don’t crack a mirror or when applied, your eyeliner will end up all dodgy

The there are superstitions that differ in countries and regions:

In English they say that bad luck comes in threes, in Poland they are actually paired.

We knock on wood but in Poland it’s important that the wood is unpainted/bear.


In English you cross your fingers, in Poland we “hold our thumbs” for good luck.

As a child raised in 2 cultures I have actually perfected the art of simultaneous finger-crossing/thumb-holding to double my chances and I bet at least a few of you are trying it out this very moment 😉

Yup, Poland may be a bit of an odd country because we regard being pooped on by birds and stepping in dog crap as a sign of good luck and prosperity, so think of that the next time you’re washing sh*t off your new coat or shoes…

The reason that I bring all of this up is that today as me and my pups were driving home a black cat appeared.

Granted, it didn’t cross the road but rather ran alongside us for a few meters, but I’m taking that as a good omen.

Over to you:

What are the superstitions in your country, which ones bring you luck?


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  1. In England, a black cat is good luck. That’s what I think, and I’m sticking to it.

  2. Bird poop and stepping in it is also good luck here in the US, at least where I live. They say rain on your wedding day is good luck, but I always thought that was to make wet brides feel better. Oh, and a double yolked egg.

    • Right when capitalism came we had this strange type of eggs appear. They were giant and almost every one contained a double yolk. I’m not sure it was good luck though, I’d guess they were the product of some very bad luck in Chernobyl

  3. LOL! My only “superstition”, I put it in quotes because I don’t personally consider it a superstition, I just believe it because it works, is to ask St. Joseph (Jesus’s earthly dad) to help when I need a parking spot. The genesis of this is that St. Joe found a place for his wife Mary to give birth to said Jesus. So he must be good at finding places to put yourself, right?? So I have a St. Joseph medallion hanging off the rear-view mirror of my car, and guess what – it works! When I went to the NYC Comic Con I was looking for a parking spot. All the nearby lots were filled. I went one block away from the Con to find a lot there ($50!) and just as I got there a red car parked right in front of the lot pulled out and I had a FREE parking spot for the day!! YOU GO, ST. JOE!!! 😀 p.s. I am also aces at finding spots in malls!! 😀

    • I have a friend who prays to St Anthony whenever she loses anything like an earring. He’s considered the holy patron in her family. She speaks with such passion about the amount of times he’s come to her rescue when she asked. Now, I may not be religious, but then I believe cats help me park my car, so I’m really not one to talk.
      My sister is great at finding parking spots. Her secret is just to take it very slow, observe people who may be heading to their cars. Me? I get stressed that I’m holding up the people behind me so I drive too fast right past empty spots and end up spending twice as long. I keep reminding myself “Patience grasshopper, if you drive too fast how will you spot that cat signalling that your luck is about to change” 😉

  4. Hmmm…trying to remember some of the old saws… 3 days of an east wind means bad luck is coming. “ill wind”. If you see a penny on the pavement & it’s heads up (That’s the Queen for us in Canada) you pick it up & give it to the 1st person you see & say “luck for you, luck for me.”

    • Well, we have a number on one side of the coin and an eagle on the other, so it would probably be eagle up for good luck. I remember when I lived in NY I was conditioned to always pick up coins. I would collect at least 3 cents each day and thought I was one heck of a lucky gal until I realized that many people didn’t bother with them so if they fell to the ground, it wasn’t worth leaning down to get them. I can proudly say through my 1.5 year stay I probably accumulated about $5 or so 😉 See, in NY the streets really were paved with money for a simple Eastern European girl LOL!

  5. Jak mawiał mój Teśc : Koty to dranie 🙂 chociaż kochał dwie rude kocice ..
    Miałam kiedyś czarnego kocura…najbrzydszego na świecie, przysiegam! Był to kot bez ogona i jednego oka ,pomimo odniesionych ran wychował sobie pewnego owczarka niemieckiego dlatego zasłużył sobie na szacunek w moim domu. Wiele czarnych kotów przebiega mi droge codziennie 🙂 bo mieszkam obok domu w którym dokarmia sie koty ( ze4 czarne) Najlepsza jest wiosna kiedy te wszyskie małe kotki ze sterczacymi ogonkami wylegaja na moje osiedle. Pierwsza rzeczą która robię to zagladam pod samochód by nie przejechac jakiejś puchatej kulki 😉

    • Dziś moje dwa yorczki obudziły mnie o 6 rano domagając się śniadania. Akurat mogłam sobie pospać do 7.15, ale jak już wstałam to głupio wrócić do wyra. Patrze a te dwie najedzone damy znów smacznie sobię w wyrku spały. Może kot i wredny, ale nie ma chyba takiego manipulatora jak rozpieszczony kundel 😉
      Ps. Ja jestem padnieta i niewyspana, moje drzemią na kanapie bo jutro znów pobudka wcześnie rano…

      • Śniadanie to najwazniejszy posiłek w ciągu dnia ! wcale sie nie dziwie Twoim damom…no co same sobie go przecież nie zrobią! Łapki by sie im slizgały na otwieraczu do puszek 😉 A Ty poprostu sie zdrzemnij po pracy 🙂

  6. Oh Agzy! I find it amazing that you had to wait till I left our beatuiful city to publish this post. But you know that we live in the 21st century so …. you can hide but you can’t run : )
    From afar this cat shinanigans still freeks me out! C u real soon!


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