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RA Flash Fan Event: The Armitage Fairytale

RA Flash fan event thronton

This post is part of the RA Flash Fan Event and is inspired by the phrase:

I Saw Something Fine…

I think I’ve mentioned how I came to catch Armitage fever in the summer of 2011, but if you haven’t heard this one before, gather round and let me weave my tale…

…there was a girl with a head full of dreams.

She lived East of Wurstia and West of the Great Red Empire, in a land called Middle Europa.

She loved nothing more than to immerse herself in tales of far away lands and dashing young princes and would spend the entire summer months traveling to places and times captured on the pages of old parchments without moving an inch.

Her dear friend Maximilianus knew of this love and in the cold months of 2011 gifted her a set of magic discs that were filled with tales of passion, but the girl was much occupied with learning to fill her head with hocus pocus.

The magic discs lay forgotten and abandoned, gathering dust and being nibbled on by mice until the frost thawed and spring turned to summer.

As the flowers blossomed and bees busied themselves gathering nectar, the girl once again turned her attention to the special present her dashing friend had gifted her.


This time though, without further hesitation, she inserted the discs into the special box that housed a plethora of mini people and places, and was filled with unfamiliar sights and sounds.

The stories from books and parchments came alive before her very eyes!

A brand new world, one alien to our heroin, filled her senses with delight.

No longer was she in her little cottage in the countryside, nor was it summer and the birds chirped no more.

She had been transported to a gloomy world where constant snow resided.

At first glance everything was wrong- happiness had been replaced by misery and grief, where trees blossomed, stood monstrous buildings that released smoke as if dragons resided at their very core.

Worst of all dashing prince was not charming at all!

He was harsh, brutal and violent!

But appearances may be deceiving and it took a while for the girl to understand that each frog needs a tender kiss to release the prince from the evil spell.

Before she knew it, the girl started falling deeper into the rabbit hole.

She kept drawing strength and delight from the images the discs provided, her heartbeat quickened and the air around her felt hot.

A strange sensation brew in her belly, a fever had taken hold.

With each retelling of the story she wished to know more about the prince, to learn who he was, which kingdom he resided in and what chivalrous acts he had committed.

The deeper she fell, the more people she met who were on a similar journey, although each and every one of them started out from a different place.

She began creating her own magic parchments, visible to those from lands near and far away, in which she described the heroic adventures the prince had been on (or would likely embark on), and were filled with representations of the prince’s beauty.

And although the prince was far away, battling dragons and defending fair maidens, the tale of his wonder continued, whispered around camp fires in far off lands and transcribed in books.

Time passed, more magic discs capturing the delights of the prince found their way to the girl from Middle Europa,and her adoration continued to grow.

And she lived happily ever after…

Well, almost because…

How do you pick up a thread of your old life?


How do you go on when, in your heart, you begin to understand there is no going back?


There are some things that time cannot mend.


Some delights that go too deep…


that have taken a hold…


Because I have seen something fine and I can never go back…

About Agzy The Ripper

Sew, Rip, Repeat... and love each moment of it! Join me as I embark on a myriad of sewing and crafting shenanigans.

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  1. Great fairytale AgzyM! East of Wurstia made me laugh like a crazy old girl… 😀

  2. You should add a box of tissues to the virtual coffee machine. 😉

  3. What a wonderful fairy tale, Agzy. I loved the way you told your story. And yes, very fitting, considering that Mr Thornton was your gateway – rabbbit-hole – into the fandom. I doff my hat to you for recognising the majesty that lesser people than you could not see for the dust in their eyes…
    And never mind about going back. What for? A heart is big enough for more than one. And this tale can stay with you forever and brighten every day as a memory, even when a RL prince takes up residency in your heart.

  4. At a certain point of our lives, we all saw something ReAlly fine…. and life became much better!!! Great story!! 😉

  5. 🙂 your (really lovely) story is not too far away from mine. N+S could really change ones life. And going back is no option.
    Oh yes – appearances may be deceiving. But – other than you – I knew from a very early age on that a tender kiss would release the prince disguised as a frog. I have kissed so many frogs in my life you wouldn’t believe. Strangely they have never turned into princes. No matter the passion I laid into my kisses. So i changed my strategy and started to kiss princes. Surprisingly all princes turned into frogs immediately. Oh, maybe there is something wrong with my kisses? Obviously I am the evil witch that turns princes into frogs. I offer my sincere apologies to all women of this world suffering on bloody frogs.

  6. Sigh… I fell into Mr Thornton’s eyes too. Lovely, Agzy, and great choice of gifs. 🙂

  7. Lovely storytelling, and oh so gorgeous N&S graphic- you are one clever lady!

  8. Glad the discs survived the mice!

  9. A Sweet & Happy Tale! 🙂 Lovely!

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  11. Jaka piekna bajka , Agzym 🙂
    Ja też śpiewam do p.Thorntona” Jak tatarska orda bierzesz w jasyr corda!”

  12. Agzy, you made me really cry with this little story which sounds so much like a fairytale but isn’t one, right??. All the excitement, the longing, and yes, the fever…all this has been revived…..When watching the whole series of N&S one night in Oct 2010, the impact was thus sweeping that I found myself in a constant “state of shock” for many months to come. My mind was preoccupied with only one thought/man and it took a great physical and mental effort to go to work and to carry on with my RL in a somehow rather normal way. Everything was thrown out of kilter and my life has changed quite profoundly ever since. It is this continuously maddening desire that affects me the most and still holds a firm grip on me…
    How do you go on when, in your heart, you begin to understand there is no going back? Yep, that is the BIG question!
    Because I have seen something fine and I can never go back…
    Ladies, this is such a magnificent motto!!

    • BTW, where did you get those stamps from?? That would be the most extraordinary adornment on a certain kind of letter!!! Ahh.. you know ……
      LOL – the land east of Wurstia!!! I should invite you to a truly delicious South Wurstia vegan „Grünkern-Pflanzerl“!!! No kidding.. 😀

  13. Once a upon a time….:) Richard would make a great Prince. Thanks for the memories.

  14. Bookmarked. This is lovely Agzy!

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