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That’s a No No, Richard!


A quick question for you today:

What would Richard have to do to make you go off him?

I remember the uproar when info spread that Richard was/is a smoker, not to mention the cat/dog person storm of 2013.

I’m eliminating any illegal activities for obvious reasons and asking about your specific pet peeves.

Here are mine:

A hairy back

No, just no.

There’s absolutely no excuse to have enough fuzz back there to knit your own sweater!

A foot fetish

Every time I see a picture of Quentin Tarantino (although I admire him as a filmmaker), my initial impulse is hide my feet under my bum, point my finger at him and yell No! Quentin, you’re not getting your grubby hands on my toes…

Feet are meant to hold up cute shoes and to get me from point A to B. The end.

Nail biting

Nice long fingers can catapult your thoughts to images of pleasure, but nails gnawed down to the cuticles make me shudder (no delight involved!).

I want piano-worthy fingers, not a piano has fallen on my fingers…

Lucky or unlucky, depending on how you look at it, for you Mr A, you don’t seem to posses any of the features that I would consider a deal-breaker, so I’ll just go on my merry fangirling way 😉

What are your fangirl/admirer/well-wisher deal-breakers?


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  1. Some of the recent dealbreakers I’ve experienced with actors I admired were finding out about partner abuse, and the casual dropping of rape jokes. Those are instant nopes for me, as is any sign of willful misogyny. Fortunately, I don’t sense any hint of these from Mr. Armitage’s direction.

    • I know what you mean. Fist Brown on the radio? I change the station immediately. I did give that stipulation that we were eliminating illegal stuff off the bat.

      • Sadly, it’s not illegal to be a misogynistic jerk. Only if you use your fists to say so. It gives me great comfort to be able to feel I can listen to anything Richard says without expecting to hear something nasty or dismissive about women.

  2. But Agzy.. He does bite his nails!! At least he used to!! And he picks at his cuticles! I find it endearing (I know I’m weird like that!).
    I’m trying to think of a pet peeve of mine.. Oh I know! Nervous leg syndrome! Ugh!

  3. Funny post, a good laugh to start into the week.
    My thoughts: Hairy back, an absolutely no go, but we could find a compromise: instead of chest waxing (I´d love to see and touch his “natural” chesticles) a back waxing (absolutely necessary). Nail biting: my ex-hubby did it all the time, never had to use a nail-clip, but that was not the reason for the divorce…
    I agree with alyssabethancourt: no rape jokes like Mr. M.F. dropped recently, no vulgar speech in public, no sexistic or ethical or minorities discriminating behaviour.
    And, as we all don´t know about any relationships he´s had or maybe is in, finding out about partner abuse or denying children or whatsoever, that would be a dealbreaker for me…
    Anything else is forgiveable, though I´m still sure my cat would love him and he couldn´t resist her 🙂

    • LOL! I can just imagine divorce proceedings: Cause for divorce? Habitual nail biter and resistance to back waxing LOL! I guess only in Hollywood though, right?

  4. Not considering any ilegal act… I’m wondering if he bathes daily… Besides being a sort of Brazilian obsession (body cleanse), I’ve read about actresses complaining about some actors B.O… LOL

    • BO is a HUGE No No! My ex smells so good you can sense the moment he enters the office. May not have been a perfect match but I take pride in picking a guy that smells good enough to eat 😉

  5. Ugh. How superficial of you, Agzy! 😉 I could live with hairy backs (even though I prefer not to) or bitten nails. Hence my pet peeve would possibly be something like evidence of cosmetic surgery (and nooooo, I do NOT want to start that discussion here…). I think we all need to live with the fact that we age – and accept it gracefully. (Working hard on myself in that respect…)

    • Ummm if (allegedly) there was a tiny nose adjustment I’d just like to say that I don’t like it. Who wants to start dating a Mickey Rooney circa 1995 and end up with the 2014 version. That is just beyond disturbing!

      • Someone told me recently (this was a piece of legacy fan lore that preceded me that I didn’t know … so I was excited and fascinated!) that there was a huge alleged nose job tussle already a few years ago. For some reason this calmed me down a lot about the whole thing as it probably means that a lot of the evidence we’re looking at is already corrupt.

        • Can’t say either way, but now that I see the (alleged) tiny adjustment I can’t unsee it and I actually find myself staring (more than usual) at pictures from the last 5 months trying to get some sort of timeline.
          I can honestly say I wouldn’t mind if it turned out that my imagination in getting the best of me and I’m going slightly gaga because if he has started fiddling with his nose of all places, that makes me a tad worried.
          Also, when’s that tiny Armitage nose tip up on ebay? That’d be something worth bidding on 😉

          • Totally. I was talking with my students last week about medieval churches that displayed the Jesus’ foreskin as a relic (there were about 70, so that must have been a rather large piece of skin). And then I saw yesterday that some relic hunters stole a reliquary with the blood of John Paul II in it from an Italian church and held it for ransom. Why not Richard Armitage’s nose tip?

          • I’ve always assumed that as a Brit born in the 70s he still has his.

          • Well I demand proof before I can say either way 😉

  6. I’ve gotten Orcrist is down to only biting his thumbnails, so I’m ok with that. Cleanilness. I need clean, body, breath, and mind (anti-MFreeman (once an ass always an ass). I don’t mean he must be saintly, I just mean if he didn’t treat people right, bye bye.

    • Not a Freeman fan? I’ve liked his quirky sense of humour. His partner on the other hand… I’ve been meaning to write a post about her and I keep stopping myself because I’m trying really hard to be nice but she just keeps putting her foot in it… Oh Amanda, I wish you wouldn’t!

      • I would love to read that post.

        • I dunno, I feel like at this point I have little good to say. I’m angry that she keeps doing stuff that annoy me and if I let my frustrations out it’ll serve no other purpose than to, at best, let me list my disappointment, at worst start a discussion that I know may become heated and I’ll find hard to contain. Sometimes I think it’s best not to say some things than be upset that they’re taken out of content or words we end up apologizing for, a thing that Amanda hasn’t really learned yet 😦

          • I’m sure you’re right. However, I bet you’d have more positive things to say than I would, so I was hoping you’d set me on the right path to a balanced point of view.

          • Oh, I don’t know if more positive, just less articulate 😉

          • No 🙂 nie nauczyła się jeszcze żeby nie zaglądać tam gdzie nie powinna..lubię ją a jej męża jeszcze bardziej ale po co grzebie w internecie? .. Nawet moja córka wie gdzie nie zaglądać by nie czytać niemiłych rzeczy o jej wujku…nauczyliśmy ją, wytłumaczyliśmy jej dlaczego ludzie piszą dziwne rzeczy o jej ukochanym wujku i że nie musi i nie powinna bronic go on-line.
            Amanda powinna odbyć poważną rozmowę ze sama sobą. Takie moje zdanie.

  7. The two things that would turn me off him are Number One if he disrespected his fans and 2. If he became involved in projects I have no interest in, like slasher films or car chase films. I would definitely lose interest then. Since I have no personal involvement with him I don’t really care about grooming quirks, as long as they don’t interfere with his professional appearance. Good question!

  8. I’m pretty easy going when it comes to the superficial things; if something bothers me enough, I’ll find a way to fix it 😀 so to turn me off, it would have to be a more ethical issue: being dishonest with the intent of deceit (lying, cheating, etc.) being racist/prejudice would do it too (on a regular basis, not just making poor decisions when telling jokes 😕 )

    • I’ve just had a vision of Richard being a fixer upper 😉 All he would need is a strong woman to guide him towards the light. Actually, I’m sure that’s a pretty good basis for a fanfic 😉

  9. Now that he’s moved to the US, if he became a Chicago Bears fan. That would pretty much be it forever.

    • Oh NO! That would be terrible… 😉
      PS. Who are the bears?

      • The traditional opponents of ‘my’ team, the Green Bay Packers.

        Now, if he became a Packer fan … I can’t even say what that would do for me!

        • OK, I’m getting a sports vibe here, so let me guess, it has to do with balls, right? 😉
          Is it the round one or that egg shape thingy that Europeans giggle at when they hear it referred to as “football” ?

          • Egg shaped. Packers / Bears fans are like Germans / Poles in 1939 most of the time. Although maybe I could make an exception for Armitage.

          • LOL, now I understand 😉 All you had to do was talk WWII to me and the fog lifted.
            Now excuse me while I let my mind wander at the thought of Richard in that American football uniform, especially those tight padded pants 😉

  10. The things that would turn me off are the reverse of the traits he has that I admire. Treating people with disdain (he appears to treat people well,) Arrogant behavior (love his self-deprecating comments in interviews.) I also would lose interest if he became involved in horror/slasher/extremely violent films. I don’t like to watch violence and I have watched more following RA than ever before. The violence has been acceptable (my opinion) because it has not been gratuitous. Dishonesty is a big turn off for me (my first husband was a pathological liar) and from what I know about RA I don’t think he is (I love the comments fellow cast members make about him.) Nice question and a great way to start the week!

    • See, I don’t think I would have ever seen Strike Back had it not been for Richard, so I can’t eliminate a horror, but I’d be watching it from between my fingers and behind the couch 😉

  11. I used to think I couldn’t put up with a man with a hairy back and then a brief encounter with one made me realise it really doesn’t matter. Turn offs for me, apart from the obvious – especially misogyny/sexism or if I found out he loved Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines (which makes me sick) – which have already been mentioned, are all things that you only discover about a person when you get close to them and are things I’ve promised myself I won’t put up with again. So, to turn me off he would have to be anti-intimacy (yes, I once put up with this), anti-marriage (to me), anti-children (with me), and obsessed with cleaning and cleanliness. Don’t get me wrong, I wash and prefer to live in a relatively clean house, but obsessiveness about it turns me right off. Also, if he constantly made fun of me: the way I speak, my music choices, my interests, then he could take a hike. Accept me for me, sing from a similar hymn sheet as me, and I’m all yours Mr A! 😉

    • Kathryn, I really hope (from the bottom of my heart) that you never have to encounter those things again, that no other women will be subjected to any of it. Not twice, not even once!
      Here here! to a man who loves us for who and what we are and not for what they regard is wrong with us!

  12. Subscribing to comments!

  13. To jest trudne pytanie, zważywszy, że mój tzw. obiektywizm jeśli chodzi o Ryśka jest mocno zachwiany. 🙂 Ale myślę, że gdyby okazało się, że wszystko co mnie w nim ujęło (jak chociażby jego skromność, szacunek dla swojej prywatności, szacunek dla swoich fanów) gdyby okazało się, że to wszystko było grą.

    • Wierzę w to że u podstaw Rysiek nie ma nigdy złych intencji, więc nawet jak ktoś się czymś oburzy to tak naprawdę wcale nie o niego chodzi a raczej o naszą percepcję.

  14. Nail biting is a deal breaker for you? Really?! Did I miss the joke?
    Like Alyssabethancourt, my deal breakers are abuse of others (verbal/physical), racism, sexism, anti-equality anything, overt misogyny, and general stupidty (IE the Bieber variety) – especially repeat offenders for all of these. I also take context into consideration, where jokes are concerned. Sometimes a known cut-up forgets that not everyone understands the silly, contradictory nature of their brand of comedy. A smart one won’t make the same mistake twice by allowing himself/herself the opportunity to be misunderstood.

    • Erm, I think you may have missed the point of this post, so I’ll just refer to the section where I wrote that I am eliminating ALL illegal activities. I did so because it seemed like a bit of a no brainer that we wouldn’t want a racist, abusive, sexist man. The post was intended to swap pet peeves, like not liking a man who bites his nails.

      • Yeah, I guess I missed the point – because actually, to be honest, there are things on your list that would be deal breakers in real life. Real life. But I just won’t say what they are. I’m sure others might think of them as petty, if you really loved someone. My point was that, if I were to stop admiring an actor, or anyone else in the limelight who struck my fancy, it would have to be a far bigger offense…what is maybe the point you were trying to make also. And, at this point, I’m not sure. I don’t always get sarcastic senses of humor. It’s one of my short-comings and social inadequacies.

  15. Dzióbek kaczusi wydzierżałam ( z bólem serca) to może i wypełnienie ust przetrzymam 😉
    Całościowo zgadzam się z Twoją listą,Agzym 🙂

    • LOL, nasza kaczuszka, która jest pięknym labędziem! A usta myśli Pana że też coś tam teges teges? Jeśli tak to żądam by je pod wskazany adres dostarczył bym mogła dokładnie skontrolować ich funcjonalność nim zostaną wprowadzone do obrotu 😉

      • Ale podzielisz się wynikami inspekcji coooo? ( tutaj robie oczy kota ze Shreka ) Nie widzę żeby coś z nimi zrobił..nie 😀 (ale jak zrobi to chyba poszukam innego obiektu adoracji, oczywiście fanką Ryszardowych fanek zostaję do końca świata i jeszcze jeden dzień dłużej;) )

  16. The beard was very nearly a deal breaker for me. I didn’t mind it when it was cropped close to his face but by comic con I was having to avert my gaze. Okay, I confess I was averting my gaze to his manly biceps and well developed thigh region but thank heavens there was something lovely for me to look at though or it might have been curtains for our relationship.

    • The beard was tough, I can’t lie. But just as it grew on Richard, it grew on me too 😉

      • Ladies, you’re right. The beard was tough. Though we had an awful stretch of time and loads of opportunities to get used to it and in the absence of other offers/pictures we almost learned to adjust us to this view and getting used to it that it no longer disturbed us… You say it grew on you, I say there was no other option….. Whoaaa!! 😉

        • I miss the beard …. [[[ducks]]]]

          • I knew you would say that!!!!! (Honestly, I thought of you while I was typing my lines 🙂 )

          • Yes, Serv, I think we all know how you felt about the beard!

            If this were a parallel universe and I was Mrs Bollyknickers Armitage, I would, of course, put up with the beard if it was necessary for a role. However, I would leave him in no doubt as to how much more attractive I found him when the beard was off. 😉

            I believe in positive reinforcement.

          • I would just wait till he fell asleep and trim it a tad every night till I got the effect I desired 😉

          • You are quite a sneaky and wickedly crafty woman, Ms Agzy!! Kudos!

  17. If he ever hit a woman, child or elderly person, that would be an instant goodbye for me. You ladies have covered pretty much everything else that matters. Whatever other things turn me off in a man don’t apply in this case. I’m not that far gone to think he has a chance in hell to be in my league! *cackles with glee* (Sorry, I couldn’t resist! a.k.a., I’m kidding!)

    • Illegal activities are automatically eliminated.
      I believe that, although it’ll be a stretch, Richard, with a little effort on his part, could maybe find himself in my league, but I’m willing to tutor him so he reaches his goal 😉

  18. It’s fun to see how different readers interpreted the question: going off Richard for something he did as our crush (MarieAstra) or something he did as a man (KathrynRudd) in our RL or both (Alyssa).

    • Great, right? I like to think in the string theory category- what would happen of I encountered Richard in one of the other realities. Of course, if he’s willing, I’m up for a meeting in this one too 😉

      • The thing about Richard is that he has already demonstrated that he does *not* possess many of the traits that I’m aware of being dealbreakers for me, so it’s a bit of a reach to try to think of some. I already know he does not deliberately make people feel small or excluded and is not mean-spirited with his humor; I already know he does not have a habit of refusing to take responsibility for himself; I already know he does not lack curiosity or ambition or the drive to improve himself. These are things I’ve discovered I can’t live with. Habits like leaving your socks out or forgetting to bring in the trash can for days are things you can learn to change if they bother the person you’re living with and you care about their comfort, so I’m not fussed about that sort of thing.

        Beyond that, he has already squeaked in past two hardline dealbreakers for me that I would never be able to overlook in a person I knew in real life: the beard/stubble, and his height. Owing to sensory issues, I can’t have my face against the roughness of facial hair, and he seems to be one of those men who simply can’t stay smooth no matter how recently he’s shaved. And I really can’t ever get comfortable around men that are considerably taller than me. I just can’t. 5’8″-5’9″ is sort of my hard limit. I like to *believe* it would be different with him because he really seems to have one of the most non-threatening personalities on the planet, but deep down I know I’m fooling myself. (It’s okay, because I’ll never meet him to shatter the illusion.) And a third that would be a dealbreaker if he couldn’t change it: I’ve dated a smoker before and I can’t do it again.

        So I guess, for me it’s sort of a matter of, knowing already that he’s ticked a few boxes in the nope column in ways he can’t help, nothing else really matters because it’s all fantasy.

  19. Now seriously, are you telling me that you wouldn’t allow Richard Armitage to kiss your feet????? Leave Tarantino out of it…

    • You’re killing me with that question… errrr…. I probably would but I wouldn’t be thrilled about it, it’d be a one off and I certainly wouldn’t let him forget it 😉

  20. Actually, there would be another turnoff for me. A tippling Richard (on a more regular basis) would be hard to bear.

  21. Voting UKIP or something equally retrograde would be an instant turnoff. Yet everything he has said thus far indicates that he is thoughtful, intelligent, tolerant, considerate, and kind.


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