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Armitage Weekly Round-Up Week 3

Armitage 3

This round-up will be a little on the lean side.

I’ve had a tough week and I’m hoping that you will educate my ignorant arse as to the comings and goings of Mr A this week by adding links I’ve missed in comments πŸ˜‰

the arkenstone weekly woun-up fanfiction

Arkentone has swept like a literature eagle to come up with the most tempting fanfiction reads of the week.

I have been reading fanfiction on Dreamer Fiction and I highly recommend it.

Guylty armitage weekly round-up tumblr

Guylty dishes out treats that have appeared on Tumblr, so catch up on the best, craziest or plain odd stuff peeps have been coming up with.

RAflash event

The RA Flash Fan Event, as dreamed up by Frenzy, will run till the 19th of January.

Although I will not be linking separately to the posts, there are so many great ones which are inspired by the theme of “I Saw Something Fine!” so I highly recommend you check it out!


It seems that it’s this week (of all weeks….) Richard got his thespian on in NY.


Here are links to posts that are connected with the event:

The event name should have been changed from Pinter/Proust to Me/Jealous, but reading Perry’s account made it much better.

On how Richard is a heart thief! (tumblr)

And EVEN MORE stealing! I’m starting to see a pattern, Richard!

Marie has the Armitage blues 😦

I’d imagine sitting on Richard’s lap must be the best seat in the house!

Thoughts on “On Stage” Richard

How about some beautiful pics of “Stage Door” Richard?

Some lovely Armitage/event pics courtesy of Russian Armitage Fans

More beautiful shots of our precious…

And THE BEST picture I’ve seen: Z and Richard make a dashing pair!

All together now:

Z and Richard sittin’ in a tree…


tumblr_mzk8fxaM6z1qly4zao1_500Source: Sketchavie

Here are general Armitage/Hobbit/OT posts:

Will Smaug get its claws on any more gold (maybe in the shape of a little metallic man)?

Like I need ANOTHER Armitage daydream to contemplate!!

All signs point to a possible visit from Richard (at least that’s what Obscura thinks…)

Jazz marks the day when A03 (a fanfiction site) is the best source of reliable news

More on Proust… kinda…

I though A is for Armitage!

Thou shall be smouldering hot! and other commandments

I’ve always said Richard is a tall glass of water πŸ˜‰

Serv unearths this interesting piece on how Chinese women can’t get enough of slash… welcome on board ladies!

Richard and apples (ps. did I mention Richard’s mum looks eerily just like mine…)

Maria Grazia interviews photographer to the stars

Richard can converse with me whichever way he likes!

The stages of Armitage Fever (aspirin doesn’t help…)

The passing of the man who created the hilarious character of Owen in The Vicar Of Dibley made me very sad 😦

Spread the love 1 Richard Armitage

We are still spReAding the love!

Don’t forget to note your act of kindness to ensure we snag the whole 200 GBP for Richard’s JustGiving charities!

thorin stockingface

No Golden Oldies this week, but I’ll be back next week with a double dose, OK?

Don’t forget to check out the fanfiction round-up by Arkie and Guylty’s Tumblr best.

See you next week πŸ™‚

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  1. Thanks, I missed quite a lot of these! Hope the next week is better & sending good vibes your way…

  2. Cheers, Agzy – great to see the compilation and finding some new things in that. You did a great job despite RL intervention. Bets of luck to you and your family!xx

  3. Sorry to hear your week wasn’t great- I knew something must’ve been up because it’s been quiet round your little corner. Thanks for posting all these great links, Agzy.

  4. From me to you–lovies and hope your Mum is doing well. My Mum also sends her love. I’m off to take the weekly round up to the nursing home for her to look at. She loves RA as much as we do, but her attention span is very short now. The wrap up is perfect for her. She has a picture in her window sill of her idol when she was a teenager Nelson Eddy headshot/Mounty and RA headshot/Thorin. It keeps her focused. Just another thing RA does that he doesn’t know he does.

    • That’s so adorable! So it truly is the case of “like mother, like daughter” πŸ˜‰ I have to serve my mum up a dose of tough love and have to get her up and moving after her surgery. I felt like such a swine holding out objects so she has to reach out to grab them or telling her she needs to do things for herself, especially that I know there’s some pain involved, but it’s better in the long-run and the sooner she’s on the go, the sooner she can come home.

  5. Thanks for posting the links, Agzy! I’m cooking up some positive juju for you & hey — the good thing about the week that was is…that it’s behind us! Keep On Truckin’! πŸ™‚

  6. Pingback: Richard Armitage weekly roundup #3! | Me + Richard Armitage

  7. Thanks for the link love and the summary of the week. I always think that the creative blogosphere suffers when he suddenly reappears — people get too dazed to act / think πŸ™‚

    Hope things get better with your mom.

  8. Thanks for these Agzy.I, too missed you this week. I hope everything is under control with your Mom.


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