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Daily Archives: February 2, 2014

You’re a Pig, Richard! (but this Horse hearts you…)

Let me start by wishing everyone a Happy (Chinese) New Year!


fortune cookie

According to Chinese horoscope, Richard is a Pig.

chinese horoscope pig

I’m not really a specialist in these matters, but winter would be a good fixed season, especially seeing that Richard is a bit of a ski bunny.

North? Check, that makes sense.

Water is a little harder to pin to RA, especially seeing that he has on many occasions expressed his uneasiness with regarding to this particular element.

I’m not sure what “associated sun sign” actually means but seeing that it’s my horoscope sign, I’d say that’s a snug fit 😉

armitage a rose2

Apparently Pig sign bearers are:

” nice to a fault and possess impeccable manners and taste.They have so much of the perfectionist in them that others may be inclined to perceive them as snobs, but this is a misconception”.

” Pigs are highly intelligent creatures, forever studying, playing and probing in their quest for greater knowledge”.

Richard sounds like a piggy to me 😉

All of the Chinese horoscopes for 2014 mention that it will be a very busy year for pig sign bearer’s with regard to their career.

There will be new challenges ahead, but if pigs put all their energy into their activities, they shall blaze a trail and be extremely successful.

Let’s be honest, Richard’s successes usually end up putting a smile on all our faces, so blaze away, Mr A!

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