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Armitage Weekly Round-Up Week 4

Holy cow, how is it already week 4???

Here’s another dose of RA/Hobbit/OT posts I’ve picked up throughout the week.

EDIT: Guylty brought to my attention that the links don’t open in a separate tab/window, I’ve gone back and changed the settings, so fear not and click away 😉

You can keep track of RA blogs here.

My list is by no mean exhaustive, so please feel free to add links in comments.

Also, please consider leaving comments on the posts you visit and just so you know winter won’t end and the frost won’t leave till you do! OK, not true, but I’m not above a little emotional blackmail…

armitage 4

Arkenstone has rolled up her sleeves and gone through a sea of words to unearth the gems in fanfiction for this week.

Guylty once again braves the Johnlock and PenisFriday shark-infested waters of Tumblr and has provided us with another weekly round-up.


There are still posts popping up for the RA Fan Flash Event, so make sure you check them out!

The event was so impromptu, but it was wonderful to go back to our fangirling roots and celebrate where we all came from and where we’re heading.

I for one wouldn’t mind actually ending up somewhere near RA, so Universe, make it happen!


The New York Pinter/Proust event still lights a spark in our hearts (not to mention other places…) so here are posts written on the subject from this week.

On a personal note let me just tell you how much I’ve enjoyed them, not so much the Armitage side as the accounts of fellow Armitage admirers.

You all rocked, not to mention, judging by pics, you seem to be quite a good-looking bunch 😉

Armitage Besotted‘s account of the event! You rocked the evening, lady!

Zan allows us to vicariously live through her, all in three parts: 1, 2 and 3

Confessions of an Armitage watcher!

There’s no party like a play cast party!

Proof neither Richard nor our fandom friends are figments of our imagination, which is a relief, let me tell you…

I would be delighted to either put on or take off Richard’s mask…

Curiosity killed the cat, Richard! But seriously, what were you thinking?

Links to most of Richard’s performances at RAC


RA/The Hobbit/OT posts:

Richard doesn’t appreciate his bits being frozen (allegedly…)

My mind is much too dirty to use the word “selfie” and not giggle, but I tried not to be so childish as I read about the Armitage selfies

If I ever need mouth-to-mouth, I’m keeping my fingers crossed Richard’s the one who does it!

What a great week to be an Armitage fan indeed! It’s the gift that keeps JustGiving!

Good to know I’m not the only one a bit crazy about fanfiction (Hobbit, Sherlock, RA… you write it, I’ll read it…)

Which Magical Tolkien Creature are you? I’m a Hobbit, I guess because of the hairy feet…

Lady Oakenshield resists running her fingers through Richard’s hair! I think you should have just gone for it and then ran away to avoid being knocked down and escorted out by security!

What do you get when you cross Trudy and Milton?

Arkie touches base and braves the cold (seriously, what is up with the weather? let’s send some cold Down Under so they can save on AC electricity bills…)

Meme Madness: Tolkien Edition! (made me giggle…)

An interesting take on Tolkien and strong female characters

Talking about strong females, another RA fan encounter! Adorable!

Obscura, you had me at “ancient nudity”!

From nudity to a wide variety of headgear… (Polish text, very pretty pictures)

This is why the eagles couldn’t take the dwarves all the way to the mountain

Adorable Smaug socks, what about some Thorin ones?

OT: Arkie’s Movie Alphabet and MorrighansMuse The Alphabet Movie Meme

Richard a member of the saggy bottom club? NEVER!!!

 I like pretty book-inspired trinkets *grabby hands* I’ll take them all please!

A letter to the cast and crew of The Hobbit

I’m not one for playing games (well, at least not of the computer variety), but Shadow of Mordor looks interesting if you like that sort of thing

When you’re ready to step out into the limelight, I’ll hold the curtain back for you, CC!

If it’s Thornton’s Mill and Queen’s Mill, does that make Thornton a queen?

How The Hobbit: DOS should have ended!

Guylty probably linked to this, but just in case… I sit in rooms full of people and none of them are ever Richard! Not fair! (thanks Serv!)

Is there a Gollum out there looking for his Precious?


As promised, I wanted to offer up two sets of Golden Oldies to make up for last week.

Firstly, here are posts from Heirs of Durin which I found very interesting:

In Defense of Thorin Oakenshield

The post from August 2012 takes a look at Mr Majestic’s actions and analyses whether he is a hero, a villain, both or neither.


Legacy of the People: The Burdens of Thorin Oakenshield and Boromir of Gondor

A look at the broken and lost characters we hold so dear to us.


My second choice was something a little different, but it seems the site is having problems and all the photos have disappeared 😦

I hope this is just temporary and I’ll be able to share my Golden Oldie choice next week.

armitage jumper

Remember to check out Guylty’s Tumblr Weekly Round-Up and Arkenstone’s Fanfiction Weekly Round-Up!

 I will see you next week for the RA Weekly Round-Up Week *gulp* 5!

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  1. Wow, an exhaustive list!! Thanks for that. And – no, I did not link to that behind-the-scenes picture of RA because I had never seen it. Interesting. Was that the cast of P/P chilling?

  2. Thanks Agzy. Long list this week, that I am going to get to know with my coffee. Your introductory snippets are among the best parts of this.

    • Thanks, the list kept on growing as I was coming across good things and I’m not know for my restraint 😉 I’m sure many avid RA blog readers have seen most posts, but there are a few gems I’m almost sure many of you haven’t but a few giggly ones I had to include!

      • I always think I ‘ve gotten them all during the week, and then something new pops up here. So thanks for the hard work.

        • It really is my pleasure. I no doubt miss some great posts too, so my list by no means exhaustive, but I also enjoy linking to blogs that have great stuff but might not reach the average RA fan. We’re really spoilt as WP bloggers, for some reason it’s easier to follow us than, say, blogspot.

  3. Dziękuję za linka do mnie. Doprawdy nie sądziłam, że znajdę się na Twojej liście tutaj wśród tylu ciekawych rzeczy.

    • Ale to nie pierwszy raz chyba 😉 Zdjęcia były piękne i oby więcej nakryć się pojawiło w przyszłości. A tak nawiasem zauważyłam że przerzuciłaś się na wyłącznie polszczyznę. Czy to tak tymczasowo czy postanowiłaś zbojkotować angielski?

      • Tak, nie pierwszy raz, ale pierwszy w tym języku, wiec tym bardziej dzieki :*
        Z moim angielskim nie jest najlepiej ( o czym zostałam „pouczona”) więc postanowiłam nie wygłupiać się, i przejść na język, który bardziej rozumiem ( a przynajmniej tak mi się wydaje ;)).

        • Osz w moooooordę z tymi ludzmi! Była sobie taka Pani z NZ która zawsze “żartowała” na temat moich błędów, tyle tylko że ja się niezbyt śmiałam…. I tak pani została zablokowana na wszelkich możliwych frontach, niech się z tego pośmieje…. Twój angielski był perfekcyjny, więc o co biega to nie jestem pewna, ale widać ludzie ludzią sobie czasem humor poprawić przywalając innym.
          Zrobisz jak będziesz uważała ale ja bym się wcale idiotami nie martwiła, szkoda że duża część czytelników teraz traci przez głupotę innych…

          • Dzięki Agzy:* Masz rację, straciłam, jak sądzę kilku blogowych zaglądaczy, ale paradoksalnie zyskałam nowych…Blogowanie jest dla mnie zabawą i odskocznią od codzienności a ciągłe myślenie czy poprawnie zastosowałam gramatykę (od zawsze mój największy problem) zaczął od tego momentu mocną tą radość psuć. Chociaż nie wykluczam, że jak „odchoruję” całe to zdarzenie, to wrócę do mojego kulawego angielskiego. 😉

  4. I loved reading everyone’s take on why they think RA does what he does….

  5. Pingback: Richard Armitage weekly roundup #4! | Me + Richard Armitage

  6. Thanks — you are so good at this! I loved CC’s post and loved seeing it here, and the think about Tauriel exemplifying Tolkien’s female characters was really thought-provoking. Thanks also for the links to mine 🙂

    • Thanks so much, it requires discipline, but that’s great as I don’t want to disappoint, so even if I’m shattered on a Friday evening, I still do the rounds and am much happier for it 🙂

  7. Thanks for the link, Agzy! And thanks for all the other great blog links. This was a great idea and I’m really happy you guys put it together. Happy monthaversary!! 😀

    • Thanks so much! As long as you guys stop by here, at Guylty’s and Arkie’s and click on links, we’ll do my best to provide links to click 🙂

  8. Thanks a lot for the list – it will go well with my afternoon coffee.

    Re links opening in new tab – thanks for that too. I take the blame. 😀

  9. Thanks, A! For the listing and the link back. 🙂

  10. Thanks for the Links!! As ever, lots of great stuff I missed. I really need to find a source of independent wealth so I can devote more time to the blogosphere 😉


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