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Armitage Activites to heat up the little grey cells

I don’t know what it’s like where you’re at, but it’s freeze your b*ll*cks cold here, so I’m serving up two Armitage related activities to at least keep the little grey cells warm!

First, here’s a Thorin word-search activity.

Thorin wordsearch

And here’s a not very serious Armitage crossword puzzle:

Armitage crossword


  1. Name Richard gave his fans
  2. Richard’s first Tolkien character
  3. Is the general of _________
  4. Had his kettle nicked
  5. Makeup favored by Gizzy


  1. The birthplace of a star
  2. Richard has thunder what?
  3. Feature allegedly adjusted recently
  4. She didn’t look back!
  5. Richard is 6’2 and a_________
  6. Thorin won’t be hanging out with_______
  7. I’d tie Thornton up with this

Stay warm, wherever you are 🙂

Crossword answers:


1. well-wishers

2. elf

3. Armitage Army

4. Harry

5. Guyliner


1. Leicester

2. thighs

3. nose

4. Margaret

5. half

6. elves

7. cravat

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8 responses »

  1. OMG!! If it gets warmer over here, I’ll catch fire!! LOL

  2. I’m in my snuggy, I’ve built my Lego Dol Guldur with OOAK Beorn, watched Orcrist shovel 7″ of snow off the porch so the dog with a belly that’s only 6″ off the ground can go do his business….now I think I better go write the last part of DD&D.

    • LOL! I don’t know why but shoveling snow isn’t nearly as annoying when you’re watching others do it 😉 My dogs, dressed in their Princess t-shirts and their winter coats, sometimes just wait till we get back inside to do what they are supposed to. Can’t blame them, it’s not like I do my business in conditions that would cause me to have an icicle attached to my bum 😉

  3. Excellent, bravo ! 🙂

  4. A reblogué ceci sur April's violetet a ajouté:
    Excellent Armitage Activites to heat up the little grey cells by AgzyM. 🙂


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