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Well, I guess it’s Valentine’s Week

smelly old sock

I find it a bit odd that people (and by that I mean the media) seem to be using the term “valentine ‘s week”.

Most men people I’ve spoken to seem to ignore this occasion entirely, describing it as “American” and “consumer”, another excuse to have to spend money.


I don’t agree with that assessment, after all you don’t have to spend a penny to express your feelings for someone and it doesn’t have to be dodgy plush toys and heart galore.

This year I’m taking part in the Tumblr Armitage Army Valentine’s Gift ExchangeΒ  (can’t wait for the postman to come with something other than a bill or stuff I bought on ebay…) and Guylty’s RAworld Secret Valentine.


I’ve already finished my post/gift for the lucky/unlucky (depending on how you look at it) recipient and I’ve promised myself that I’ll send it to Guylty long before the deadline.

That’s my Valentine gift to her πŸ˜‰

Anyway, nothing says the season of love, be it a day or a week, than some beyond creepy vintage Valentine’s Day cards:

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Have I creeped you out enough?

Have a good errr…. Valentine’s Week…

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  1. Valentine’s week? *eeeeek* Even more of this luvvy-duvvy stuff? Good grief! It is highly ironic already that I suggested a Secret Valentines because I am not particularly fond of the actual occasion. Cold-hearted German, you know. πŸ™‚ But I am as fond of the fandom as I am smitten with its “founder”, so there. (Waiting with bated breath for your submission *ggg* – threatening reminder post due to come out tomorrow…)

    • VDay isn’t really part of German/Polish culture. We’re not ones to vomit rainbows and emit hearts. We’re very sensible in the way we show someone we care: you feed them, none of that “I love you” malarkey. It’s more like: Now that you’re home, here’s your favorite tomato soup πŸ˜‰

  2. Valentines Week may be a good idea because of all those men who can’t remember the actual day. This way they have some leeway. I wonder if more break-ups happen over a disappointing Valentine’s Days than any at other times.

    • That’s why I’ve refocused my Valentine’s attention from “where is Prince Charming?” to: Yay! I get a day to share positive vibrations with those I care for!

      • I’ll admit that the blogging celebrations of Richard and friends are making it more fun this year. And everything is so darned pretty or cute.

        • I know, Guylty had a great idea! It’s nice that we’re shifting our adorning attention from Mr A and focusing on our fellow RA friends. These events have made this year much more fun. I bet in the past I’d just want it to pass quickly with the least interference, but now I’m really looking forward to it. PS The postman still hasn’t come with my tumblr Valentine, but that’s good- I won’t be tempted to open it before Friday πŸ˜‰

  3. I keep having to remind myself that the day is coming up, I know I’m going to forget! 😳 I usually bake a cake or make a nice dinner (I have two picky kids so my husband normally has to suffer through a lot of Mac&Cheese and processed meat products πŸ˜• )

  4. Hilariously creepy valentines! I got a huge kick out of these. Especially “Burglar Cupid” and “Would you be my Dictator?” ROTFL!

  5. Valentine’s week is a bit much, but I agree with you. I really enjoy V Day for the sentiment, whether romantic or platonic. It’s always good to let people know you’re thinking of them πŸ™‚

    • Yup, so true! And the romantic aspect of the day often entails a bit of a build up followed by a fizzling out. I say, you want chocolates on Feb. 14th? Get yourself the biggest fanciest box you can find and enjoy each and every one of them πŸ˜‰

  6. I have the worst cold, and I’m laughing and coughing, and Orcrist is wondering what going on over here at my computer. I love the Valentines! Sometime during the week of Valentine’s Day we would get to decorate a bag with hearts and flowers. We used to get a box of these when we were children, in the afternoon at school on VD, moms would bring cupcakes and punch. We would get to walk around and drop Valentines in the bags sitting on the desk. Everyone gave everyone at least one. They came with little envelopes. We were very cool if we got more than there were kids in class, that meant someone had a secret admirer!
    I asked Orcrist what he wanted for Valentine’s Day. He said, “My balls back.” I said. “No, pick again.”

  7. Bah, humbug! Only a very few pleasant ones in decades… and one of those was adopting a cat. Those old Valentines really are creepy. As a child, when I bought the assortments to give them to my classmates, there were always a few that I felt were simply too awful to give. This year, I shall be doing housework, laundry, cooking, and washing up, with some Richarding and petting my cat in the interstices, just like any other day.

    • This year I know it won’t be like any other day (as was the case in the past). I’m really looking forward to my RAworld Valentine, I’m worried if my recipient will like what I’ve prepared and there’s a package from Switzerland that sounds like it has puzzle pieces in it waiting to be opened from my tumblr Valentine. This year I really feel like we get to create our reality and we can make this day special πŸ™‚


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