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Daily Archives: February 14, 2014

RAworld Secret Valentine: Love for Agzy

RAworld Secret Valentine: Love for Agzy

Happy RAworld Secret Valentine’s Day!!!
As I go through the cards, vids and letters members of our community of friends have created to celebrate the occasion, to quote Pam from The Office, “I feel god in this Chili’s” 🙂

I absolutely loved my Valentine’s and I’d like to thank my beautiful Valentine for brightening up my day!
Check out all the love here:
Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

RAworld Secret Valentine 2014

First of all, a very Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! I hope you guys are having a wonderful day.

And now, to Agzy, who happens to be my  Valentine (fortunately/unfortunately, depending on how she sees it), thanks to the Goddess of Coincidence 😛 Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I’ve been a fan of Agzy’s blog, a big fan. Her funny and brilliant posts never fail to make me smile,  especially when I have bad days. Her’s and a few other blogs are perhaps one of those many ‘feel good’ places I head to when I’m down with the blues. So when I got Guylty’s email, I was really happy at getting an opportunity of expressing the admiration I have for one of my favourite RArmy bloggers!

Agzy is probably the most cheerful RArmy member I’ve ever known. Witty, funny, amazing and with a knack for craft, this is how I would like…

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