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A post on Armitage nipples, but may need some tweaking…


Get over here!

I’m about to grab you by the horns and there’s just no way of avoiding it!

This belongs at Richard Armitage Confessions, but I might as well post it here and hope for a sympathetic ear/eye.

Let me just get this off my chest:


Richard Armitage has perfecto nipples.

There! I’ve said it!


I’m not really a connoisseur of that body part by any stretch of the imagination (most of you know I’m a bum and thigh gal), but I know what is aesthetically pleasing and that pair certainly pleases me.


Could be the size, could be the lack of any odd hairs trying to overgrow and chock the said nipple, could be the shape or probable taste, whatever it is, as men’s nipples go, it’s hard not to give them two thumbs up and clearly other nipples suck!

Bez nazwy 31If you’ve ever wondered why men actually have nipples, you can read more here.

I’ll stick to the answer: so all other males are once again inferior to Richard Armitage!

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  1. You misspelled “nibbles”.

  2. eeee….nie mogę teraz komentować…:) muszę założyć śliniaczek ! 😉

  3. That first picture just about says it all.

  4. Hmm, seems likely that he had the hair around his nipples removed along with the rest of his chest hair for this role, no? But I agree. Very tasty looking 🙂

  5. Why does this post make me feel so guilty for looking more than any other?…and there are so many others…even my own.

  6. Oh, come on. Let’s concentrate on what Agzy has put on the agenda today: just this adorable, delicious nipples. They would suffice, at least for today!!

  7. It’s time for a Spanish lesson, Agzy! The word for a male’s nipple is: tetilla. You would say: “Me gustan las tetillas de Richard.” = “I like Richard’s nipples.” Here’s the correct way to pronounce the word (obviously, the ‘s’ makes it plural):

    That concludes today’s lesson on how to appreciate Richard in my native language!!! 😉

    • Me gustan las tetillas de Richard!
      Got it! Now how do you say: Do you like Richard’s nipples? I feel that I can travel to any Spanish country and I now know the most important phrase!
      PS. I find it amusing that one of the few Spanish words I know is “leche” 😉

      • A mí me gusta mucho tomar leche. = I very much like to drink milk; better said as: I love to drink milk. 😉

        Now, Agzy, in Spanish exclamation points come in pairs. Thus, you’d write: ¡Me gustan las tetillas de Richard! [ alt + 173 = ¡ ]

        As for how to ask someone if they like them, let’s say this is a question you would only ask a friend or fellow RArmy member, in which case you would use the informal form of the question: “¿A ti te gustan las tetillas de Richard?”

        Trust me when I say, it sounds WAY dirtier in Spanish than in English! *blushes*

        One last note: The female equivalent of the word “tetilla” is “pezón” or in plural, “pezones” (no accent in that case).

        My apologies for the long reply. Here you go, ladies:

    • Me gustan las tetillas de Richard. Olé ! 😀
      Thank you all for lots of LOLs!

  8. Me gustaria chupar las frambuesas…

  9. My mind keeps wandering off to that early scene in Spooks 7 where the camera pans up Lucas’ body revealing his perfect “ahem” tattoos! 😉

    • Yes, the “tattoos” where what I mainly focused on, as did most of the female viewers 😉

      • 😉 And who can forget that scene in Series 2 Episode 3 of Robin Hood where he is trying on his new armour!! Marion is definitely “stirred” and who wouldn’t be? *sigh*

        • Yes, she was, and we were supposed to believe she could have restrained herself from touching him. Bah!!! Of course, stupid Bobbin had to be a voyeur and ruin everything. Ugh. Stupid Marian. I’m grateful for the fanfics that have corrected that horrible lapse in judgement on her part!

  10. 😀 😀 😀 I love you all. AND Richard’s nipples. AND his tetillas 😉


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